Equities First Holdings: Fast Track to Success

French Tribune, one of the leading newspaper in Europe, has noticed the growth and success of Equities First Holdings. They acknowledged the Equities First Holdings as a dominant company in the world of finance. Only established in 2002, the company offers to lend to customers with publicly traded stocks as the security that comes with the transaction.

Given that the company only runs for less than two decades, Equities First Holdings was able to expand their office to different parts of the world. They have offices in the United Kingdom, China, Australia, United States of America, Sydney, Bangkok and Hong Kong. They are following an investment model that deals with the natural cycle of the market.

Based on French Tribune, Equities First Holdings is the only lending company that offers lowest interest rates on all of their loan products around the globe. They are also one of the very few companies that give a fixed interest rate so that the borrower can quickly pay their loans. Given that they have stocks as securities in the transaction, the borrower can leave his loan when he uses the stocks to clear his credit. With this, given that there are no fluctuations on interest rate and no stringent rules that implemented, Equities First Holdings helped the borrowers and the prospective ones to have a different view on loans and securities-based lending.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Take on Knee Replacement

Robert Reed kept active as an athlete for 25 years. Robert needed surgery because over time he developed arthritis in his knees. He found relief in a surgical technique called partial knee surfacing. The doctor that he turned to the perform the surgery, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, explains why partial knee surfacing would be be a great choice for some patients, why it would not be a good choice for others, and how it’s done.

This award winning, experienced, orthopedic surgeon has developed instruments for knee replacements. According to LinkedIn, not only does he have a sense of humor, but in my opinion, he is also to be taken seriously. As an expert, he has produced a DVD regarding knee replacement techniques for The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. I don’t why Robert chose him to perform his surgery, but with his amazing background, what’s not to consider?

Dr. Kirschenbaum comments, “A knee has three separate compartments, and if only one part of the knee is diseased, we have the opportunity to just replace that part of the knee. Instead of fully replacing it, I am able to simply resurface the end of the bone with metal on one side, and a high-density medical plastic on the other side and leave the rest of the knee completely intact and leave all the ligaments and all the rest of the person’s feeling in their knee as if it was their old knee.”

In others words, only the damaged part is replaced, not the whole knee as with traditional replacement surgery. Dr. Kirschenbaum recommends that this surgery would not be a good fit for patients who suffer from severe arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Patients that have osteoarthritis restricted to one area of the knee tend to be great candidates.

Learn more about his practice here:

Bronxcare Medical Center

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Larkin and Lacey Reveal What Really Happened to Joe Arpaio (It’s Not What You Think!)

Just a bit more than a decade ago, below the shade of night, Maricopa County Selective Enforcement members were knocking on two homes in the Greater Phoenix Area. The houses were owned by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

By the sanction of Joe Arpaio, the unit brought both of these two men down from their properties and jailed them under the proposition of disclosing information on a grand-jury assignment.

Both Larkin and Lacey were included in the Village Voice Media publication, the latter being the executive supervisor and the former its president. Earlier during the exact same day, they issued a piece on the probing of a grand jury in the Phoenix New Times. What Larkin and Lacey didn’t recognize at that time was that that exact grand jury was under investigation with them.

Arpaio had been aggravated by the increased reports of his more than aggressive law enforcement methods representing the Sheriff’s department ever since his placement into office on 1992. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Arpaio’s notorious Tent City and other various orders opposing inmates and women (particularly if they had status as immigrants), got brought up numerous times earlier with various publishments. Ever since Arpaio was in office, there were numerous cases where Arpaio was described on what was legally permissible and what was not.

United States District Judge Murray Snow in 2011 reported to the sheriff who was detaining immigrants because of suspicion that there aren’t enough grounds for imprisonment. Because there wasn’t evidence that the accused did or did not have correct status, it was contrary to constitutional law that they could keep that person. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/the-enduring-sins-of-joe-arpaio-michael-lacey-and-jim-larkin-speak-out-in-response-to-trumps-pardon-of-americas-worst-sheriff/ and http://frontpageconfidential.com/michael-lacey-jim-larkin-arpaio-frontera-fund-first-amendment/

Those kinds of examples were discussed behind closed doors many times prior to 2011. Ultimately, they progressed to the forefront as a lawsuit was made against Arpaio about a decade ago. The case exposed the situation faced by prisoners in Tent City, and due to that data, Mr. Arpaio faced charged of violating the rights of Mexicans and other minority groups.

Joe Arpaio stayed defiant to the charges and remained to do his service, urging his employees to keep racial profiling Latinos and switch over to the immigration department. Joe Arpaio went on with this practice for many years until the people outcrying on Arpaio’s misuses of power eventually caught the eye of the news.

Clay Siegall, the brains behind Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall, the brains behind Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is a graduate of the Maryland University and the George Washington University where he received a B.S in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Genetics respectively. Since then he has gone about to do great things in the medical field. He has authored a number of articles exceeding 70 and holds around fifteen patents.

Siegall’s career journey

Siegall began his career journey in 1988 working at the National Institute of health where he served until 1991. He then worked at the National Cancer Institute before moving to Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and later ventured into Seattle Genetics.

Siegall and the Seattle Genetics

In 1998, Clay Siegall launched Seattle Genetics. The idea of the company came from the five years in his youth that he watched his father suffer and eventually succumb to cancer. This brought him to the realization that the oncological industry lacked a lot when it came to tools. He made it a point to help develop the much-needed tools that would help save a lot of lives.

Seattle Genetics was launched with the aim of promoting drug development, scientific research and innovation as well. The main goal of the company is to help patients in a way that Siegall’s father wasn’t able to receive help.

Clay plays the role of Chief Executive Officer, President and member of Board of Directors in Seattle Genetics. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has become leading company when it comes to the development of ADCs. Seattle Genetics worked together with Takeda Pharmaceuticals in the development of ADCETRIS, an ADC that is FDA approved in more than 60 countries around the globe. The company has also received licensing for a number of ADC technologies that has earned the company close to 350 million dollars over the years of its running.

Siegall’s impeccable leadership has also led the company through financial prosperity by securing close to 1.2 billion dollars through private and public funding.


Siegall was named entrepreneur of the year in 2012 by Pacific Northwest and Ernst. He was also named alumnus of the year in 2013 by the Computer, Math and Natural Science departments of the Maryland University.

Sheldon Lavin Says Sustainability Is One Of OSI Industries’ Top Focuses

The food service industry has begun to take a more conservative approach on keeping the environment safe and investing in cleaner processing technology, and OSI Industries is no exception. OSI Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin mentioned how high a priority sustainability is in a statement on the company’s subsidiary Amick Farms website. He described it as focused on social responsibility, economic responsibility and environmental responsibility. Lavin has certainly taken care to see that the company has made their assembly lines and cutting areas safer to work in over the years, and their Flagship Europe plants were commended for that with the Globe of Honour award. He’s also added a Chief Sustainability Officer position to the executive committee which is currently held by Nicole Johnson-Hoffman.

OSI Industries has always been a privately-owned company since its founding in 1909, and Sheldon Lavin first came there over 40 years ago while it was still known as Otto & Sons. He had never before considered joining the food industry because his goals had always revolved around finance and investing as he had been a former investment banker and was now an independent consultant. Otto & Sons had come to him for assistance in managing their finances, and he had come on part-time. Lavin helped them receive their financing through a bank loan to build their first big factory, and it was at the completion of this that he decided to become involved full-time in the company.

Sheldon Lavin was working closely with Otto & Sons main partner McDonald’s and discussed how he could grow the company to keep up with their growing restaurant’s demands. And at their request, the owners of Otto & Sons made him a managing partner and later CEO and Chairman. He directed the opening of a factory in Germany, and that began the journey to building a $6 billion revenue company, and subsequently it became renamed as OSI Industries.

Sheldon Lavin certainly used the philosophy that guided him in banking to grow OSI to operating in 17 different countries today, yet he’s kept the company running like the family built company he knew when he first came there. He says the company makes sure every employee is taken good care of and that his office door remains open to their input. Lavin has sat on the boards and supported charities like the Jewish United Fund, Chicago Inner City Foundation and McDonald’s House Charities organization.

Stream Energy Formalizes Its Charitable Efforts

The Dallas-based energy sales company Stream Energy has made sure to give back to the community that has contributed to make their path in business such a success. Never before was this more evident than a year ago when Hurricane Harvey caused many Houston area neighborhoods to find themselves suddenly under water.

Stream sprung immediately into action, using proceeds from the business to be among the first organizations to help fund the recovery of the city of Houston and provide whatever relief possible for citizens affected by the storm.

The company recently launched ‘Stream Cares’ in an effort to organize and manage the aid the company plans to provide to the people of Texas and the country as a whole moving forward.

One particular causes that continue to be of particular interest to Stream Energy and its associates is the social plague of homelessness. Employees of the company have been known to track numbers and stats related to the homeless in Dallas and note that the city has seen a 24 percent rise in homelessness in recent years.

Stream Cares is expected to build on the relationship the company has already established with Hope Supply Co., a non-profit operating in Dallas that hosts an annual Splash For Hope event to benefit homeless children in the area. Stream and its employees recently covered the expenses for 1,000 children in the North Texas area to attend the Splash For Hope event that allows homeless children to enjoy themselves at a local waterpark.

Stream Cares also plans to provide support for Hope Supply Co. to continue their routine of donating school supplies, diapers, and clothing to homeless children in the area.

Stream Energy has also worked with Operation Once In A Lifetime to benefit U.S. service veterans and their families living in the Dallas area. The associate at Stream took a personal approach to this aid and wanted to meet the veteran they chose to help. The company and its associates provided transportation for these families to join them for lunch at a Texas-style restaurant that consisted of all the ribs, steaks, and burgers they could eat.

The company’s position on giving is summed up perfectly by senior event manager Kimberly Girard who explains that Stream Energy is a company with a heart and will continue to find new and creative ways to give back to the community.


Adam Milstein: Leading the Way on Charitable Fundraising

One of the leaders in pro-Israel American politics and society, Adam Milstein is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council in Los Angeles in 2007. Still a chairman of the board he has helped the organization expand to twelve different regions covering the United States.

He and his Gila are the founders of the Milstein Family Foundation, which helps connect Americans with Jewish heritage to their heritage and to Israel. Gila Milstein herself founded the organization Stand By Me, which is dedicated to helping Israeli-Americans battling cancer. The two spend much of their time helping various Jewish non-profits and charities operating by dedicating their knowledge and experience in a hands-on fashion quite freely.

With so many charities to help fund, Adam Milstein is trying to tackle the problem of keeping revenue flowing where it is needed. To this end he formed the Donor Forum. The Donor Forum seeks to help both non-profits and donors alike by allowing the charities to make quick, 15-minute presentations directly to the donors.

By promoting this direct interaction between donor and charity Adam Milstein allows both parties to interact and get to know one another, fostering a better sense of the trust in the people running the charity. It also helps cut down on the lengthy time most charities have to wait for their donations. Since it can take months or even years for promised charity funding to get where it needs, Adam Milstein wanted to “cut out the middle man” so to speak and allow donors to give directly to charities they want to support.

To be a member of the Donor Forum you must promise to give $10,000 a year to the charities that present to them. This makes sure that not only does the money go directly to the charity, but that there will be donations on a regular basis.

Presenters are selected by a committee that screens them to make sure they are doing what they say they are doing with donation money and then selects those presenter based on perceived need. If this method works more charities may adopt the process.

Dr. Mark Mckenna: Investing and Surviving

Raised around the medical practice of his doctor father, Dr. Mark Mckenna wanted to practice medicine since he was a child. He ended up attending Tulane University and getting his medical degree, working for five years at his fathers practice before leaving medicine for real estate investing.

Dr. Mark Mckenna began investing in real estate while still attending Tulane. He learned there that many of his conceptions of the medical field were incorrect. It was going to much more difficult to get a job in medicine than he thought it would be, and the pay was nowhere near where he thought it would be. To gain a second revenue stream he wanted to get into real estate. He moonlighted in a prison doing check-ups on inmates to gain the capital to begin investing. Forming Mckenna Venture Investing he began to build a real estate portfolio.

Dr. Mark Mckenna found he enjoyed real estate more than medicine and after five years working at his fathers practice he left to devote himself to real estate full time. Mckenna did quite well in real estate, earning over $500.000 a year from his $5 million portfolio. He enjoyed real estate, finding it rewarding and fascinating.

But when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Dr. Mark Mckenna was almost left broke. As with the majority of the city, his properties were mostly devastated in the disaster. Nearly wiped out himself, Mckenna decided to stay in the area and help rebuild by buying and fixing damaged properties and re-selling them. Things were looking up again after near-total disaster.

The looming housing market crash was still to come, but Mckenna saw it coming when he observed too many questionable mortgages being approved. Wanting to avoid another potential disaster, he divested from real estate and went back to medicine- as an investor.

Initially investing in ShapeMed, a clinic he helped turn into a network and then sold, Mckenna’s current venture is OVME. An online app for ordering Botox injections to your home, OVME seeks to streamline the Botox process for patient and doctor alike to the convenience of both.


Philanthropy Magazine’s Personal Interview With Betsy DeVos

Philanthropy Magazine had the chance to spend a few hours interviewing Betsy DeVos on a variety of subjects. However, they were most intrigued about speaking with her about her love of educational reform. For many years now, she has been at the forefront of this great movement in educational reform and has recently been appointed by the president as the United States Secretary of Education.


How She Got Into Education And Politics


Betsy’s love for both education and politics started back when she was enrolled in college. Right away she got involved in the politics on campus and has remained active in politics ever since. For the last 30 or more years, Mrs. DeVos has been at the forefront of many Republican party organizations, political action committees and a variety of other political and educational campaigns.


Solutions To Social Issues


In both politics and business, she has sought to pursue different unique and innovative solutions to many social problems. Currently, she serves as a chairperson of an organization which invests in manufacturing, technology and clean energy resources. This organization was founded with her husband back in 1989.


Her Bigger Successes In Life


The magazine decided to ask Betsy DeVos what her biggest and most beloved successes have been throughout her entire career up to this point. Her simple response was ‘Florida’. The state has a tax credit scholarship program. Because of this program, it has been able to enjoy the longest successful period of time for educational choice programs throughout the nation. Aside from Florida, Betsy also stated that she likes the changes taking place currently in Indiana and Louisiana. Both of these states recently passed new school voucher programs that could potentially serve up to one million students each year.


Secretary Of Education Meets With Rapper


In April, Betsy had visited a charter school for all girls in Washington with the first lady and the queen of Jordan. After this visit, she headed down to Florida. Over the course of a couple days, she visited many charter schools throughout the state. One of those charter schools included one that was opened by rapper Pitbull. He started his charter school in the city of Miami for the school voucher program. His commitment towards an expansion in school-choice programs mimics Betsy’s quite well. This visit to Florida was the third time Mrs. DeVos made the trip since being appointed the Secretary of Education.


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Sahm Adrangi and His Bold But Calculated Investments and Risks

Many factual, fair and accurate articles have already been written about Sahm Adrangi, the CIO as well as founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. However, it is the news article posted in BZ Weekly that many people found to be most interesting among them. It is in the feature that the recent market activity of assets and companies like Jone Lang Lasalle and Valueworks Llc is revealed.

The report also reveals that Sahm Adrangi has increased his shares in the stake for Jone Lang Lasalle Inc by about 160.19%, according to its latest 2018 reports. This is a strong indicator of how much there is in the arsenal of Sahm Adrangi in dealing with the volatility in the market. It is also a strong sign that Sahm Adrangi is confident in dealing with such risks, knowing that his stakes could amount to a lot of loss in case it doesn’t pan out.

It may also be useful to state here that the increased stakes of Sprint Corporation could also be a good indication that the market is good, even if that could also just be a random indicator that should be disregarded. It is also in the article that people learned how the uptrending of the assets in Jones Lang La Salle Incorporated could bring a lot of growth of assets of its investors. The article has also a lot of analysts that share how much there is to profit, tap or even benefit from the changes in the assets of such companies.

About Sahm Adrangi

It’s important to state here that Adrangi has already built a name for himself as a well-known investment banking expert, helping clients grow their assets and avoid risks. Under Adrangi’s guidance, many companies in the biotech, mining and telecommunications have received the great benefits of growing their companies and the opportunities to hedge themselves against big risks.

Through the Kerrisdale Capital Management that Adrangi has been developing since 2009, many investments that are long-term in nature have grown and have prospered in ways that have satisfied even the most demanding, discriminating investors in various stock markets.