TransUnion: Heather Russell Joins The Team as Chief Legal Officer

Heather Russell will report directly to Jim Peck, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer at TransUnion. He has made it very clear that he welcomes Heather to the team and that her experience in financial services will be an excellent addition to the leadership of the organization. TransUnion has over 30 locations within that are international such as Africa and Latin America and then also in the North America markets. The organization prides itself helping customers make smart decisions when it comes their credit and financial risks.

Heather Russell will have responsibilities in dealing with all of the government relations, consumer privacy functions and corporate compliance, this includes TransUnion’s subsidiaries as well. Her background shows a long career in financial services when she worked at Bank America as the Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel. Her Alma mater is from Washington College of Law with a JD degree and William & Mary College for her bachelors degree. She also worked at Skadden, Arps in Washington DC and the London office. Her role was handling mergers, acquisitions and corporate finance. At Fifth Third Bank she held multiple titles. She was Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary.

According to Bloomberg,Peck has mentioned that Russell will fit in with the team environment that TransUnion represents. TransUnion states that it strives to uncover stories and find trends in all of their data points. They strive to use this information to customers when it comes to using their products. TransUnion continues to build safer communities and help strengthen the economy worldwide.

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