Dr. David B Samadi Harnesses a Handful of Characteristics

Anyone who lives in New York has probably heard of Dr. David Samadi. He is the highest paid doctor in the entire city. Dr. David Samadi worked very hard to earn the status that he holds today. He currently works as a urologist. His job involves diagnosing and providing treatment for prostate diseases. He is very successful and has been able to leave 9 out of 10 of his patients cancer free today.

Prostate cancer treatments can be tricky to deal with. The prostate is surrounded with very sensitive nerves. During the procedure the nerves are often damaged. This results in a handful of painful side effects. One of the biggest contributions from Dr. Samadi was a new method of performing prostate procedures. He created a robotic assisted technique which he calls the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. His SMART system is much more precise that traditional procedures and can avoid harming the nerves. In result, patients have a much higher success rate and can also avoid dealing with the side effects. Samadi’s system has proven to be very successful.

The contributions from Samadi regarding robotic surgery techniques have earned him the position as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is very prolific dealing with robotic techniques. The reason he was interested in the field of urology in the first place was due to the upcoming popularity of robotic techniques in the field of urology. He is part of the reason that the use of robotic techniques is so succesful today.

David Samadi also harnesses a handful of characteristics which allow him to work so well. An interesting fact about Samadi is that he has an amazingly vivid photographic memory. Having this allows him to work more efficiently during procedures. Prior to performing surgeries he often studies diagrams and drawings. When it comes time to actually perform the procedure he is able to easily locate the regions on the body using his photographic memory. David is also a hardworking, driven individual. He is determined to help others. He gets to work every day at 6 AM. He surrounds himself with determined people like himself to ensure that he can grow as a person. David Samadi encountered a setback at a young age. His hometown in Iran was plagued by war which forced him to migrate at fifteen. He made the most of the situation and excelled.

Amicus Therapeutics – Recovery and Expansion

Amicus Therapeutics is a young company which was created at the beginning of 2002. It is based in the city of Cranbury, New Jersey, and its industry is biopharmaceutics. The company currently has more than a hundred people in its workforce. The leader of the Amicus Therapeutics is Mr. John F. Crowley who is at the position of the chief executive officer (CEO). Mr. John F. Crowley has been the chief executive officer of Amicus Pharmaceuticals since the year of 2005. Five years later in 2010, Mr. John Crowly assumed the post of Chairman of the Board succeeding Mr. Donald Hayden, Jr.


Amicus Therapeutics has a focus on lysosomal storage disorders which is a collective term for a number of rare and orphan diseases. Amicus Therapeutics develops products through a system that vastly depends on the platform of CHART® – Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy. This platform concentrates on the development of enzyme replacement therapies.


Over the years the company of Amicus Therapeutics has expanded through therapy development and acquisitions as well. The company indeed picked up the pace and was recognized a few years ago in 2014. It was noted for supposedly having one of broadest of portfolios in the industry regarding small molecule pharmacological chaperones. Amicus Therapeutics has been collaborating with some other companies such as Shire, JCR Pharmaceutical, GlaxoSmithKline, and more. Some of the partnerships lasted up to three years.


The acquisition of Amicus Therapeutics started up in 2013. That year was a winning one for Amicus Therapeutics as it acquired one of its competitors – Callidus Biopharma. That allowed Amicus Therapeutics to become a proprietor of the treatment for the Pompe Disease which is based on an enzyme replacement therapy (GoogleFinance). In September 2015, another acquisition followed. Amicus Therapeutics bought Scioderm for nearly a billion dollars as well as stock. That expanded Amicus Therapeutics and provided a clearer way ahead.

Amicus Therapeutics currently has a few medications on the market. The company mostly focuses on research. It expanded and set up another study site inSan Diego in 2008. The work was going smoothly up until the year, but after a while, the company was back on its feet and better than ever.


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Copa Star Is A Look Into The Future Of The Medical Industry

The medical industry has been and continues to be one of the most important industries in the world. An industry that revolves around life and death, the medical industry has been a tradition in almost every area of the world. Although the medical industry looks different in various areas of the world, the purpose of the medical industry is the same around the globe. One of the few industries that is basically the same in what is done in almost any location, the medical industry has many aspects. One of the most common to many people is the hospital.

The traditional place where people go to receive medical treatment, the hospital is a traditional part of the medical industry that has remained basically the same for generations. The hospital is a look at a long established tradition. People can tell a hospital in almost any location by the familiar style. Many hospitals have the same look and layout. While this has been the case for generations, there are certain aspects of the hospital that is starting to change in recent times.

One of the reasons for the changes lately in the hospital is the move towards placing people with business backgrounds in high-level executive positions. This is a significant shift in how hospitals have been ran. For many years, people with medical backgrounds were usually placed in executive positions regarding hospitals. The background of the people running hospitals is important because people with a medical background tend to run hospitals differently than people with a business background.

A hospital that shows this difference is the Copa Star. A newly built hospital in Brazil, the Copa Star is a hospital that represents the look of the future instead of the past. The Copa Star looks more like a five star hotel than a traditional hospital. The Copa Star has a look of elegance starting from its outer appearance going through every area of the hospital. Customer service and environment are stressed at the Copa Star in the same manner as at a five star hotel. The Copa Star is an experience. Patients and visitors that go to the Copa Star will get an experience far different than almost any other hospital in the world. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

The Copa Star was built by its owners to compete against the best hospitals in Brazil. The owners want the Copa Star to become the best hospital in Brazil. The Copa Star was built with this goal in mind. The Copa Star has some of the best technology and medical equipment available on the market. Also, the Copa Star is filled with some of the best medical professionals in Brazil. The Copa Star is a look at the future of the modern hospital.

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