The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Is Working To Keep The GOP From Shutting Down DACA

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals DACA program has recently come under attack by some of the most extreme in the GOP. The program helps undocumented young people who meet certain criteria the chance to work in the United States for two years; which can be renewed, a break from being deported, and a social security number. The majority of states also allow the youth to get a driver’s license and grant them the right to the lower tuition fees that come with living in a specific state.

Legal action was threatened by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton if the Trump administration does not take action to abolish DACA by early September. Their hope is that they can taper the program down slowly until it fades away. A letter addressed to the Trump administration was signed by a governor and nine different attorneys from Republican-led states, but this didn’t stop the Hispanic Caucus to have some of its members meet with John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security. He revealed that DACA was in trouble and that it was already being challenged by the legal system.

This is all too bad, because DACA has clearly been beneficial as over nine out of every 10 of the people who benefit from the program are in school or have a job. Many who complain will be surprised to discover that many DACA beneficiaries are raising their incomes and contributing higher levels of taxes to the United States. A lot of their money goes to universities and other colleges all over the country, and a good amount of the youth who have benefited from DACA give back by starting up businesses, purchasing homes, or buying cars.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is helping people to better understand how to fight against the injustice of those who are working to shut down the DACA program. The fund started when Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin received a multi-million dollar settlement from their illegal arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They were both, literally, taken out of their homes in the dead of night and thrown into unmarked SUV’s with Mexican license plates on them. This happened because they disagreed with the illegal methods that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies were using to profile Latinos and Hispanics in Arizona. On top of their arrest, Arpaio used his influence with his friends in the Justice Department to issue subpoenas for the identity of others who worked with Larkin and Lacey at the Phoenix New Times newspaper.

Now, the Frontera Fund works to support organizations and groups that stand up for basic human rights, civil rights, and migrant rights. Some of the organizations that the fund supports include Aliento, 1070, the American Immigration Council, Justice That Works, Arizona Justice Project, Can The Border Divide Us?, Justice For Immigrants and Families Project, Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project, Promise Arizona, Trans Queer Peublo, Puente, The Colibri Center For Human Rights, Center For Neighborhood Leadership, and so many more. With the Frontera Fund in place, there is hope for a brighter future for every single person who calls the United States home.