Know How Passionate Jed McCaleb Is On Digital Connections

Most people are not remembered because of what they thought but because of what they did. People like Jed McCaleb can’t be forgotten because of their immense contribution to the financial and economic industry. He co-founded Stellar in 2014 with an intention to repair the financial infrastructure that had already been broken. He has human affairs deep in his heart and this makes Jed go extra miles to improve the quality of their lives. He believes that all people would have the best human conditions they desire if the resources are channeled to them in the right way. It has involved a lot of commitment and passion to bring Stellar into the blockchain technology.

Although he is still working on some other blockchain projects, according to Jed, his main focus is on Stellar. He wants to make sure that the cross-border remittances and payments are done more effectively and conveniently. It’s Slashdot, an online famous site that introduced Jed into the cryptocurrency industry. After he read an article on Bitcoin on this site, he developed a strong interest in cryptocurrency and gave it a deeper thought. He thought of how he could invent a better technology for Bitcoin exchange. This has helped many people believe that investing in Bitcoin is never a waste of time.

After spending some time in this industry, Jed founded the Development Foundation Stellar. This cryptocurrency network impressed him more than the other networks he had invented before. Based on Github, most people have a great interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, but they don’t have internet leveled payment protocols. This is what Jed thought of developing to make this business more sensible and profitable to those interested in it. He knows this business would be more lucrative if the payment networks were connected to different financial institutions.

Jed came up with Stellar idea as a non-profit benefit plan open to all people. This made many people trust the business and it gained more customers. Many customers are happy with an idea whose business model and governance doesn’t change often. He is known for the notorious crypto exchange, Mt. Gox, he founded. As an enthusiast of digital connections, Jed aims at coming up with an exceptional crypto-exchange system.

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The Struggle to the Top with Hussain Sajwani

Have you ever wondered what you are doing differently from the successful minds around you? Well, the only way to find out is by reading and studying their journeys to the top. All astute investors make good use of every opportunity to learn something new. On the list of the people, we can learn from is Hussain Sajwani.

The Family Background of Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani had the advantage of being brought up in an entrepreneur family. His father had a shop where he sold pens and watches to sustain the needs of his family. Through the income he earned, he was able to meet their needs and save a little to invest in real estate.

Sajwani’s mother was also committed to helping his father raise them. She sold local fabrics to the women around the locality.

Sajwani began visiting his father’s shop at the age of three. He learned the hardships that one had to conquer to be successful in the business world. He still applies the lessons he learned from his father. When he grew up, his father wanted Sajwani to take over the family business, but he chose a different path.

The DAMAC Premises

The DAMAC Premises is the most premium real estate company in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani launched the firm in 2002. He is among the senior pioneers of real estate in Dubai.

Hussain says that his inspiration comes from visualizing how Dubai will look like a decade from now. He has seen it evolve which has been exciting.

According to statistics, the firm has provided more than 20000 families with their dream homes so far, and the number is still steadily rising.

The clients are satisfied with the services they get from the firm. The DAMAC Owner has been seen gifting his clients with expensive gifts like Lamborghinis.

Business Partnership and Philanthropy Work

A good business person has powerful networks. Hussain Sajwani has a solid business relationship with Donald Trump. Their relations began when they joined hands to work on the Trump International Golf Club which turned out to be a success.

Sajwani has also been involved severally in humanitarian work. He has donated AED two million to help needy children around the globe.

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Richard Blair: Advisor To The People

Trying to navigate through the treacherous waters of retirement planning alone will most likely lead you to a dead end. Advisors like Richard Blair knows this all too well. Learn more:


In 1994, Mr. Blair started his own retirement planning firm, Wealth Solutions, in Austin, Texas as a way to help the members of his community avoid the nasty pitfalls of poor financial planning. Educating others comes naturally for the University of Houston grad. Mr. Blair comes from a family of educators. When you combine Mr. Blair’s innate acuity in finance with his passion to educate and propensity to help others, you get a high-powered advisor who will stop at nothing to ensure that the community he serves is on the path to retiring successfully.


The highly credentialed advisor believes in taking a holistic approach to financial planning. Making sure there are no rocks left unturned is a surefire way of avoiding the financial hazards that many suffer from due to lackluster planning. Center to Mr. Blair’s strategy is asset protection. He believes in getting his clients market-linked returns as long as there is downside protection to preserve principal. While understanding there is no one-size-fits-all approach to retirement planning, Mr. Blair is adamant about preserving his client’s wealth, developing a steady retirement income, and leaving a legacy to their heirs.


Since everyone’s financial needs are different it’s important to tailor a plan that is specific to each client. This is why Mr. Blair has devised a process where he only talks about what’s pertinent to his clients. From there he crafts a customized plan that will meet his client’s personal and financial goals. Mr. Blair does not have any quotas to fill or proprietary products to offer. This is what allows him to find the right combination of products to fit his client’s objectives in lieu of cramming his clients into unsuitable financial solutions.


The folks of Austin can rest assure that they are in good hands with Mr. Blair. Transparency regarding cost associated with transferring accounts is of paramount importance at Wealth Solutions. Moreover, Mr. Blair stays abreast on all the changes in the retirement space, so his advice is always relevant to the times.


Part of what ensures a successful client-advisor relationship is continued education. To help foster such a relationship the Austin-based advisor created Wealth Solutions Learning Center. Wealth Solutions is a Financial Education Series that is disseminated periodically to Mr. Blair’s subscription list. The primary aim of this Series is to keep his clients up to date on all things retirement. It’s programs like this that help Mr. Blair separate himself from the competition and provide tremendous value to his clients.