Oncotarget’s Publication Requirements

Oncotarget is an online journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on a weekly basis. Initially, the journal accepted oncology papers. However, increased demand for inclusion of other fields saw them accept papers focusing on cell biology, neuroscience, cardiology, pharmacology and endocrinology among others. Timely, insightful and constructive peer-review helps editors to make decisions that aid authors to improve their work. Oncotarget’s reviewers are encouraged to notify the editorial team if they are not qualified in a given subject.

Editors and reviewers are not allowed to disclose or discuss any information about author’s manuscript. Such information should remain confidential, and if it should be used, one should obtain a written consent from the author. Reviewers are discouraged from personal criticism of author’s data. In addition, authors should not plagiarize or use manuscripts that have already been published on other journals. Editors and reviewers should disclose any conflicts of interest as it might influence the outcomes of their review. Moreover, reviewers and editors are prohibited from using any information in the author’s manuscripts for personal use. Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals

Before submitting a paper, authors should ensure that their work contains accurate, comprehensive and objective sufficient information. They should include all references and raw data to enable editors and reviewers to authenticate such information. They are only required to submit original work to avoid instances of copyright infringement, plagiarism, fabrication, defamation, and falsification. The list of authors in the manuscript should only include the names of those individuals who meet the journal’s authorship criteria. Authors are required to disclose to the editorial team about any conflicts of interest that might affect the outcomes of the paper. This information may include all details of funding sources.

Publications that were used during the research should be properly cited. Before using private information, which may be collected through interviews or correspondence, authors should seek for written permission from the sources. Before submitting their manuscripts, authors should go through the same to ensure that it fulfills Oncotarget’s publishing requirements. Lastly, in case authors realize an error in their work, they are advised to notify the editorial board in time to ensure that such misinformation is corrected or retracted. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.