Alexandre Gama’s Public Profile

Alexandre Gama is a 59-year old Brazilian serving as the CEO and founder of Neogama. Neogma is among the top twenty publicity organizations in Brazil. Additionally, Mr. Alexandre is a global advertising authority and the first Brazil national to take part in Global Creative Board. Global Creative Board is a committee comprising six active leaders from globally recognized companies. It implies he is not limited to Neogama, but also plays crucial roles in the entire advertising sector.

Details Concerning Gama’s Profession

Alexandre attended Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado where he pursued a course in Advertising and propaganda. In 1982, his career path started shining when he enrolled as a writer at agency Standart. Again he joined DM9 in 1990 and assumed the role of a copywriter, duties he executed for four years. By that time he had already been recognized as the most awarded Brazilian writer. Gama got involved in several organizations before founding Neogama in 1999. He is an excellent authority who involves himself in campaigns defending communication industries’ rights.

Fundamentals Regarding Alexandre’s Neogama

Alexandre Gama launched Neogama in 1999. Within its first three years, Neogama was recognized as the fastest growing company in Brazil. Neogama also scooped two Golden Lions at Cannes in 2003, which was an indelible mark following that it was the first agency in Brazil to win such. The company has since registered tremendous improvement under Gama’s leadership. Advertising experts have, in several occasions, elected Alexandre Gama among prominent advertisers in Brazil. They do so in appreciation of Gama’s unparalleled expertise in the specialty.