Know How Passionate Jed McCaleb Is On Digital Connections

Most people are not remembered because of what they thought but because of what they did. People like Jed McCaleb can’t be forgotten because of their immense contribution to the financial and economic industry. He co-founded Stellar in 2014 with an intention to repair the financial infrastructure that had already been broken. He has human affairs deep in his heart and this makes Jed go extra miles to improve the quality of their lives. He believes that all people would have the best human conditions they desire if the resources are channeled to them in the right way. It has involved a lot of commitment and passion to bring Stellar into the blockchain technology.

Although he is still working on some other blockchain projects, according to Jed, his main focus is on Stellar. He wants to make sure that the cross-border remittances and payments are done more effectively and conveniently. It’s Slashdot, an online famous site that introduced Jed into the cryptocurrency industry. After he read an article on Bitcoin on this site, he developed a strong interest in cryptocurrency and gave it a deeper thought. He thought of how he could invent a better technology for Bitcoin exchange. This has helped many people believe that investing in Bitcoin is never a waste of time.

After spending some time in this industry, Jed founded the Development Foundation Stellar. This cryptocurrency network impressed him more than the other networks he had invented before. Based on Github, most people have a great interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, but they don’t have internet leveled payment protocols. This is what Jed thought of developing to make this business more sensible and profitable to those interested in it. He knows this business would be more lucrative if the payment networks were connected to different financial institutions.

Jed came up with Stellar idea as a non-profit benefit plan open to all people. This made many people trust the business and it gained more customers. Many customers are happy with an idea whose business model and governance doesn’t change often. He is known for the notorious crypto exchange, Mt. Gox, he founded. As an enthusiast of digital connections, Jed aims at coming up with an exceptional crypto-exchange system.

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