End Citizen United is Winning the War against Excessive Spending in American Politics

One of the leading organizations in the US that is working towards the restoration of fair and just funding for political activities is known as End Citizen United. Although in the recent past there have been numerous claims that the PAC is making millions of dollars whereas it is against such donations, the truth is that the money the PAC gets comes from its supporters on the ground. The organization is building the support of as many Democrats as possible to fight against the presence of dirty money in American electoral politics which the group firmly believes has taken the dispensation of political processes captive and hostage.


What is perceived is some public quarters as an over the flow of money into the accounts of End Citizen United which in itself is a contravention of the very principles they are fighting against, is an indication that the group has massive grassroots support. For many months now, End Citizen United has been spearheading the struggle to transform the methods of financing campaign activities so that some form of sanity and fairness can be restored in the electoral process. The PAC was founded in March 2015, and from that time most of the donors aiding the activities of the group have been ordinary Americans. Right now, the nonprofit is building a bigger movement that will bring together all democratic forces to put pressure on the legitimacy of political fund contribution by billionaires.


The new movement will bring onboard Democratic legislators and other pro-reform lobbyists who will fight to put structures in place that will deter the syndicate of billionaires from taking control of the political system. The group’s mission is to disrupt the system the rich people use to dominate political interests by buying elections. The wealthy syndicates are threatening to uproot Democrats from mainstream political engagements. It is this reason that makes the PAC support Democratic candidates who can bring transformative legislations in both the Senate and the Congress.


The first approach the organization will employ is to nationalize the debate of big money spending in politics so that it becomes a public priority. And the second strategy will be the election of legislators who are known to be pro-reform so that they can push the agenda of change in both houses. End Citizen United will help the Democratic candidate for the Montana seat, Jon Tester, to defend his position and Senator of Ohio Sherrod Brown. The organization believes that leaders like the two can lead the struggle against excessive spending in politics. The recruitment strategy the group uses is open, and it can be viewed on the organization’s website. The endorsed candidates will fill a questionnaire, and then they will be enlisted as defenders of democracy.

George Soros Enhanced Hillary Clinton’s Campaigns With A Donation Of $25 Million

George Soros returned to the political scene with bang. The hedge fund billionaire reignited his political presence by donating over $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other liberal Democratic candidates. His return to active politics followed a long silence after his previous attempts to unseat President George W. Bush by funding his rival. During the 2004 elections, George contributed more than $27 million to the Democratic campaigns.

The money donated by George Soros during last year’s elections was used to finance Hillary Clinton’s campaigns to every corner of the United States. It would also be used to fund the campaigns of other Democratic candidates who were facing stiff competition from the Republicans. This information was obtained from the Federal Election Commission records. Soros is estimated to be worth $24.9 billion. He has managed to get his fortune by engaging in risky currency trades. His first major win against a currency was in the early 90s when he bet against the British pound. From the trade, George made over one billion dollars in profit. The 85-year-old Hungarian-born New Yorker has gone on to undertake many similar trades. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Soros and Hillary have known each other for over 25 years. Due to this long relationship, the billionaire had planned to attend his first-ever Democratic convention to watch the presidential hopefully give her first acceptance speech. However, the hedge fund expert decided to cancel the trip at the last minute to keep a keen eye on the economic situation in Europe. In addition, Soros has also been involved in the verbal attack of Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump. In his interview at the World Economic Forum, he accused President Trump of ‘doing the work of ISIS’ through his speeches and policies. The trader notes that spreading fear among Americans was proof that Trump was not ‘qualified’ to lead the free world. According to the billionaire’s spokesman, Michael Vachon, his involvement in politics was necessitated by the exceptionally high stakes in last year’s elections. These stakes were caused by several issues such as Trump’s candidacy, world economic situation, and ISIS. Vachon added that the philanthropist has remained a staunch supporter of immigration reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reform. Know more on investopedia.com about George Soros.

George Soros was one of the key funders of the Ferguson protests. He hoped that the protests would help spur a civil action that is in line with his justice reform ideas. The billionaire funded the ‘hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ campaign. The protests resulted from the death of Trayvon Martin. The young adult was fatally shot by the police. Soros funded the campaigns to the tune of $33 million. This is according to the tax filings reports made by his Open Society Foundations. The money was channeled to already established charity groups that participated in the protests. This information was originally mentioned on Washington Times as elaborated in the link below http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/14/george-soros-funds-ferguson-protests-hopes-to-spur/

Richard Blair Enlightens Clients on Sound Investment and Wealth Solutions in Austin

According to Richard Blair, every person has financial goals put in place; however, one needs a rigid plan that will see their goals become successful. He says that is why every person needs to be armed with the various wealth management skills and be enlightened on retirement planning. Wealth Solutions uses a three pillar method to empower clients. The plan gives the company an opportunity to learn about both the financial status of their clients and their retirement plans. At the same time, the firm can create a plan for each client.


Pillar One


Here, the client can establish their financial needs. The firm is then able to identify the client’s goals, growth opportunities, strengths, and risk tolerance. Richard Blair says it then becomes quite easy to help a client since you understand their financial road map.Learn more : http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/contact


Pillar Two


Here, the firm can come up with a long-term plan that fulfills the client’s financial and investment needs. Interesting to note, each client’s plan is different depending on their needs at hand. Richard Blair then uses his skills and knowledge to analyze the market, and when he deems it suitable, he manages the client’s assets. If the market is not suitable for trading, he can reduce any negative impact on their client’s investments.


Pillar Three


Once a client’s investment needs and goals have been established, Richard Blair then fulfills their insurance needs. This comprises of life insurance, annuities, and long-term care.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions in the year 1994 with the aim of providing clients with financial and investment solutions. The firm is a Registered Investment Advisory Company located in Austin, Texas. He has a passion for helping people meet their financial, investment and retirement goals. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions strives to change the lives of people residing in Austin by empowering them on investment and financial matters. From individuals, families as well as small business owners, Richard is leaving a positive impact in their lives. Richard reveals that his passion for empowering other people started after he observed how his grandmother, mother, and wife educated other people.Learn more : http://anthonycioe.com/richard-blair-providing-sound-investment-and-wealth-solutions-to-clients-in-austin-texas/


He continues to say that he observed how teaching helped a person improve their confidence and knowledge. Through his passion for finance and helping others, he founded Wealth solutions. Over the years, Richard Blair continued to sharpen his skills and experience in the field. To many people, Richard has restored their hope in making decisions regarding their finances and investments.Learn more : http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2016/05/26/investment-strategy-with-richard-blair/



Norman Pattiz Declares the Results of Podcast One Ad Tests

Norman Pattiz, the founder cum Chairman of Podcast One, recently released the test results of ad campaigns through the medium and confirmed the influence of the Podcast network. The tests are carried out by Edison Research, a major campaign researcher in the Podcast Network, which focused on testing five different brands in the consumer goods and services categories.

Interestingly, some of them are well-known brands while few are new to the market. It conducted both pre-campaign and post-campaign studies during the second half of 2016, and it showed that the advertisements are making a significant influence in every part of the product campaigns such as intent to purchase, brand recall, and recall of any specific messaging. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2015/09/24/norm-pattizs-podcasting-bet-paying-off/72693896/

The study showed few interesting results which showed a grocery brand was mentioned by more than 60 percent of the people post-campaign, which was seven percent up from the pre-study period. In the case of a financial product, the unaided product awareness rose by 47 percent during the post-campaign period, and in a similar way, an automobile aftermarket product showed an increase of 37 percent, and a lawn and garden product made 24 percent.

Almost 33 percent of the respondents confirmed a “very favorable” opinion about an automobile aftermarket product, which is significantly up from the 18 percent in the pre-study period.

The lawn and garden product made it to 22 percent “very likely” up from a 16 percent in the pre-study period. Awareness of a particular campaign message in the case of the automobile product rose by 60 percent from the pre-study period, and a casual dining restaurant made it 76 percent.

Norman Pattiz is known for popularizing the radio network services in U.S. with his Westwood One, the largest radio network in the country. He founded the network in 1976 and focused on delivering high-quality and engaging contents which are informative and entertaining to the listeners.

Pattiz was credited for changing the way the radio networks in U.S. and elsewhere operated. His commitment to providing world-class programs for the viewers prompted him to set up Courtside Entertainment Group in the year 2010.

In 2013, he founded the Podcast One network and included brands and personalities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Steve Austin, Heather Dubrow, Dan Patrick, Chris Jericho, Larry King, and more. In 2000, he was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of United States by the President Bill Clinton. In 2002, he was reappointed to the board by the President George W. Bush.

The Growth Of OSI Group Under David Mcdonald

David McDonald is currently the Chief Operating Officer and the President of OSI International Foods.

He obtained his degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. David has served before as the project manager in OSI Industries. In addition, from December 2008, he has been serving at Marfrig Global Foods S.A as an independent director.

About the OSI Group
OSI Group is a worldwide company that supplies value-added proteins such as beef patties and sausage links, pizza, and sandwiches to retail brands and food services. In 2016 they launched a plan to expand by opening a number of new production and processing plants across the world. OSI Group has also merged with Baho food which is a private Dutch company that is involved in processing of meat as well as food services. This will give OSI a wider access to the European market.

McDonald’s Achievements at OSI
McDonald came up with a production plan for 2016/17 to ensure there that there is a sustainable performance. His plan is to ensure OSI that is involved in the environment, social responsibility, and the supply chain is sustainable. This means ensuring that the food that OSI produces is of high quality and safe for consumption and that they are able to follow the animal welfare rules.

The company has managed to achieve ISO14001 certification for environmental management under McDonald’s reign. In 2015, OSI’s North American branch donated a substantial amount of food to Feeding America. According to David McDonald OSI Group, donations to the needy will continue to ensure that the environmental resources are sustainable and that employees lives are better through continuous improvement of the company.

The company has also come up with plans that they are to achieve by 2020, one of them being to reduce water and energy wastage and also to make sure that there is zero wastage in all their production processes. In Taiwan, they have come up with wastewater recycle or reuse plan and also they have a project where water is purified and used for non-food operations.

OSI Group partners with their clients on how they can grow their products ad, in turn, this helps them to improve their sales.

Learn more about David McDonald OSI Group: http://www.provisioneronline.com/articles/98606-qa-with-dave-mcdonald-president-coo-osi-group

Dick DeVos’ Great Contribution to the Society

Through their family foundation, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have donated well over $130 million to various charitable causes since the foundation was established in 1990. The couple is passionate about improving education in the U.S. although they also donate to charities that deal with other issues such as healthcare. On average, more than a quarter of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation’s annual charitable donations are given to non-profit organizations that deal with educational issues. This just goes to show how much commitment they have to improving the education system in the country.


The charter schools that Mr. and Mrs. DeVos started aim to provide children with a good education that is tailored to their unique needs and abilities as opposed to using one approach for all children as conventional schools do. This enables the children to grow and learn at a pace that is comfortable for them. The DeVoses believe that the current education system is good but it can be made much better by using the charter schools’ approach. Some of the beneficiaries of the couple’s charitable donations in recent years include Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and Rehoboth Christian School among others. The DeVos family as a whole has contributed so much to various charitable causes that they appeared in the top 30 in the 2015 list of America’s Top Givers.


Dick DeVos’ Personal and Work History


Dick DeVos’ is a renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur in the U.S. He is married to Betsy DeVos, the current U.S. Education Secretary. His first job was at his father’s company, Amway Corporation, where he did various operational tasks between 1974 and 1984. His commitment to hard work and excellence saw him rise up the ranks very fast and in 10 short years, he was appointed vice president of some of the company’s international operations. He left Amway five years later and started the Windquest Group, which manufactures closet and storage organizers. DeVos has held numerous other high-profile positions in various organizations, including the position of president of Amway Corporation. DeVos tried to get into politics in 2006 when he vied for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan but lost.




The DeVoses are truly committed to improving the welfare of the community through their charitable donations and affiliation with various non-profit organizations. They have made a big impact so far, especially in the education sector, and they do not plan to stop any time soon. In her position as Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos has the power to influence major reforms in the education sector to improve the quality of education in the country. This will enable the DeVoses to do even more for the education sector in the country.





Elisabeth Betsy DeVos is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a politician. She was born in January 8th 1958.she is the current Secretary of Education in the Trump administration. Besty DeVos is the daughter of Edgar Prince who founded the Prince Corporation. Erick Prince, the founder of Blackwater and a former Navy Seal officer is Betsy’s brother.mrs DeVos is married to Mr. Dick DeVos who was previously CEO of a marketing company Amway.

Mrs. DeVos is a Republican wherein 1992 to 1997 served as the Republican National Committee chairwoman from Michigan. That was besides being the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican party from 1996 to 2000 and again reelected to the same post in 2003.

DeVos is best known for championing school choice, school voucher plans, charter school systems and her attachments to the Reformed Christian Community. Besides Mrs. DeVos serving as a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, she also served as the chair to the Board of Alliance for School of Choice and Action Institute and is the head of All Children Matter PAC.

Visit Betsy’s profile on twitter.com.

Dick and Betsy DeVos started a family foundation in 1989.according to the organization’s website, the foundation’s giving is faith motivated and centered on leadership development, foster transformation and support in five key areas namely; education, community, arts, justice and leadership.

The DeVos Foundation made $11.6 million in charity giving adding to the couple’s lifetime of charity giving to $139million in 2015.The DeVos family foundation Is ranked by Forbes at no. 24 on its list of America’s top donors in 2015.

The organization has been focusing mostly on funding Christian Organizations and Christian Private Schools. From years 1999 to 2014, the foundation has donated $100 million. Half of this amount went to Christian groups. Top on the list of agencies funded by the Foundation include; Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Values; Focus on the Family, Center for Individual Rights; Acton Institute; the Justice Institute, Center for Individual Rights, the Pregnancy Resource Center in Michigan, Right to Life Michigan Educational Fund, and Baptists for life.

These organizations have been top beneficiaries. Devos and her family founded Art Prize in 2009 an international competition based on art and held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Personally, Betsy Devos raised over $150 000 towards the reelection campaign of Bush. During the Bush administration, DeVos served for two years as the finance chairperson where she was involved with various projects.

The DeVos family has been active members of the Republican Party and its politics and has been the major donor to the candidates in the party since 1989 where they have given more than $17 million. The family hoped that through the donations, the Republican Party would win elections and promote good governance and support sound policies.

Check her website for more info at betsydevos.com.

George Soros reiterates his Political Inclinations with massive Donations

The last election cycle saw the billionaire businessman and philanthropist; George Soros makes a huge splash in the campaign financing front. According to a report that appeared on Politico on July 2016, Soros committed over $25 million to support Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other Democrats downstream. The billionaire had scaled down his political giving in 2004, when he donated $27 million in an effort to defeat President George Bush. Confidants close to him say the tally was likely to be higher by the time elections are held. Soros also confided that he will grace his first Democratic Convention to watch Clinton officially become the Democratic Party nominee for president.

The 86 year old Hungarian born billionaire who is based in New York has had a long standing relationship with the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. One of his political advisors, Michael Vachon told the press that Soros support for the Democratic Party causes had moved a notch higher in the 2016 election cycle. Many see his latest political push as informed by his faith in Clinton’s candidacy and fear of Donald Trump, the GOP nominee for President. Soros is enraged with Trump and has accused him of a number of things, including support for ISIS. Before his nomination, Soros camp feared the Republican Party nominee for president will reverse most of issues Soros cares about when he is elected the president.

Learn more: http://www.snopes.com/george-soros-ss-nazi-germany/

Soros has been a staunch supporter of immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reforms among other things. The support by Soros to Clinton and the Democratic Party was seen as a catalyst that would spur more donors and activists with deep pockets to chime in. The elite group donors who made their donations known include New York hedge funder Don Sussman, San Francisco environmentalist Tom Steyer, and media entrepreneurs, Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner. At the time, Tom Steyer had donated $31 million, Don Sussman $13.2 million and Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner had offered slightly over $11 million each.

An excerpt on Forbes magazine estimates Soros real time net worth as of March 2017 to be $25 billion. The brief profile reveals that Soros studied at the London School of Economics while working as a railway porter and waiter. He later moved to New York and soon headed to Wall Street. Armed with $12 million, Soros established his own hedge fund in 1969. In 1992, he famously shorted the UK pound and made $1 billion. The feat earned his the moniker, the man who broke the bank of England. George Soros remains an active trader and is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management (SFM) and the Open Society Foundations (OFS). The latter supports various philanthropic efforts from civil rights to democratic governance.

Expert Advice From UKV PLC Is Always Needed When Investing In Fine Wines

One of the most fashionable and successful new areas of investment for those looking to spread their funds into many different areas has recently been to discover the best opportunities available in buying fine wines.

UKV PLC are one of a long historical line of UK based vintners who have sought to bring the best in European wines to the people of the world; although the changing climate is seeing new areas of production become successful for many vineyards the traditional wine producing regions UKV PLC focuses on of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne still yield the best investment returns.

UKV PLC are always looking to offer their clients a personal service that will see them get the best possible deal when choosing to buy or sell wines through the small, but experienced team of wine experts. How to go about investing in wine is something UKV PLC will always help a client understand as the company looks to explain the top vineyards making the world’s most expensive and exclusive wines will often produce less than 15,000 cases of wine per year.

Working with UKV PLC provides an opportunity for a wine collector or investor to find the highest quality wine that can be purchased with a five year investment strategy often the norm; buying a particular wine as close to its release date as possible often yields the best results for an investor who will usually see an impressive return over the first five years of a wine’s life. UKV PLC will also look to make sure investors from across the planet have the chance to purchase wines with at least an understanding of the taxation system in the U.K. to minimize future payments. Purchasing a wine secured with a bond is a common practice UKV PLC can assist with to offset any taxes that may be payable when the investment wine is eventually sold.

Oncotarget’s Publication Requirements

Oncotarget is an online journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on a weekly basis. Initially, the journal accepted oncology papers. However, increased demand for inclusion of other fields saw them accept papers focusing on cell biology, neuroscience, cardiology, pharmacology and endocrinology among others. Timely, insightful and constructive peer-review helps editors to make decisions that aid authors to improve their work. Oncotarget’s reviewers are encouraged to notify the editorial team if they are not qualified in a given subject.

Editors and reviewers are not allowed to disclose or discuss any information about author’s manuscript. Such information should remain confidential, and if it should be used, one should obtain a written consent from the author. Reviewers are discouraged from personal criticism of author’s data. In addition, authors should not plagiarize or use manuscripts that have already been published on other journals. Editors and reviewers should disclose any conflicts of interest as it might influence the outcomes of their review. Moreover, reviewers and editors are prohibited from using any information in the author’s manuscripts for personal use. Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals

Before submitting a paper, authors should ensure that their work contains accurate, comprehensive and objective sufficient information. They should include all references and raw data to enable editors and reviewers to authenticate such information. They are only required to submit original work to avoid instances of copyright infringement, plagiarism, fabrication, defamation, and falsification. The list of authors in the manuscript should only include the names of those individuals who meet the journal’s authorship criteria. Authors are required to disclose to the editorial team about any conflicts of interest that might affect the outcomes of the paper. This information may include all details of funding sources.

Publications that were used during the research should be properly cited. Before using private information, which may be collected through interviews or correspondence, authors should seek for written permission from the sources. Before submitting their manuscripts, authors should go through the same to ensure that it fulfills Oncotarget’s publishing requirements. Lastly, in case authors realize an error in their work, they are advised to notify the editorial board in time to ensure that such misinformation is corrected or retracted. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.