Drew Madden: Solving Today’s Healthcare Problems

As healthcare continues to evolve, new developments are happening daily. One of the biggest involves pharmacy giant CVS and the world’s leading online retailer, Amazon. According to multiple sources, CVS is looking at possibly buying Aetna, one of the world’s largest health insurance companies, while Amazon has obtained pharmacy licensing in multiple states, apparently with an eye toward eventually distributing prescription medications. Interestingly enough, both of these developments come at a time when the healthcare industry is experiencing staggering spending and expenses, all of which many industry experts say cannot be sustained.

However, all is not lost regarding the state of today’s healthcare. As CVS and Amazon pursue their deals, most healthcare industry experts agree that the key to future success and lowering healthcare spending and expenses will be more entrepreneurs entering the field, bringing innovation and new ideas to the industry. One of these entrepreneurs who is expected to play a large role in this is Drew Madden, who specializes in developing high-tech solutions in the healthcare information technology industry.

As the President of Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew has spent many years working with some of the healthcare industry’s largest companies, helping them integrate the latest information technology ideas into streamlining electronic medical records. Based on Drew’s ideas and hard work while at Nordic, the company’s employment grew from only 10 to an astounding 725, from three clients to more than 150, and annual revenues from slightly over $1 million to more than $130 million.

With this type of growth, it’s clear Drew Madden will indeed play a large role in shaping the future of healthcare. As Amazon and CVS look to combine pharmaceutical services, insurance, routine healthcare, and more services for consumers, Drew and his team will work to streamline the online healthcare process for consumers and companies alike. With Medicare spending continuing to expand, companies such as Aetna and Amazon, along with entrepreneurial efforts from Drew Madden and Nordic Consulting Partners, will likely produce new options for consumers that will not only help to decrease consumer costs, but also make the utilization of online services much easier.