Things We Can Learn From Luiz Carlos Trabuco

You have to use the opportunities you get in life wisely for them to work in your favor. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, fortunately, is one man that has mastered the secrets of being successful.

The sixty-six-year-old Brazilian national has built a life out of running Bradesco, one of the greatest financial institutions of all time. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, a banker by profession, has used his expertise in banking coupled with his God-given skills to build Bradesco from the ground up. It has not been easy but thanks to God, Trabuco’s efforts have prevailed.

Luiz’s journey to success is one that has gotten marked with a lot of uncertainties’, but Carlos has persevered and steered through all the obstacles that have come his way. For instance, Trabuco, while joining Bradesco in 1969 never began his career at the top. However, the rich man from Brazil worked his way to the top by ignoring the naysayers and doing what he does best.

It is amazing just how much a mere department director has worked his way to become the COO, CEO, managing director executive, executive vice president, and president in only a span of four decades. Surprising right? So, what are the highlights of Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s long and industrious career?

You need to understand that success begins with a vision. Trabuco, being a visionary man, has always wanted Bradesco to end up at the top of the mountain, and so he has invested all his resources towards realizing the goal.

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Carlos, before becoming the company manager, got always perturbed by the fact that the institution was not as profitable as it should have been. Therefore, his appointment as the manager came as a blessing in disguise since it gave Luiz Carlos Trabuco more than an opportunity of proving his worth.

Mr. Trabuco, through the years, has been able to make Bradesco an empire, a titan that controls both local and international markets. Luiz has been instrumental in the successes of Bradesco, by using his insights in helping the company yield a high equity turnover according to Additionally, Carlos has helped boost the corporation’s asset distribution, something that was never the case before his arrival at Bradesco.

Like I insinuated earlier, Trabuco is way past his prime years and so he has to give an equal opportunity to the young tucks. The current president of Bradesco, thanks to his advanced age, gets set to retire from his post to pave the way for Octavio de Lazari Junior come March 2018.

The young Lazari, with his arrival, will bring on board a lot of transformations to the institution all thanks to his experience in banking. Octavio is the best draft as the company’s president as insiders at Bradesco consider him to be the only one highly capable of boosting the organization’s profits, well after Trabuco. Ideally, Luiz has proven the naysayers wrong by turning ore into gold. Therefore, Carlos and Bradesco are one and the same as none can exist without the other.

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