Deirdre Baggot: Working on Your Passion

Deirdre Baggot is an experienced clinician and hospital executive. She is the founder for bundled payments and has led to the continuous growth and improvements in payment reforms in the healthcare sector. During her career, she has released more than 20 publications on Healthcare reform, bundle payment, and transformation of payments. She has previously featured as a professional on the Morning Edition of National Public Radio, Planet Money, and All Things Considered. Deirdre has held leadership positions in academic health care for more than a decade at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and The University of Michigan Health System. Deidre is a graduate from the University of Southern Illinois with a degree in Nursing, Loyola University Business School in Chicago with a Masters in Business Administration and The University of Colorado with a PhD in Philosophy. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

Deirdre has been recognized for her outstanding role and commitment in the healthcare system. She has received invitations to numerous conferences as the main speaker. Deirdre first began business after the Chief Executive Officer at SCL Cardiac, and Vascular Institute talked her into joining him at The Camden Group, which was later acquired by the GE Healthcare Partners. At The Camden Group, She was responsible for the conceiving and building a consultant base aiming at adding value to healthcare. According to Deidre, starting a business and making it can be challenging and full of doubts. During the foundation of The Camden Group, she attests that she was not the best consultant. She lay her trust on her team members.

Deirdre Baggot attributes her success to the mentors she has interacted with over the years. She particularly mentions a few. Her boss at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Jean Pryzybylek, could work with anyone and impacted the value of building relationships. Marge Calarco, her boss at The University of Michigan, focused on developing others, armed with incredible leadership resolution as well. She recounts her contributions to the healthcare system as very rewarding. During the initiation of a new business, Deidre advises that one has to be conversant and experienced with the specific area. Clients are more confident when working with consultants possessing real-world practice and proficiency. Read more: