DANIEL TAUB- Models of Diplomacy

Daniel Taub is a diplomat, an international lawyer, and a writer. He has written much on Israel and the Middle East and has several articles that have featured in the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, The Times and Huffington Post. He is the author of Parasha Diplomatic, a strategic insights book on biblical texts.

Additionally, Daniel Taub created and wrote the script for an Israeli drama series, Hechatzer, which is aimed at doing away with the divisions between the secular and religious groups in Israel. Previously he has worked for President Chaim Herzog as his speechwriter. He is a writer and a lecturer of International law and negotiations theory.

Taub’s journey of being Israeli’s Diplomat started when he had just moved to Israel and was working as an intellectual property lawyer.

Having studied international law and negotiations theory, he decided to be part of the peace negotiations between Israel’s neighbors that had been suggested at the Madrid Peace conference held in the early 1990’s and so he took a leave and joined Israel’s foreign ministry. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub| Behance

Being Israeli’s ambassador to the UK, Taub makes his days productive by focusing on his six areas of activity that include: Academic Cooperation, business and tech cooperation for example the startup competition called Dragon’s Den style that was in conjunction with Google and Facebook, Jewish and other faith communities whereby he taught church leaders biblical Hebrew and held feasts like joint Moslem-Jewish Iftar, political dialogue, media and public diplomacy and security and intelligence sharing.

He ensures he balances the six and from each, he identifies unexplored areas and reaches out to them.

Taub states that it is his curious habit that makes him a productive diplomat in that the people he meets appreciate when he is genuinely interested in them and their passions.

He advises on two diplomatic techniques: First is working in the realm of possibility in that people should invest their time and effort where there is a possibility of progress.

Secondly is being an active listener such that allowing people to speak their mind out gives room for them to take in yours. For management advice, Taub advocates for investing time to get the right people to work with and develop them. Identifying one’s weak areas and getting people to fill the gap.

Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://ideamensch.com/daniel-taub/ and https://ideamensch.com/daniel-taub/

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