"If you build it, they will come..."


A few people have mailed me and said that if I had a page, they'd like to post their own Star Wars-related art here, particularly pieces they've done inspired by the stories on this site (which is fantastic by the way!).

To that end, I dedicate this page to artists everywhere - something I absolutely love to see and constantly seek out on the net. Simply use the
'Contact Me' page and I'll give you the details of where and how to send 
your Star Wars art. Can't wait to get this up and running...

By the way, you get a gold star if you can name the film quote at the top of the page?





I had to start with this amazing piece from PlatonicTeddys, which just
blew my mind when I first saw it! She has an amazing page up on
deviantart at 
http://akewataru.deviantart.com - go take a look! 



Next up is a fantastic Luke portrait, entitled  "No Light, No Light", by Victoria. It's inspired, she says, 'by the fallen Luke of the Son of Suns trilogy and Florence + the Machine's song by the same name.'

I love the little selective color, in Luke's eyes.

Victoria's also sent in a second piece, below. This one's entitled "Son of Suns", from the trilogy of the same name. It is, Victoria says, 'A fallen Luke Skywalker trapped on the brink between darkness and light.' and is a very evocative piece.

Victoria has a Deviantart page for anyone who wants to see more, and you can link to it at  http://redhandedjill44.deviantart.com/

Two great pieces - thanks, Victoria!



So now we're off and running with this page, feel like adding something? It's always great to have more art!

All you have to do is use the 'Contact me' page and let me know.