Renovia’s Marc Beer Hopes To Improve Women’s Health Through Data and Medicine

With millions of women around the world suffering from the devastating effects of pelvic floor disorders, Marc Beer is working hard with Renovia to change their lives. His newest efforts are being aided through the substantial $42.3 million in financing that Renovia was able to raise for their products in development currently and in the future. To date, Renovia has already seen the approval and marketing for one pelvic floor disorder device and has more in the pipeline. This round of funding will help to complete the needed clinical trials that will bring these products to the patients that need them.


Marc Beer has gone on record as being thrilled about the support and financing that Renovia has received. They are currently being supported by some of the leaders in the industry that he believes will truly be able to make a difference in their cause. With this financing, Renovia will not just be making a commercial difference, but a clinical one as well for those women whose lives are impacted with symptoms like urinary incontinence and pain. Urinary incontinence isn’t just embarrassing, it can completely disrupt those who suffer from the disorder’s lives.


The proprietary technology of Renovia includes sensors that will be able to track and gather data about exactly what is happening within the muscles of those with pelvic floor disorders. The goal of Renovia is to improve the lives of women through medicine and technology through their products. One of their devices that have already been approved by the FDA has proven to be cost-effective when it comes to treating these weakened muscles all the while collecting information that can improve treatment in the future.


Before co-founding Renovia and working to change how pelvic floor disorder is diagnosed and treated in women, Marc Beer was with Aegerion Pharmaceuticals as their CEO. Marc Beer’s career in pharmaceuticals, biotech, and the world of healthcare has lasted longer than 25 years and is still going strong. He is devoted to bringing treatments, diagnostics, and devices to the market that substantially impact those who are affected by different illnesses and disorders.


Through the efforts of Marc Beer and the companies that he has developed, many different devices and treatments have been brought to market. His companies have shown an excellent track record when it comes to these products being approved by the FDA in the United States as well as international organizations. Through the efforts of Marc Beer, the world, and the world of medicine, is changing. Learn more:

Alex Pall brief journey as an artist

The Chainsmokers is DJ and production duo consisting Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two have lately experienced remarkable audience since their first live performance in 2014. In an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig of interview magazine, the duo extensively gives an account of their lives before they met and their artistic journey together. It appears that both had a passion for DJing even before they met. With time, Alex Pall developed a passion for dance music, and he thought it would be worth it if he tried focusing it. So, he quit his job after meeting with Drew (a producer) and moved down from Maine. It then that Alex met Andrew. It was love at first sight. Their shared interest, determination, hard and passion propelled them to be better each day.

Competing in the industry is demanding. Alex states that competition in the industry is stiff, and hence they have to keep learning and trying new things to stay interesting and engaged. To them, this was more than a thing that pays their bills. In the recent past, people have started relating to their music. This is the motivating factor that makes them want more and more.

Alex acknowledges that they collaborate with songwriters in writing their songs. The growing popularity has fueled the demand for an album. However, he feels that there is no need to have 10-12 songs that do not relate. About Hasley, he describes her as an incredible and unique artist that he would always love to work with. She has a strong voice and real.

Pall appreciates the role of social media in getting feedback from their fans, which is exciting and encouraging for them. He is particularly happy that people of different diversities are developing an emotional connection with their songs. The song “#Selfie” has put them on the world map and he feels there is a need to be dynamic in their live show and giving their audience a whole new experience.

For a start, the song “closer” will change how the show works.