Deirdre Baggot: Working on Your Passion

Deirdre Baggot is an experienced clinician and hospital executive. She is the founder for bundled payments and has led to the continuous growth and improvements in payment reforms in the healthcare sector. During her career, she has released more than 20 publications on Healthcare reform, bundle payment, and transformation of payments. She has previously featured as a professional on the Morning Edition of National Public Radio, Planet Money, and All Things Considered. Deirdre has held leadership positions in academic health care for more than a decade at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and The University of Michigan Health System. Deidre is a graduate from the University of Southern Illinois with a degree in Nursing, Loyola University Business School in Chicago with a Masters in Business Administration and The University of Colorado with a PhD in Philosophy. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

Deirdre has been recognized for her outstanding role and commitment in the healthcare system. She has received invitations to numerous conferences as the main speaker. Deirdre first began business after the Chief Executive Officer at SCL Cardiac, and Vascular Institute talked her into joining him at The Camden Group, which was later acquired by the GE Healthcare Partners. At The Camden Group, She was responsible for the conceiving and building a consultant base aiming at adding value to healthcare. According to Deidre, starting a business and making it can be challenging and full of doubts. During the foundation of The Camden Group, she attests that she was not the best consultant. She lay her trust on her team members.

Deirdre Baggot attributes her success to the mentors she has interacted with over the years. She particularly mentions a few. Her boss at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Jean Pryzybylek, could work with anyone and impacted the value of building relationships. Marge Calarco, her boss at The University of Michigan, focused on developing others, armed with incredible leadership resolution as well. She recounts her contributions to the healthcare system as very rewarding. During the initiation of a new business, Deidre advises that one has to be conversant and experienced with the specific area. Clients are more confident when working with consultants possessing real-world practice and proficiency. Read more:


Dr. Mark Mckenna: Investing and Surviving

Raised around the medical practice of his doctor father, Dr. Mark Mckenna wanted to practice medicine since he was a child. He ended up attending Tulane University and getting his medical degree, working for five years at his fathers practice before leaving medicine for real estate investing.

Dr. Mark Mckenna began investing in real estate while still attending Tulane. He learned there that many of his conceptions of the medical field were incorrect. It was going to much more difficult to get a job in medicine than he thought it would be, and the pay was nowhere near where he thought it would be. To gain a second revenue stream he wanted to get into real estate. He moonlighted in a prison doing check-ups on inmates to gain the capital to begin investing. Forming Mckenna Venture Investing he began to build a real estate portfolio.

Dr. Mark Mckenna found he enjoyed real estate more than medicine and after five years working at his fathers practice he left to devote himself to real estate full time. Mckenna did quite well in real estate, earning over $500.000 a year from his $5 million portfolio. He enjoyed real estate, finding it rewarding and fascinating.

But when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Dr. Mark Mckenna was almost left broke. As with the majority of the city, his properties were mostly devastated in the disaster. Nearly wiped out himself, Mckenna decided to stay in the area and help rebuild by buying and fixing damaged properties and re-selling them. Things were looking up again after near-total disaster.

The looming housing market crash was still to come, but Mckenna saw it coming when he observed too many questionable mortgages being approved. Wanting to avoid another potential disaster, he divested from real estate and went back to medicine- as an investor.

Initially investing in ShapeMed, a clinic he helped turn into a network and then sold, Mckenna’s current venture is OVME. An online app for ordering Botox injections to your home, OVME seeks to streamline the Botox process for patient and doctor alike to the convenience of both.

Sahm Adrangi and His Bold But Calculated Investments and Risks

Many factual, fair and accurate articles have already been written about Sahm Adrangi, the CIO as well as founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. However, it is the news article posted in BZ Weekly that many people found to be most interesting among them. It is in the feature that the recent market activity of assets and companies like Jone Lang Lasalle and Valueworks Llc is revealed.

The report also reveals that Sahm Adrangi has increased his shares in the stake for Jone Lang Lasalle Inc by about 160.19%, according to its latest 2018 reports. This is a strong indicator of how much there is in the arsenal of Sahm Adrangi in dealing with the volatility in the market. It is also a strong sign that Sahm Adrangi is confident in dealing with such risks, knowing that his stakes could amount to a lot of loss in case it doesn’t pan out.

It may also be useful to state here that the increased stakes of Sprint Corporation could also be a good indication that the market is good, even if that could also just be a random indicator that should be disregarded. It is also in the article that people learned how the uptrending of the assets in Jones Lang La Salle Incorporated could bring a lot of growth of assets of its investors. The article has also a lot of analysts that share how much there is to profit, tap or even benefit from the changes in the assets of such companies.

About Sahm Adrangi

It’s important to state here that Adrangi has already built a name for himself as a well-known investment banking expert, helping clients grow their assets and avoid risks. Under Adrangi’s guidance, many companies in the biotech, mining and telecommunications have received the great benefits of growing their companies and the opportunities to hedge themselves against big risks.

Through the Kerrisdale Capital Management that Adrangi has been developing since 2009, many investments that are long-term in nature have grown and have prospered in ways that have satisfied even the most demanding, discriminating investors in various stock markets.

Things We Can Learn From Luiz Carlos Trabuco

You have to use the opportunities you get in life wisely for them to work in your favor. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, fortunately, is one man that has mastered the secrets of being successful.

The sixty-six-year-old Brazilian national has built a life out of running Bradesco, one of the greatest financial institutions of all time. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, a banker by profession, has used his expertise in banking coupled with his God-given skills to build Bradesco from the ground up. It has not been easy but thanks to God, Trabuco’s efforts have prevailed.

Luiz’s journey to success is one that has gotten marked with a lot of uncertainties’, but Carlos has persevered and steered through all the obstacles that have come his way. For instance, Trabuco, while joining Bradesco in 1969 never began his career at the top. However, the rich man from Brazil worked his way to the top by ignoring the naysayers and doing what he does best.

It is amazing just how much a mere department director has worked his way to become the COO, CEO, managing director executive, executive vice president, and president in only a span of four decades. Surprising right? So, what are the highlights of Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s long and industrious career?

You need to understand that success begins with a vision. Trabuco, being a visionary man, has always wanted Bradesco to end up at the top of the mountain, and so he has invested all his resources towards realizing the goal.

Read more: Próximo presidente do Bradesco sairá da diretoria do banco, diz Trabuco

Carlos, before becoming the company manager, got always perturbed by the fact that the institution was not as profitable as it should have been. Therefore, his appointment as the manager came as a blessing in disguise since it gave Luiz Carlos Trabuco more than an opportunity of proving his worth.

Mr. Trabuco, through the years, has been able to make Bradesco an empire, a titan that controls both local and international markets. Luiz has been instrumental in the successes of Bradesco, by using his insights in helping the company yield a high equity turnover according to Additionally, Carlos has helped boost the corporation’s asset distribution, something that was never the case before his arrival at Bradesco.

Like I insinuated earlier, Trabuco is way past his prime years and so he has to give an equal opportunity to the young tucks. The current president of Bradesco, thanks to his advanced age, gets set to retire from his post to pave the way for Octavio de Lazari Junior come March 2018.

The young Lazari, with his arrival, will bring on board a lot of transformations to the institution all thanks to his experience in banking. Octavio is the best draft as the company’s president as insiders at Bradesco consider him to be the only one highly capable of boosting the organization’s profits, well after Trabuco. Ideally, Luiz has proven the naysayers wrong by turning ore into gold. Therefore, Carlos and Bradesco are one and the same as none can exist without the other.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco, just click here.

Shervin Pishevar: The Tweet Storm That Will Go Down In History

There are great moments in history from throughout the ages. Most of us can recall at least some of the moments that directly touched our lives and had an impact on the way we think about things. Perhaps that is true for you as well. Usually those thoughts don’t circle around Twitter, but there are some moments on Twitter that do have a cultural impact. Shervin Pishevar may have just made one himself with a recent tweet storm.

In the flurry of tweets, Shervin Pishevar was looking to convey the ideas to the world that had been floating around in his mind recently about economic events. He wanted his followers to know that he has been focused on these things and that he has a number of opinions about the things that we have all been obsessing over as of late.

Bitcoin Shervin Pishevar actually has fewer objections to Bitcoin than you might expect. He is not one of the cheerleaders for this crypto-currency that believes that it can do no wrong either. Rather, Shervin Pishevar has a more mixed opinion regarding this one. He does believe that Bitcoin has some value to it, but he is not all that interested in purchasing it right now. This is because in the immediate future he sees it taking a dip.

The American Dream- The American Dream may be something very different than it used to be if you listen to Pishevar. He thinks that so much of our culture and values have been exported at this point that many of the next great would be American inventions will actually be made elsewhere. This is perhaps something to both celebrate and mourn at the same time.

The Stock Market- The market has been on a tear. Who could be upset with the direction of the stock market as of late? Well, Shervin Pishevar believes that it is due for a drop of around twenty percent in value. If you are a holder of US-based equities at the moment he thinks that you should get out immediately.

The Enchanting Life Of Doe Deere As The Queen Of Unicorns

No name could be better suited to Doe Deere than the Unicorn Queen. He life began in Russia, took her to New York City as a fashion designer and resulted in her launch of Lime Crime to bring her unique and bright colors to life. Doe Deere is a trendsetter, an inspiration and one of the first female entrepreneurs to attain success. She has dedicated her life to the creation of colorful, bold, vegan, certified and cruelty free cosmetics. Her many followers are aptly called her unicorns.


When Doe Deere was still designing her clothing line she wanted just the right makeup to compliment her designs. When she discovered the colors she desired were simply not available she decided to create her own line of cosmetics. She based her line on two of the biggest loves of her life, colorful makeup and fairy tales. She wanted her line to be fun and chose the unicorn as her mascot to represent kindness to animals, compassion, rare beauty and individuality. As a representation of creativity the only color that would suffice was purple.


When Doe Deere created Lime Crime in 2008 the cosmetics were magical, inspirational, vegan and cruelty free. At this time her collection included glitter, eye shadows, fine brushes, blush and primers. The company has grown substantially since then and her cosmetics are available internationally as well as within the United States. Her products began to gain popularity through online makeup tutorials and as Doe Deere says the rest is history.


The time Doe Deere spent in the fashion industry taught her about the way trends flow and the best way to apply these trends to marketing. Once she began creating her own makeup line she knew she was home. Her passion for makeup inspires her line while filling a need among consumers. Doe Deere truly believes her job is the best anywhere in the world. She enjoys teaching her unicorns how to use her makeup to their best advantage, hosting online contests and is ecstatic with her fan base of three million followers.


Doe Deere generates a lot of new business through referrals. She also takes both the critical and positive feedback she receives very seriously. This has helped in the growth of Lime Crime. By listening to what she is told she gains an understanding of what people want. She responds to her social media and advertising campaigns to remain connected to her followers. Doe Deere spoke at the Stardust Tour at the PHAMExpo because she believes it is important to express herself on topics close to her heart. She felt as a female entrepuneur this was especially important.


The moment in Doe Deer’s career she found the most satisfying was when she was able to give support to her favorite charities. She strongly believes in helping children, animals and women. She was grateful when she was in a position where she could start making a difference. She currently supports many charities including the Red Cross, the Bideawee animal shelter and Girls Inc.


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Hussain Sajwani’s keen Eye on Business Leads to the Success of DAMAC

Hussain Sajwani is a well-renowned businessman worldwide. Currently, he is serving as the Chairman, chief executive officer as well as the Founder of DAMAC. As successful as Hussain Sajwani is right now, he is a man who came from a very humble background. This context will mainly revolve around his education, career, and anything relating to his success story.


Background Check

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1954. He emerged from a humble background. His family by that time could be classified as middle class and conservative individuals who were also very hard-working individuals. Hussain Sajwani’s father owned a shop where he used to sell pens and watches. His father was a determined fellow who even spent some days away from his family to operate his small shop for long hours to maximize his earnings. In turn, Hussain Sajwani’s mother used to sell fabrics as well as other household goods.


Hussain Sajwani was an ambitious fellow. His father wanted him to operate the family business, but as determined as Hussain Sajwani was, he decided to get a formal education. In his pursuit of formal education, he was able to attend a medical college in Bagdad through a government scholarship, but he never completed his studies at the college.


At a young an tender age, Hussain Sajwani used to spend time at his father’s shop. While at the shop, he was able to relate to the fact running a business at times proves to be quite a hurdle. Perhaps this harsh reality made Hussain Sajwani desist from following in his father’s footsteps. Instead, Hussain Sajwani felt that he had a calling within him and he had the desire to delve into entrepreneurship.


Hussain Sajwani’s present role in DAMAC Group

DAMAC Group is a real estate company was founded in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani. The company deals in leisure, residential and commercial properties in Dubai and the Middle East. The company’s headquarters are in Dubai. Currently, Hussain Sajwani serves as the Chairman and chief executive officer of DAMAC Group.


Hussain Sajwani has been able to develop a keen eye for business over the years. While founding DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani took advantage of the fact that the government had offered a decree that foreigners could own property in Dubai. Since necessity had presented itself, Hussain Sajwani salvaged the opportunity that had presented itself. Since the foreigners were eager to own property in Dubai, DAMAC was able to start selling units even before their first residential unit was complete.



Hussain Sajwani’s emergence from a humble background somehow enabled him to see the reality of life. Although Hussain’s father wanted him to follow in his footspets, Hussain Sajwani already had a dream of his own. By being observant enough, Hussain Sajwani knew that he did not want to struggle as his father did. Instead, he had the dream of pursuing formal education and delving into entrepreneurship. As determined as he was, Hussain Sajwani was able to pursue formal education. Moreover, he was able to indulge in the world of entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, he is presently proud to be the Founder, Chairman, and chief executive officer of DAMAC Group.

Louis Chenevert Invests in People

As United Technologies Corporation continues to grow, further cementing itself as one of the premier corporations in the United States, the reference to its turning point cannot be mentioned without discussing the career of the former Chief Executive Officer, Louis Chenevert. During the course of his career with United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert created a blueprint for sustainable and repeatable success that Gregory Hayes, the current CEO, has continued to endorse. One of the most important practices implemented by United Technologies Corporation is its consistent investment in people, as well as technology. While investing in the latest forms of technology is instrumental in a company’s ability to stay ahead of the curve, without investing in the people who use it, it will never operate with full efficiency.

It was in 1999, while the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada, that Louis Chenevert developed an idea that would change the trajectory of the company, as well as the manufacturing industry in the United States forever. Pratt & Whitney was developing a new geared turbofan engine that Mr. Chenevert believed had enormous potential, and when he ascended to the position of Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation in 2006, he brought it with him. After two decades of research and development, and an investment that exceeds $10 billion, the unprecedented geared turbofan engine was complete. The specs of Pratt & Whitney’s geared turbofan engine set it apart from any other GTF engine due to the fact that it was able to cut fuel consumption by sixteen percent, while also reducing emissions by fifty percent. Today it is one of the most widely used geared turbofan engines in existence, being utilized by fourteen airlines and 70 aircraft across the world.

Louis Chenevert’s decision to bring along the geared turbofan engine has not only resulted in incredible gains for United Technologies Corporation, but as an affiliate of Pratt & Whitney, which has manufacturing plants throughout the United States, it has also helped to bring a number of jobs to states such as Georgia, Florida, Maine, Michigan, New York, and Connecticut. Over the next three years, United Technologies Corporation expects to create 5,000 new positions, bringing in 25,000 new employees.

Joel Friant is Keeping it Spicy with the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is a serial entrepreneur who has grown to become a mentor to many business people around the world. His values, perspective to life and passion for success is highly contagious. In one of his recent presentations, he emphasized that “success is all in the mind’’. Joel Friant has been able to introduce a unique blend of pepper that has enriched many lives. He discovered the beauty of the HABANERO CHILE PEPPER and wanted to make everyone touch base with its uniqueness. This led Joel Friant to come up with the HABANERO SHAKER!

What exactly is the Habanero Shaker?

The Habanero Shaker is a blend of Habanero Chile Pepper with scintillating flavors that give consumers a hot and spicy experience. The shaker contains a “toned-down’’ peppery experience that is not so hot but it is spicy enough to enrich each meal. For many years, Joel Friant has been working to take this unique concept to as much people as he can. The results have been breathtaking as it is on record that the Habanero Shaker is the first of its kind. Joel Friant has succeeded in giving the world an impeccable experience in a dried shaker format.

What’s more?

It important to mention that Joel Friant first introduced the Habanero shaker into the market in 1995. The initial success of this product translated into creating a community of satisfied consumers. Many people became acquainted with the Habanero Chile Pepper which had been known only to a few indigenous people in certain areas of the world. Joel Friant has continued to push for new frontiers by educating people about what the Habanero Shaker can create for them. It is evident that this serial entrepreneur has been able to change lives with this unique product. Joel Friant knows how to keep things SUPER HOT with the Habanero Shaker!