Philanthropy Magazine’s Personal Interview With Betsy DeVos

Philanthropy Magazine had the chance to spend a few hours interviewing Betsy DeVos on a variety of subjects. However, they were most intrigued about speaking with her about her love of educational reform. For many years now, she has been at the forefront of this great movement in educational reform and has recently been appointed by the president as the United States Secretary of Education.


How She Got Into Education And Politics


Betsy’s love for both education and politics started back when she was enrolled in college. Right away she got involved in the politics on campus and has remained active in politics ever since. For the last 30 or more years, Mrs. DeVos has been at the forefront of many Republican party organizations, political action committees and a variety of other political and educational campaigns.


Solutions To Social Issues


In both politics and business, she has sought to pursue different unique and innovative solutions to many social problems. Currently, she serves as a chairperson of an organization which invests in manufacturing, technology and clean energy resources. This organization was founded with her husband back in 1989.


Her Bigger Successes In Life


The magazine decided to ask Betsy DeVos what her biggest and most beloved successes have been throughout her entire career up to this point. Her simple response was ‘Florida’. The state has a tax credit scholarship program. Because of this program, it has been able to enjoy the longest successful period of time for educational choice programs throughout the nation. Aside from Florida, Betsy also stated that she likes the changes taking place currently in Indiana and Louisiana. Both of these states recently passed new school voucher programs that could potentially serve up to one million students each year.


Secretary Of Education Meets With Rapper


In April, Betsy had visited a charter school for all girls in Washington with the first lady and the queen of Jordan. After this visit, she headed down to Florida. Over the course of a couple days, she visited many charter schools throughout the state. One of those charter schools included one that was opened by rapper Pitbull. He started his charter school in the city of Miami for the school voucher program. His commitment towards an expansion in school-choice programs mimics Betsy’s quite well. This visit to Florida was the third time Mrs. DeVos made the trip since being appointed the Secretary of Education.


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