Elisabeth Betsy DeVos is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a politician. She was born in January 8th 1958.she is the current Secretary of Education in the Trump administration. Besty DeVos is the daughter of Edgar Prince who founded the Prince Corporation. Erick Prince, the founder of Blackwater and a former Navy Seal officer is Betsy’s brother.mrs DeVos is married to Mr. Dick DeVos who was previously CEO of a marketing company Amway.

Mrs. DeVos is a Republican wherein 1992 to 1997 served as the Republican National Committee chairwoman from Michigan. That was besides being the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican party from 1996 to 2000 and again reelected to the same post in 2003.

DeVos is best known for championing school choice, school voucher plans, charter school systems and her attachments to the Reformed Christian Community. Besides Mrs. DeVos serving as a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, she also served as the chair to the Board of Alliance for School of Choice and Action Institute and is the head of All Children Matter PAC.

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Dick and Betsy DeVos started a family foundation in 1989.according to the organization’s website, the foundation’s giving is faith motivated and centered on leadership development, foster transformation and support in five key areas namely; education, community, arts, justice and leadership.

The DeVos Foundation made $11.6 million in charity giving adding to the couple’s lifetime of charity giving to $139million in 2015.The DeVos family foundation Is ranked by Forbes at no. 24 on its list of America’s top donors in 2015.

The organization has been focusing mostly on funding Christian Organizations and Christian Private Schools. From years 1999 to 2014, the foundation has donated $100 million. Half of this amount went to Christian groups. Top on the list of agencies funded by the Foundation include; Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Values; Focus on the Family, Center for Individual Rights; Acton Institute; the Justice Institute, Center for Individual Rights, the Pregnancy Resource Center in Michigan, Right to Life Michigan Educational Fund, and Baptists for life.

These organizations have been top beneficiaries. Devos and her family founded Art Prize in 2009 an international competition based on art and held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Personally, Betsy Devos raised over $150 000 towards the reelection campaign of Bush. During the Bush administration, DeVos served for two years as the finance chairperson where she was involved with various projects.

The DeVos family has been active members of the Republican Party and its politics and has been the major donor to the candidates in the party since 1989 where they have given more than $17 million. The family hoped that through the donations, the Republican Party would win elections and promote good governance and support sound policies.

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George Soros reiterates his Political Inclinations with massive Donations

The last election cycle saw the billionaire businessman and philanthropist; George Soros makes a huge splash in the campaign financing front. According to a report that appeared on Politico on July 2016, Soros committed over $25 million to support Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other Democrats downstream. The billionaire had scaled down his political giving in 2004, when he donated $27 million in an effort to defeat President George Bush. Confidants close to him say the tally was likely to be higher by the time elections are held. Soros also confided that he will grace his first Democratic Convention to watch Clinton officially become the Democratic Party nominee for president.

The 86 year old Hungarian born billionaire who is based in New York has had a long standing relationship with the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. One of his political advisors, Michael Vachon told the press that Soros support for the Democratic Party causes had moved a notch higher in the 2016 election cycle. Many see his latest political push as informed by his faith in Clinton’s candidacy and fear of Donald Trump, the GOP nominee for President. Soros is enraged with Trump and has accused him of a number of things, including support for ISIS. Before his nomination, Soros camp feared the Republican Party nominee for president will reverse most of issues Soros cares about when he is elected the president.

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Soros has been a staunch supporter of immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reforms among other things. The support by Soros to Clinton and the Democratic Party was seen as a catalyst that would spur more donors and activists with deep pockets to chime in. The elite group donors who made their donations known include New York hedge funder Don Sussman, San Francisco environmentalist Tom Steyer, and media entrepreneurs, Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner. At the time, Tom Steyer had donated $31 million, Don Sussman $13.2 million and Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner had offered slightly over $11 million each.

An excerpt on Forbes magazine estimates Soros real time net worth as of March 2017 to be $25 billion. The brief profile reveals that Soros studied at the London School of Economics while working as a railway porter and waiter. He later moved to New York and soon headed to Wall Street. Armed with $12 million, Soros established his own hedge fund in 1969. In 1992, he famously shorted the UK pound and made $1 billion. The feat earned his the moniker, the man who broke the bank of England. George Soros remains an active trader and is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management (SFM) and the Open Society Foundations (OFS). The latter supports various philanthropic efforts from civil rights to democratic governance.

Expert Advice From UKV PLC Is Always Needed When Investing In Fine Wines

One of the most fashionable and successful new areas of investment for those looking to spread their funds into many different areas has recently been to discover the best opportunities available in buying fine wines.

UKV PLC are one of a long historical line of UK based vintners who have sought to bring the best in European wines to the people of the world; although the changing climate is seeing new areas of production become successful for many vineyards the traditional wine producing regions UKV PLC focuses on of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne still yield the best investment returns.

UKV PLC are always looking to offer their clients a personal service that will see them get the best possible deal when choosing to buy or sell wines through the small, but experienced team of wine experts. How to go about investing in wine is something UKV PLC will always help a client understand as the company looks to explain the top vineyards making the world’s most expensive and exclusive wines will often produce less than 15,000 cases of wine per year.

Working with UKV PLC provides an opportunity for a wine collector or investor to find the highest quality wine that can be purchased with a five year investment strategy often the norm; buying a particular wine as close to its release date as possible often yields the best results for an investor who will usually see an impressive return over the first five years of a wine’s life. UKV PLC will also look to make sure investors from across the planet have the chance to purchase wines with at least an understanding of the taxation system in the U.K. to minimize future payments. Purchasing a wine secured with a bond is a common practice UKV PLC can assist with to offset any taxes that may be payable when the investment wine is eventually sold.

Oncotarget’s Publication Requirements

Oncotarget is an online journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on a weekly basis. Initially, the journal accepted oncology papers. However, increased demand for inclusion of other fields saw them accept papers focusing on cell biology, neuroscience, cardiology, pharmacology and endocrinology among others. Timely, insightful and constructive peer-review helps editors to make decisions that aid authors to improve their work. Oncotarget’s reviewers are encouraged to notify the editorial team if they are not qualified in a given subject.

Editors and reviewers are not allowed to disclose or discuss any information about author’s manuscript. Such information should remain confidential, and if it should be used, one should obtain a written consent from the author. Reviewers are discouraged from personal criticism of author’s data. In addition, authors should not plagiarize or use manuscripts that have already been published on other journals. Editors and reviewers should disclose any conflicts of interest as it might influence the outcomes of their review. Moreover, reviewers and editors are prohibited from using any information in the author’s manuscripts for personal use. Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals

Before submitting a paper, authors should ensure that their work contains accurate, comprehensive and objective sufficient information. They should include all references and raw data to enable editors and reviewers to authenticate such information. They are only required to submit original work to avoid instances of copyright infringement, plagiarism, fabrication, defamation, and falsification. The list of authors in the manuscript should only include the names of those individuals who meet the journal’s authorship criteria. Authors are required to disclose to the editorial team about any conflicts of interest that might affect the outcomes of the paper. This information may include all details of funding sources.

Publications that were used during the research should be properly cited. Before using private information, which may be collected through interviews or correspondence, authors should seek for written permission from the sources. Before submitting their manuscripts, authors should go through the same to ensure that it fulfills Oncotarget’s publishing requirements. Lastly, in case authors realize an error in their work, they are advised to notify the editorial board in time to ensure that such misinformation is corrected or retracted. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Copa Star Is A Look Into The Future Of The Medical Industry

The medical industry has been and continues to be one of the most important industries in the world. An industry that revolves around life and death, the medical industry has been a tradition in almost every area of the world. Although the medical industry looks different in various areas of the world, the purpose of the medical industry is the same around the globe. One of the few industries that is basically the same in what is done in almost any location, the medical industry has many aspects. One of the most common to many people is the hospital.

The traditional place where people go to receive medical treatment, the hospital is a traditional part of the medical industry that has remained basically the same for generations. The hospital is a look at a long established tradition. People can tell a hospital in almost any location by the familiar style. Many hospitals have the same look and layout. While this has been the case for generations, there are certain aspects of the hospital that is starting to change in recent times.

One of the reasons for the changes lately in the hospital is the move towards placing people with business backgrounds in high-level executive positions. This is a significant shift in how hospitals have been ran. For many years, people with medical backgrounds were usually placed in executive positions regarding hospitals. The background of the people running hospitals is important because people with a medical background tend to run hospitals differently than people with a business background.

A hospital that shows this difference is the Copa Star. A newly built hospital in Brazil, the Copa Star is a hospital that represents the look of the future instead of the past. The Copa Star looks more like a five star hotel than a traditional hospital. The Copa Star has a look of elegance starting from its outer appearance going through every area of the hospital. Customer service and environment are stressed at the Copa Star in the same manner as at a five star hotel. The Copa Star is an experience. Patients and visitors that go to the Copa Star will get an experience far different than almost any other hospital in the world. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

The Copa Star was built by its owners to compete against the best hospitals in Brazil. The owners want the Copa Star to become the best hospital in Brazil. The Copa Star was built with this goal in mind. The Copa Star has some of the best technology and medical equipment available on the market. Also, the Copa Star is filled with some of the best medical professionals in Brazil. The Copa Star is a look at the future of the modern hospital.

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The Roberto Santiago Manila Shopping Mall Redefines Fun for All Ages

The Roberto Santiago Manila Shopping Mall is one of the premier destinations in Brazil’s Manaira Area which offers patrons some of the best facilities in Brazil regarding entertainment. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is aimed at giving people the opportunity to have fun while spending time with friends and family. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one such place where visitors can come and spend their time while being involved with numerous engaging activities that are sure to keep you busy throughout the day.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is the hub of entertainment in the Marina District and has numerous facilities where one can spend their time. For starters, the mall has numerous shops ranging from local to international brands to give customers the best shopping experience. The Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall is a place where shopaholics can go crazy and splurge on the latest in fashion, footwear, electronics, homeware and so much more. Right from formal wear to swimwear, the mall is sure to help someone with even the most distinct taste in fashion find something that’s right for them. In short, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is a shopper’s paradise. Read more on

All that shopping around the mall is bound to make someone hungry. The mall has a wide array of eating options perfect for anyone who is looking for a quick bite when at the mall. With a variety of different cuisines to choose from, the food court of the mall is perfect for groups of people who all want to go to different restaurants, or for individuals who are undecided about what they would like to eat. Since there is so much action going on at all times in the mall, some people prefer having their meals in a pleasant and quiet setting, away from all the noise and bustle of the mall. For those kinds of individuals, there are gourmet spaces within the mall, offering patrons some of the best fine dining cuisines for people who like to eat in style.

The mall is a hub of entertainment, and we mean it in every sense of the word. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has so many entertainment options to choose one, that patrons of the mall are spoilt for choice. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has a fully equipped bowling alley where families and friends can spend their time and enjoy a good old fashioned game of bowling. The many lanes offer patrons a chance to play simultaneously so that no one gets left behind in fun. The mall also has a fully functional roller coaster, and many theme park style rides to give their visitors a full entertainment package! Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Fabletics – A Success By Kate Hudson

In the ever changing retail industry, Kate Hudson is holding her own with her new line of online and physical stores called Fabletics. She has been able to become quite a success in the few short years since she opened her company. That is because she uses online marketing, and a technique known as revere showroom techniques.


The online marketing is essential for sustaining her business because it collects data from her customers so that she can pinpoint what they are looking for, and what they like. She also uses reverse showroom techniques, where in her physical stores, it is a small showroom, and does not show every item. Most of the shopping is done online, and the showroom is a place where the women can see some items to get an idea of how they are made, and the colors that are used. This is working great for her, and she is holding her own against large competitors like


With Kate Hudson’s designs, she always keeps in mind what women want. They want nice looking clothing that they can wear for either workouts or for casual outings. She makes her clothing comfortable for them to wear, and easy for them to care for. It makes sense, because they are loving the items that she sells, and they always want to know what the latest ideas she has, and when her new designs will come out.


Kate Hudson is looking to open a couple more stores in the next year, and it looks like they will be very successful too. When women want to receive information on her latest endeavors, they just sign up for her newsletter and club. This way, they will always be informed about what is happening with her, and the plans for the future too.


When women love clothing, they show it by purchasing the designers items. In this case, it is Kate Hudson that they are liking, and will continue to because Kate Hudson cares about them, and she shows it. Her clothing is geared toward the women that she sells to, and she will continue to give them what they want. This is because she is a good salesperson and marketer, as well as designer.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler’s high-power moves ????

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More Information Issued Regarding the Water at Squaw Valley

Recent storms have caused serious disruptions of water within the Placer County area. Squaw Valley is among the areas affected by this storm. A recent statement has clarified the current situation and the plans being taken to ensure the safety and entertainment of guests. In the statement, Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Liesl Kenney assured the public that safety is paramount to the resort. As such extensive measures have been taken to ensure the safety and security of guests.


Service within the area is uninterrupted and guests can continue to look forward to and enjoy their time at the result. The storm coincided with the installation of a new water system. This inundated the new systems before they were up to the task. As such, extensive testing and treatment is being undertaken in order to ensure the purity of the resort’s water. At the moment testing shows that there’s no E. coli and that coliform is now at very low levels.


However, until the water is entirely cleared as pure the restaurants are closed. Service should otherwise remain unaffected within the area. This means that people can still enjoy a relaxing skiing trip and the various amenities of Squaw Valley. However, the resort is also aware that water is rather obviously an important part of anyone’s ability to relax and enjoy themselves. As such, guests will be supplied with free bottled water during their stay. This will ensure that people have a chance to relax to their heart’s content while also protecting their health.


There’s no ETA on when the water supply will be made available again. But the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted immediately in order to ensure that the proper measures were being taken. This will ensure that when the water is cleared for use that there will be no chance of anything slipping by the screening and treatment process. Again, while there’s no ETA for this process to reach completion it’s important to understand that guests will be alerted as to the change in status when information is updated.

How to Bet on College Games with Covers

In the fall and winter months I am usually at home on my couch on Saturdays. I don’t have any intentions of leaving my home during the day during this time of year because this is when I totally engage in college football. I am what one would call a college football fanatic, and I have found a way to turn my insanity about college football into something profitable. I utilize the site called Covers to make bets on these college football games, and this has allowed me to earn money on something that I am already passionate about.

It has become easier for me to make money now that I use Covers because I am aware of all of the college football at against teams that some of my favorite players are lining up against. I watched enough college football to know a good amount about what is going on, but it is still important to have the ability to check stats from various football games. Fortunately, all of this information is found on the Covers website so I don’t have to spend hours on the web trying to find old statistics.

I noticed there are a multitude of other websites available, but I believe that people that are trying to maximize their time and the number of bits that they can make quickly will realize that Covers is the perfect website for doing this. I think that most people that are betting on different sites are going to be amazed about the amount of information that is available when they take the time to utilize a website like Covers for their betting.

One of the best things that people will discover about using the Covers website is that there is a complete guide for the inexperienced person that is ready to start making bets on college football odds. It is not every day that people make a decision to bet online after they have spent so much of their time trying to make bets at office pools. It can be a difficult adjustment for people to make, but it is definitely worth it to use Covers for your bets on football.