What You Didn’t Know About OSI Industries

The OSI industries began back in the year 1909 in Chicago as small meat butchery before it expanded to other countries. A German man founded the company by the name Otto Koschowsky who opened the first family meat industry in the area. OSI industries began as a small business in Oak Park before it developed and became a big company later in the same year. As years passed, early in the year 1917, the firm shifted to a different location to expand the business in Maywood, Chicago.

The industry was first named OTTO & Sons’ in the year 1928 before it expanded and changed to OSI industries. The company headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois, and the United States and it’s becoming more aggressive in the market and has enlarged to other regions including great lakes and the Midwestern USA.

OSI Industries began doing a partnership with other people under Otto & Sons’ name after its relocation. Early in 1955, Otto & Sons’ did their first partnership with Ray Kroc which was growing fast with a great vision for the industry. The two joined together and started a restaurant today referred to as McDonald in Illinois country, a small town known as Ds Plaines. Five years later, food preservation method was invented and used in 1960 for keeping their foods fresh after preserving it for the night through the liquid nitrogen method. It was a common method that was used to preserve meat by food supplies. Later in 1973, the business boomed and expanded, which led to the opening of the first high-volume meat plant in Chicago West. The OSI business was then becoming popular very rapidly because of their method of meat preservation.

OSI Industries mainly trades in products such as beef, pork, bacon sausages, and pizza. However, the company has currently expanded to trade in other commodities such as snacks, desserts and poultry products, and which have become common in the market. The industry has different names like OSI North America, OSI food solutions, IPO status. It also takes pride in its quality products and services when it comes to handling food processing. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of the company, ISO has turned out to be among the most dynamic companies in the world.

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Joel Friant is Keeping it Spicy with the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is a serial entrepreneur who has grown to become a mentor to many business people around the world. His values, perspective to life and passion for success is highly contagious. In one of his recent presentations, he emphasized that “success is all in the mind’’. Joel Friant has been able to introduce a unique blend of pepper that has enriched many lives. He discovered the beauty of the HABANERO CHILE PEPPER and wanted to make everyone touch base with its uniqueness. This led Joel Friant to come up with the HABANERO SHAKER!

What exactly is the Habanero Shaker?

The Habanero Shaker is a blend of Habanero Chile Pepper with scintillating flavors that give consumers a hot and spicy experience. The shaker contains a “toned-down’’ peppery experience that is not so hot but it is spicy enough to enrich each meal. For many years, Joel Friant has been working to take this unique concept to as much people as he can. The results have been breathtaking as it is on record that the Habanero Shaker is the first of its kind. Joel Friant has succeeded in giving the world an impeccable experience in a dried shaker format.

What’s more?

It important to mention that Joel Friant first introduced the Habanero shaker into the market in 1995. The initial success of this product translated into creating a community of satisfied consumers. Many people became acquainted with the Habanero Chile Pepper which had been known only to a few indigenous people in certain areas of the world. Joel Friant has continued to push for new frontiers by educating people about what the Habanero Shaker can create for them. It is evident that this serial entrepreneur has been able to change lives with this unique product. Joel Friant knows how to keep things SUPER HOT with the Habanero Shaker!