Brian Torchin Is Staffing Medical Facilities Throughout America

Brian Torchin is a very diverse and gifted individual. He has a background in medicine as a chiropractor (attended New York Chiropractor College, 1992-1995,JFK,and has a BS that was conferred to him by The University of Delaware.). He is an entrepreneur with a keen business acumen. When he noticed how difficult it was to get a job for not only himself, but for a lot of other healthcare hopefuls. It was also very challenging for those in the legal industry to land jobs. He knew he knew he had to do something. Medical and Legal agencies both needed access to rapid replacement, both part time and full time. In some assignments the need is just for a part time (sometimes just for the day). Find out more about Brian at

Brian Torchin decided to try and meet that need with the creation of HCRC. Medical and legal companies both have high turnaround rates due the stressful nature of both industries. It is this need that is best met through the efforts of the staff at HCRC. The most obvious reason to utilize his services is the rapid response rate of the staffers that are on the roster at HCRC, not to mention the integrity of the individuals that are vetted before sending them out on any assignments.

Brian Torchin’s posts on Facebook are geared for the medical and legal employer as well as the legal and medical employee. Quite a bit of information is given on both employer and employee. HCRC feature prospective employers and employees that are competent and have good standing in the communities that they serve. He ensures the public security by making sure that the employers and employee are well suited to work together, and if they can not do so, another staffer may fit the job perfectly. It is this resource that I find the most useful.

He uses the following Social media to get his messages to the people who need it the most.

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Ted Bauman: The Need For Defensive Investing

Ted Bauman is an economist whose experiences in life have led him to appreciate the working class and to get society to lend a hand to those who are less fortunate than others. He started his young work life in the fast food industry and worked at gas stations. As a young man, he left the United States and moved to South Africa. He studied economics at the University of Cape Town. Much of his career involved him taking managerial roles in nonprofit housing projects. He has performed research for the United Nations and has had work published in journals around the world. He is currently living in the United States and is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman focuses on low-risk investing strategies these days and with the stock market in the longest bull market in history, it may be time for investors to take a defensive approach to protect some of the profits they have made. Many financial analysts remain optimistic about equities and believe the current bull market will remain intact. Ted Bauman is taking a broader view of the markets and believes that there are factors at play that could kill this bull market. He points to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Mr. Bauman believes that if the Fed raises interest rates to four percent, the bull market in US stocks will end and that by 2020 rates should be there. He also noted that the ongoing trade war between China and the US could possibly cause a selloff.

Ted Bauman believes that so many factors could cause lower stock prices, but he warns investors to not try to time the stock market. It may take several months to a year for a bear market to be fully recognized. He also brings up in 1987 when at the time stocks saw the largest one day drop. The plunge in stocks scared most traders out of their positions. The wise investors held and bought in at lower prices and ended the year with a profit. Investors should maintain a healthy balance of stocks and bonds to protect their portfolio.

Peter Briger; The Spark behind Fortress Investments’ glow

Peter Briger has a well-built reputation and character in his area of expertise. He is an expert in finance and investment currently serving as the Co-Chairman and Principal of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. Briger holds a Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania which has helped him acquire all the needed work experience to get him to his current position. He has gained his leadership and career accomplishments from partnering with Goldman, Sachs, and Co. for more than 15 years. Peter then joined Fortress in the year 2002 at lower ranks as a member of the management committee. His credibility and intelligence made him rise to oversee the Credit business of the firm till date. His team checks into the underrated and unstable illiquid credit investments under the Fortress management.

Fortress Investment Group is an investment and financial management company based in New York whose primary objective is to act as an investment manager. Fortress has a large clientele base including institutions, private firms, and corporate officials. The firm boasts of serving over 1750 firms across the globe. Among its list of services comprise of private capital investment and real estate programs. Fortress’ main focus includes advising on financing, owning, pricing and monitoring management of both physical and financial assets for its clients. Peter Briger has been instrumental in the development and growth of the company as an investment manager. His broad experience, sharp mind and clear reasoning have helped Fortress remain a rock in the sector.

Apart from dedicating his time and energy into building and developing Fortress and providing his financial services, Briger is actively involved in giving back to the community. Charity begins at home. Peter Briger applies the quote by supporting the Princeton University Alma Mata with beginner programs to help grow affiliated businesses. Briger and his alumni pals plan to launch a program that will propagate an entrepreneur mindset at Princeton University and along with it, support interested individuals. A philanthropic spirit is for a chosen few, and Briger is part of that community. He contributes to charity events including the Silicon Valley Council where he ensures that the funds are distributed globally to the less fortunate.At a personal view, Peter Briger was ranked among Forbes top 400 business professionals in the United States which makes him a great asset to the Fortress Group.


Stream Energy Formalizes Its Charitable Efforts

The Dallas-based energy sales company Stream Energy has made sure to give back to the community that has contributed to make their path in business such a success. Never before was this more evident than a year ago when Hurricane Harvey caused many Houston area neighborhoods to find themselves suddenly under water.

Stream sprung immediately into action, using proceeds from the business to be among the first organizations to help fund the recovery of the city of Houston and provide whatever relief possible for citizens affected by the storm.

The company recently launched ‘Stream Cares’ in an effort to organize and manage the aid the company plans to provide to the people of Texas and the country as a whole moving forward.

One particular causes that continue to be of particular interest to Stream Energy and its associates is the social plague of homelessness. Employees of the company have been known to track numbers and stats related to the homeless in Dallas and note that the city has seen a 24 percent rise in homelessness in recent years.

Stream Cares is expected to build on the relationship the company has already established with Hope Supply Co., a non-profit operating in Dallas that hosts an annual Splash For Hope event to benefit homeless children in the area. Stream and its employees recently covered the expenses for 1,000 children in the North Texas area to attend the Splash For Hope event that allows homeless children to enjoy themselves at a local waterpark.

Stream Cares also plans to provide support for Hope Supply Co. to continue their routine of donating school supplies, diapers, and clothing to homeless children in the area.

Stream Energy has also worked with Operation Once In A Lifetime to benefit U.S. service veterans and their families living in the Dallas area. The associate at Stream took a personal approach to this aid and wanted to meet the veteran they chose to help. The company and its associates provided transportation for these families to join them for lunch at a Texas-style restaurant that consisted of all the ribs, steaks, and burgers they could eat.

The company’s position on giving is summed up perfectly by senior event manager Kimberly Girard who explains that Stream Energy is a company with a heart and will continue to find new and creative ways to give back to the community.

Dr. Mark Mckenna: Investing and Surviving

Raised around the medical practice of his doctor father, Dr. Mark Mckenna wanted to practice medicine since he was a child. He ended up attending Tulane University and getting his medical degree, working for five years at his fathers practice before leaving medicine for real estate investing.

Dr. Mark Mckenna began investing in real estate while still attending Tulane. He learned there that many of his conceptions of the medical field were incorrect. It was going to much more difficult to get a job in medicine than he thought it would be, and the pay was nowhere near where he thought it would be. To gain a second revenue stream he wanted to get into real estate. He moonlighted in a prison doing check-ups on inmates to gain the capital to begin investing. Forming Mckenna Venture Investing he began to build a real estate portfolio.

Dr. Mark Mckenna found he enjoyed real estate more than medicine and after five years working at his fathers practice he left to devote himself to real estate full time. Mckenna did quite well in real estate, earning over $500.000 a year from his $5 million portfolio. He enjoyed real estate, finding it rewarding and fascinating.

But when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Dr. Mark Mckenna was almost left broke. As with the majority of the city, his properties were mostly devastated in the disaster. Nearly wiped out himself, Mckenna decided to stay in the area and help rebuild by buying and fixing damaged properties and re-selling them. Things were looking up again after near-total disaster.

The looming housing market crash was still to come, but Mckenna saw it coming when he observed too many questionable mortgages being approved. Wanting to avoid another potential disaster, he divested from real estate and went back to medicine- as an investor.

Initially investing in ShapeMed, a clinic he helped turn into a network and then sold, Mckenna’s current venture is OVME. An online app for ordering Botox injections to your home, OVME seeks to streamline the Botox process for patient and doctor alike to the convenience of both.

Sahm Adrangi and His Bold But Calculated Investments and Risks

Many factual, fair and accurate articles have already been written about Sahm Adrangi, the CIO as well as founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. However, it is the news article posted in BZ Weekly that many people found to be most interesting among them. It is in the feature that the recent market activity of assets and companies like Jone Lang Lasalle and Valueworks Llc is revealed.

The report also reveals that Sahm Adrangi has increased his shares in the stake for Jone Lang Lasalle Inc by about 160.19%, according to its latest 2018 reports. This is a strong indicator of how much there is in the arsenal of Sahm Adrangi in dealing with the volatility in the market. It is also a strong sign that Sahm Adrangi is confident in dealing with such risks, knowing that his stakes could amount to a lot of loss in case it doesn’t pan out.

It may also be useful to state here that the increased stakes of Sprint Corporation could also be a good indication that the market is good, even if that could also just be a random indicator that should be disregarded. It is also in the article that people learned how the uptrending of the assets in Jones Lang La Salle Incorporated could bring a lot of growth of assets of its investors. The article has also a lot of analysts that share how much there is to profit, tap or even benefit from the changes in the assets of such companies.

About Sahm Adrangi

It’s important to state here that Adrangi has already built a name for himself as a well-known investment banking expert, helping clients grow their assets and avoid risks. Under Adrangi’s guidance, many companies in the biotech, mining and telecommunications have received the great benefits of growing their companies and the opportunities to hedge themselves against big risks.

Through the Kerrisdale Capital Management that Adrangi has been developing since 2009, many investments that are long-term in nature have grown and have prospered in ways that have satisfied even the most demanding, discriminating investors in various stock markets.

DANIEL TAUB- Models of Diplomacy

Daniel Taub is a diplomat, an international lawyer, and a writer. He has written much on Israel and the Middle East and has several articles that have featured in the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, The Times and Huffington Post. He is the author of Parasha Diplomatic, a strategic insights book on biblical texts.

Additionally, Daniel Taub created and wrote the script for an Israeli drama series, Hechatzer, which is aimed at doing away with the divisions between the secular and religious groups in Israel. Previously he has worked for President Chaim Herzog as his speechwriter. He is a writer and a lecturer of International law and negotiations theory.

Taub’s journey of being Israeli’s Diplomat started when he had just moved to Israel and was working as an intellectual property lawyer.

Having studied international law and negotiations theory, he decided to be part of the peace negotiations between Israel’s neighbors that had been suggested at the Madrid Peace conference held in the early 1990’s and so he took a leave and joined Israel’s foreign ministry. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub| Behance

Being Israeli’s ambassador to the UK, Taub makes his days productive by focusing on his six areas of activity that include: Academic Cooperation, business and tech cooperation for example the startup competition called Dragon’s Den style that was in conjunction with Google and Facebook, Jewish and other faith communities whereby he taught church leaders biblical Hebrew and held feasts like joint Moslem-Jewish Iftar, political dialogue, media and public diplomacy and security and intelligence sharing.

He ensures he balances the six and from each, he identifies unexplored areas and reaches out to them.

Taub states that it is his curious habit that makes him a productive diplomat in that the people he meets appreciate when he is genuinely interested in them and their passions.

He advises on two diplomatic techniques: First is working in the realm of possibility in that people should invest their time and effort where there is a possibility of progress.

Secondly is being an active listener such that allowing people to speak their mind out gives room for them to take in yours. For management advice, Taub advocates for investing time to get the right people to work with and develop them. Identifying one’s weak areas and getting people to fill the gap.

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Shervin Pishevar: The Tweet Storm That Will Go Down In History

There are great moments in history from throughout the ages. Most of us can recall at least some of the moments that directly touched our lives and had an impact on the way we think about things. Perhaps that is true for you as well. Usually those thoughts don’t circle around Twitter, but there are some moments on Twitter that do have a cultural impact. Shervin Pishevar may have just made one himself with a recent tweet storm.

In the flurry of tweets, Shervin Pishevar was looking to convey the ideas to the world that had been floating around in his mind recently about economic events. He wanted his followers to know that he has been focused on these things and that he has a number of opinions about the things that we have all been obsessing over as of late.

Bitcoin Shervin Pishevar actually has fewer objections to Bitcoin than you might expect. He is not one of the cheerleaders for this crypto-currency that believes that it can do no wrong either. Rather, Shervin Pishevar has a more mixed opinion regarding this one. He does believe that Bitcoin has some value to it, but he is not all that interested in purchasing it right now. This is because in the immediate future he sees it taking a dip.

The American Dream- The American Dream may be something very different than it used to be if you listen to Pishevar. He thinks that so much of our culture and values have been exported at this point that many of the next great would be American inventions will actually be made elsewhere. This is perhaps something to both celebrate and mourn at the same time.

The Stock Market- The market has been on a tear. Who could be upset with the direction of the stock market as of late? Well, Shervin Pishevar believes that it is due for a drop of around twenty percent in value. If you are a holder of US-based equities at the moment he thinks that you should get out immediately.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Formation of AYKON Plaza

DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has outdone himself with the formation of Akon Plaza’s second skyrise. The elegantly structured tower overlooks the Dubai Canal and consists of over 49 floors. This development endeavor takes up 1.7 million square feet and is constructed to deliver exuberant entertainment and social life activities. The massive cosmopolitan like infrastructure includes unimaginable amenities such as fine dining, a beach club, cafes, spa, swimming pools, and upscale exercise areas. Space also includes a posh recreational locale called The Club.


The revolutionary development has brought absolute dazzle and appeal to the thriving Dubai waterway area. Emirati native and DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani, pursued daring heights with the advent of AYKON Plaza. The monumental development will consist of six statuesque high-rises, all stationed over the canal. DAMAC Properties, the Middle Eastern leader in real estate development and investment, integrates a different approach with high rise communities. The groundbreaker brings classic elegance and architecture to exotic spaces, forming the unimaginable in luxury assets. DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani looks to high-end fashion icons with unmatched interior stylings for his dwellings. He has solicited internationally branded giants such as Versace Home, Bugatti, and Fendi Casa and Just Cavalli.


Mr. Sajwani created DAMAC Properties in 2002 after successfully investing in a residential building in Dubai. He quickly became one of the industry trailblazers of Dubai’s property market growth. The leader is renown for his structural creations, as he was ranked number fifteen on Hotelier Power 50 and was awarded Property CEO of the Year as of recent. In addition, he was recognized by the Arabian Business Achievement Awards in 2017 as one of the Middle East’s Future Stars. DAMAC owner, Mr. Sajwani has taken on a magnificent prowess and achievement with the introduction of shaping his second tower in much sought after AYKON Plaza.

Daniel Taub Puts Family First in Every Situation

For most people who work in a demanding job like the ambassador position, it can be hard to put family first. They may not be able to help their family in the way they would like and that can be difficult for them. Daniel Taub did not have that problem. In fact, he felt his position actually made him better at what he was doing for his family and for the people who he had always been dedicated to. In a recent interview, he talked about the advice he had for others. The biggest piece of advice he could give was to always put family first.


If Daniel Taub was going to make things easier on people, the family first advice is what gave him the ability to make sure he was helping others. In fact, it allowed him the chance to try different things while he was working on his own and made it easier for him to do his best in the career he had. Even now that he is not the ambassador, Daniel Taub continues to put his family first. If he is able to give them the help they need and always offer them new opportunities, Daniel Taub is confident he can do his best for them.


While he is putting his family first, he also likes to treat himself. He isn’t afraid to get dessert and will often try new things that others may scoff at. He believes doing this is the only way to live his life with no regrets so he can make things better in the future. Daniel Taub has tried to give his attention to people who were in different situations and to people who were doing their best to make sure they could provide new opportunities for those who were a part of the community he was helping.


For Daniel Taub to do this, he had to try and help people first. He started out his career very young and just grew it from there. He is an intelligent person but also knows how to do things in a practical way. While he was a soldier, he still remained focused on his academics. He likes to learn and believes that reading books is one of the easiest ways for people to get smarter while they are trying to expand the knowledge they have of the world around them and with them.  Learn more: