Deirdre Baggot: Working on Your Passion

Deirdre Baggot is an experienced clinician and hospital executive. She is the founder for bundled payments and has led to the continuous growth and improvements in payment reforms in the healthcare sector. During her career, she has released more than 20 publications on Healthcare reform, bundle payment, and transformation of payments. She has previously featured as a professional on the Morning Edition of National Public Radio, Planet Money, and All Things Considered. Deirdre has held leadership positions in academic health care for more than a decade at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and The University of Michigan Health System. Deidre is a graduate from the University of Southern Illinois with a degree in Nursing, Loyola University Business School in Chicago with a Masters in Business Administration and The University of Colorado with a PhD in Philosophy. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

Deirdre has been recognized for her outstanding role and commitment in the healthcare system. She has received invitations to numerous conferences as the main speaker. Deirdre first began business after the Chief Executive Officer at SCL Cardiac, and Vascular Institute talked her into joining him at The Camden Group, which was later acquired by the GE Healthcare Partners. At The Camden Group, She was responsible for the conceiving and building a consultant base aiming at adding value to healthcare. According to Deidre, starting a business and making it can be challenging and full of doubts. During the foundation of The Camden Group, she attests that she was not the best consultant. She lay her trust on her team members.

Deirdre Baggot attributes her success to the mentors she has interacted with over the years. She particularly mentions a few. Her boss at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Jean Pryzybylek, could work with anyone and impacted the value of building relationships. Marge Calarco, her boss at The University of Michigan, focused on developing others, armed with incredible leadership resolution as well. She recounts her contributions to the healthcare system as very rewarding. During the initiation of a new business, Deidre advises that one has to be conversant and experienced with the specific area. Clients are more confident when working with consultants possessing real-world practice and proficiency. Read more:


Krishen Iyer- Founder Of Managed Benefits Services

Krishen Iyer is the CEO and founder of Managed Benefits Services, an insurance-based marketing and consulting company out of Carlsbad. The company focuses on digital marketing, lead generation and client services.


Krishen Iyer is a 2004 graduate of San Diego State University with a bachelors of science in public administration. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to form many highly successful insurance-based ventures. In 2002, he formed IHS Insurance and was CEO until he stepped down in 2014. In addition to his role as CEO of IHS, he also founded “Name My Premium” in 2009, which was extremely successful and made INC.’s weekly list of the top 5000 fastest growing small startups in 2015. After leaving Name My Premium in 2015, Krishen went on to form Managed Benefits Services.


Krishen Iyer is first and foremost dedicated to his clients and with his exceptional skills and expertise, he has been successful in combining his marketing capabilities with technological advances in data collection and analytics. It is through this innovation, he can connect his clients to companies who are able to produce resolutions that will meet the client’s needs. Throughout his career, his primary focus has always been dedicating time and attention to his clients and makes it a priority each day, to interact with them. Engaging his customers’ first thing in the morning, allows him to set his priorities and also to organize the rest of his day.


Despite his busy days, he also makes it a priority to spend time with family and friends. Whether it is an afternoon of karaoke, sports or working on a community project, he realizes the importance of building bonds and maintaining those bonds with his family, his team and his community.


Managed Benefits Services was formed in 2016, formerly known as Quick Link Marketing and is located in Carlsbad, California.

Renovia’s Marc Beer Hopes To Improve Women’s Health Through Data and Medicine

With millions of women around the world suffering from the devastating effects of pelvic floor disorders, Marc Beer is working hard with Renovia to change their lives. His newest efforts are being aided through the substantial $42.3 million in financing that Renovia was able to raise for their products in development currently and in the future. To date, Renovia has already seen the approval and marketing for one pelvic floor disorder device and has more in the pipeline. This round of funding will help to complete the needed clinical trials that will bring these products to the patients that need them.


Marc Beer has gone on record as being thrilled about the support and financing that Renovia has received. They are currently being supported by some of the leaders in the industry that he believes will truly be able to make a difference in their cause. With this financing, Renovia will not just be making a commercial difference, but a clinical one as well for those women whose lives are impacted with symptoms like urinary incontinence and pain. Urinary incontinence isn’t just embarrassing, it can completely disrupt those who suffer from the disorder’s lives.


The proprietary technology of Renovia includes sensors that will be able to track and gather data about exactly what is happening within the muscles of those with pelvic floor disorders. The goal of Renovia is to improve the lives of women through medicine and technology through their products. One of their devices that have already been approved by the FDA has proven to be cost-effective when it comes to treating these weakened muscles all the while collecting information that can improve treatment in the future.


Before co-founding Renovia and working to change how pelvic floor disorder is diagnosed and treated in women, Marc Beer was with Aegerion Pharmaceuticals as their CEO. Marc Beer’s career in pharmaceuticals, biotech, and the world of healthcare has lasted longer than 25 years and is still going strong. He is devoted to bringing treatments, diagnostics, and devices to the market that substantially impact those who are affected by different illnesses and disorders.


Through the efforts of Marc Beer and the companies that he has developed, many different devices and treatments have been brought to market. His companies have shown an excellent track record when it comes to these products being approved by the FDA in the United States as well as international organizations. Through the efforts of Marc Beer, the world, and the world of medicine, is changing. Learn more:

Ted Bauman: The Need For Defensive Investing

Ted Bauman is an economist whose experiences in life have led him to appreciate the working class and to get society to lend a hand to those who are less fortunate than others. He started his young work life in the fast food industry and worked at gas stations. As a young man, he left the United States and moved to South Africa. He studied economics at the University of Cape Town. Much of his career involved him taking managerial roles in nonprofit housing projects. He has performed research for the United Nations and has had work published in journals around the world. He is currently living in the United States and is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman focuses on low-risk investing strategies these days and with the stock market in the longest bull market in history, it may be time for investors to take a defensive approach to protect some of the profits they have made. Many financial analysts remain optimistic about equities and believe the current bull market will remain intact. Ted Bauman is taking a broader view of the markets and believes that there are factors at play that could kill this bull market. He points to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Mr. Bauman believes that if the Fed raises interest rates to four percent, the bull market in US stocks will end and that by 2020 rates should be there. He also noted that the ongoing trade war between China and the US could possibly cause a selloff.

Ted Bauman believes that so many factors could cause lower stock prices, but he warns investors to not try to time the stock market. It may take several months to a year for a bear market to be fully recognized. He also brings up in 1987 when at the time stocks saw the largest one day drop. The plunge in stocks scared most traders out of their positions. The wise investors held and bought in at lower prices and ended the year with a profit. Investors should maintain a healthy balance of stocks and bonds to protect their portfolio.

Sightsaver a Lifeline for the Disabled

Founded in 1950 by Sir John Wilson, Sightsavers is a non-profit that is focused on avoiding blindness and empowering people with disabilities. They are based out of Chippenham, Wiltshire, the United Kingdom In 1931 as a child, John Wilson was blinded by a class experiment. Through hard work and dedication, he was able to study at Oxford University and then went to work for the National Institute for the Blind. and While on a tour of Africa and the Middle East, he saw a vast amount of people suffering from blindness and wanted to make a difference.


They have worked in over 30 countries all over the globe to provide medical and educational services to those communities most in need. Their work in the United Kingdom is mostly vision services in which they promote eye health and the eradication of avoidable diseases. They created the Global Trachoma Mapping Project (GTMP), to research the spread of Trachoma. GTMP uses mobile phones to collect data mapping to do so.


There are approximately 15% of people around the world with disabilities and Sightsavers’ goal is to help them live independently while having equal rights. They work with companies so that people with eye diseases are able to obtain gainful employment. They are staunch advocates for inclusion for people with disabilities through their Social Inclusion Working Group. They help to train staff on inclusion as well as monitor companies for the inclusion.


For every $1 they receive, 91% goes to their work. They have been able to provide 437 million treatments and provide 6.9 million cataract surgeries to restore sight. A full annual report is published with detailed information accounting for their donations.

In 2017, Sightsavers was able to celebrate its one billionth treatment for neglected tropical diseases.


For more information visit their website They are also on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, or you can contact them at info@sightsavers.og.

Zeco Auriemo, Successful Developer and Businessman

Zeco Auriemo is also known as JosĂ© Auriemo Neto. He is a Brazilian businessman. Zeco Auriemo is the chairman and CEO of JHSF Participacoes. JHSF is a real-estate company that is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. JHSF Participacoes focus mainly on the development of shopping malls, hotels, and commercial properties. Auriemo is the initiator and CEO of a successful complex that can be found in the Marginal Pinheiros area of Brazil. The development is called “Cidade Jardim Corporate Center.” Cidade Jardim Corporate Center has 180 stores as well as nine residential towers. The complex also has four offices, a name-brand hotel, and residential apartments. The residential apartments in the Cidade Jardim complex range in price and living area space.

Zeco Auriemo has been associated with his dedication to projects pertaining to JHSF. He associates well with the stock holders and investors of JHSF projects. He actively visits and manages the sites of JHSH development and construction. He closely observes the work being preformed to confirm that projects are meeting the standards of quality and regulation. He believes the majority of a business is putting in the hard work, dedication and effort.

During 2015, Zeco Auriemo invested over 3.9 million in order to become a member of the hotel chain, Fasano. Zeco has also purchased land in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Punta del Este, Uruguay is where the residential complex “Las Piedras” is located. This event subsequently allowed the 815 Fifth Avenue building in New York City to be built, visit

Zeco Auriemo successfully joined JHSF Participacoes during 1993. He is married to Mariana Landmann Auriemo, a successful business administrator. Together have two children named Antonio and Olivia.


Michael Hagele has a sense of technology whereby he provides his services in research and development in some company firms. His services include licensing the technology and drafting them, distributing and organizing agreements in the domestic and international internet base, software and telecommunications.

Some of the several agreements that he has made are promotional and marketing strategies, purchases and sales and researching on the portfolios of corporate financing and mergers.

Michael Hagele has a great and experienced skill in high-speed mountain biking. He enjoys a number of outings. By this, he has excellent advice about the mountain biking.

First, he says that if you are interested in the fun sport, you must have the strong and well-established equipment. This equipment must be of high quality. The tires should be broad and of low air pressure. Read this article at

One fact is that mountain biking is bumpy and riders experience a lot of debris and dirt, the hydraulic disc brakes are vital for safety and enabling you to be in control of the bike.

A hydraulic seat post dropper is also another factor that lowers itself in motion and helps in leaning in turns, and can also be raised to its original height. Picking a quality bike is quite reasonable when you let the staff help you choose that meet your needs.

Secondly, your equipment and attire are vital. That is the proper wear of your body in mountain biking. A pair of sturdy flat athletic shoes, hydrating fluid water bottles that fit in the bracket and optional items like gloves, a light backpack are some of the gears that you need. For long travels, he says you require a trail map, energy bar, spare tire tubes, tire pump, and some small tools.

For short trail rides, carry a smartphone. Thirdly, Michael Hagele says that physical preparation is needed for a ride. He says have a stroll at the gym or does a cross-training to make you prepared.

Take also nutritious calories early in the day and stretch your muscles as a warm-up. Some of the activities that are basic are riding around level ground, climbing, taking turns, and go over some obstacles. Don’t do it with friends at this time. Beginners show take it easy and slow.

Finally, there are preps for the day’s environmental conditions like the sun, rain, storm, humidity and various pollutions present. They will determine the trails on a given day by what you’ll wear and what path to choose.

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Talos Energy Storms The Scene

If you were in the middle of one of the biggest hurricanes to touch down in many years, what would be your first priority? If you’re like nearly everyone, your first priority would be to get yourself and your family out safely. It would be nearly unthinkable to put anything before that, so let’s think about this; what would be your second priority?

You might say that the answer to this question is a litmus test because it tells you what matters most to a person after the most basic priority of protecting the pack. For Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan, that second priority was strictly business.

While helping his wife, his son, and their two dogs to safety during hurricane Harvey, Tim Duncan probably didn’t think too much about money or deals. But once he and his were safely in FEMA boat, his mind immediately began to drift toward disturbing and frustrating thoughts. After all, his company was in the process of a very large and important merger, and one which entailed no small amount of risk. It would be hard for anyone not to be anxious at a time like that.

However, Mr. Duncan rose to the occasion and buckled down in spite of the weather. He set up a temporary business space at his mother’s house. By a good stroke of luck, his mother’s house was in Houston but had not been affected by the hurricane or the floods that accompanied it. While this may not have been the most dignified way to go about it, he made sure that the merger went through without a hitch.

Talos Energy has recently completed a merger with Stone Energy. In the process, they have acquired a great number of new assets but with these new assets comes extraordinary risk. While they were rich in assets, Stone Energy Company was bankrupt. Nevertheless, Tim Duncan proceeded with the plan unhindered. Some might call him a great gambler.

His plan of drilling in relatively unexplored location is also risky. With such a great gamble on his shoulders, you can guess that he will be working hard to make that gamble pay off. People laughed at Christopher Columbus when he set out for a new world, but look how well the results turned out.

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Freedom Checks Demystified

Freedom Checks have been up and running thanks to the Statute 26-F federal law. Investors receive periodic checks from a good number of energy firms which have embraced the new development. Contrary to popular belief, the whole concept has nothing to do with the federal government.

The natural gas and oil industries have experienced a steady rise in master limited partnerships. The firms are involved in oil processing from drilling wells to refining the oil. Investors in the MLPs are the greatest beneficiaries of the tax exemptions accorded to the firms. They get to receive 90% of what the firms make as revenue. These payments are what make up the Freedom Checks.

This new form of payment is similar to what traditional securities referred to as dividends. They were established to encourage investments in the energy sector. This would in turn encourage the production of energy in the US. The idea originated from President Nixon who wished to consolidate the independence of the US. MLPs and their investors are exempted from the federal income tax. Taxes on their capital gain on the other hand is negligible. Read more about Freedom Checks at

The real estate investment trusts have also made use of the Freedom Checks. The shares are available at $50 or $100 depending on what one wishes to achieve in the long haul. Matt Badiali, a natural resource expert, has been following the unfolding of this new phenomenon. He shares insight on what options would yield the best results.

He has had a feel of what goes on in the field thanks to his academic background in earth science. This has placed him in a good position to know what would work and what would cause unnecessary trouble. Over the years he has earned a reputation as a leading investment strategists. He has taken unpopular decisions that worked wonders and people have respected him for this.

Freedom Checks, like any other investment opportunity, should still be approached with a lot of caution. The capital gains are lucrative but this is no excuse for not doing your own homework. Thanks to people like Matt Badiali, what was a reserve for a few top investors has now been made public. With Freedom Checks you get to kill two birds with one stone. Dependence on foreign energy sources is reduced while investment portfolios are expanded.

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Bruce Katzen is the Chairman of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust and Estate’s Litigation Practice Group

Bruce Katzen is the chairman of Kluger’s Trust and Estate’s Litigation Practise Group. Kluger’s Trust and Estate’s Litigation Practise Group is based in Miami. Bruce Katzen, early training in public accountancy, spur his interest in complex financial fraud cases that he now handles. Bruce Katzen’s background has equipped him with the necessary experience to tackle many cases perfectly. He examines carefully every detail of a case, which enables him to be in an advantageous position to represent his clients.


Bruce Katzen practice focuses on probate litigation, guardianship disputes, as well as commercial litigation. Litigation of businesses entails securities, the liability of stockbrokers and clients and corporate matters. Bruce Katzen has received recognition for his hard work in franchise disputes, guardianship and sales disputes, trust, and company purchases. Bruce Katzen is passionate when it comes to satisfying his clients. He handles his cases with the aim of ensuring that his clients get the best among the choices available.


Bruce Katzen is one of the best lawyers in America. He works with a dedicated team of professions who always endeavor to offer the best administrations. Bruce says that it is their pleasure to dedicate their legal profession and the firm to serve their clients and maintain their highly esteemed reputation in the nation. While practicing law with integrity and professionalism, Bruce Katzen delivers outstanding services to his clients. Kluger’s Trust and Estate’s Litigation Practice Group have helped many people to get and seek justice.

His clients appreciate the passion he has for his job, and they always believe him when he says he is going to deliver. Bruce Katzen always seeks justice for the investors and individuals affected negatively by fraud or wrongdoings. Kluger’s Trust and Estate’s Litigation Practice Group chaired by Bruce Katzen is worth millions of dollars.