Avi Weisfogel: The Tenacious Sleep Doctor

We spend many sleepless nights worrying about money, families, and other concerns that we forget to take care of ourselves. Little do we realize that many of our health problems are brought about by lack of sleep or of adequate sleep. Lack of adequate sleep that is between 7 and 9 hours of sleep has been connected to heart diseases, diabetes and various other lifestyle diseases. Moreover, those who have little sleep may age and wrinkle faster than people who enjoy their beauty sleep. Reason being, our skin regenerates while we are asleep, therefore, lack of sleep makes this process difficult resulting in puffiness of the eyes and aging.

Up until quite recently, there was little information known regarding sleep apnea. Most of us knew about insomnia and related any lack of sleep to it. However, the information on the condition has been brought to light by Dr. Avi WeIsfogel, who has dedicated his career to treating the disorder. His journey began after graduating with bachelors in psychology and biology and later enrolling in the college of dentistry in New York University, where he attained his DDS.

Even as a dentist, Avi always had a strong knack for learning about sleep apnea. He spent hours studying the condition and discussing his findings with other physicians. His determination to spread awareness of the condition led him to open the Healthy Heart Sleep that provided a platform for sharing information, data and statistics on sleep apnea. His quest for answers led him to starting another venture, Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, an institution for educating doctors and other dentists on how to diagnose and treat the condition.

One of the greatest achievements of Dr Avi is the Dental Sleep Masters. Dr. Avi had tirelessly worked towards opening the clinic, aimed at helping dentists in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. All this was made possible by his determination, passion and a desire to see the condition get cure. He has so far introduced several models that have been highly rated in treating sleep apnea. As well as being a terrific leader, Dr Avi is a skilled marketer, who made his dream come true.