The Fight to End Citizens United

     Back in 2010 The Supreme Court made one of the worst decisions that has had a lasting effect on campaign financing thus effecting American elections. The court case Citizens United vs F.E.C. has created the legal basis that “corporations are people.” The case created a major tsunami for special interest and billionaires to spend whatever amount of untraceable money in America’s federal, state, and local elections. The result has created no transparency in America’s election process. People like the Koch brothers along with big money corporations are trying to use their unlimited financial resources to tilt the balance of political power with candidates that favor their political agenda.

With the 2018 mid-term elections approaching groups such as End Citizens United 2018 headquartered in Washington, D.C. with President and Executive Director Tiffany Mueller are providing the opposition needed to offset people like the Koch Brothers. End Citizens United 2018 is fighting back against big-money corporations and the Koch Brothers. Created March 1st, 2015, End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that receives it funding from gross-roots donations. End Citizens is determine to counteract the terrible effects from the Supreme Court 2010 decision that made way for Citizens United to change campaign finance. As of March 2016 End Citizens has raised over 11 million dollars. End Citizens has also as of October 2017 announced a list of U.S. Senatorial and U.S. House Candidates. The endorsements are for the 2018 midterms. Candidates such as Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, Hawaii Senator Mazie Hiron, House Reps Barbara Lee of California, Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Eric Swalwell of California, Vicente Gonzalez of Texas along with a host of other candidates that agree with the mission of End Citizens.

End Citizens felt it was important to endorse this list of candidates because these candidate are fighting daily against mega-donors and special-interest who continue to buy corrupt politicians. For the 2018 mid-terms End Citizens has an aimed at beating what they term, “The Big Money 20.” Unethical politicians such as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Nevada Senator Dean Heller, Illinois Rep Peter Roskam, and many others whose continue to take dark-money and work against the will of the American people.

To defeat “The Big Money 20” End Citizens in 2018 will raise and spend $35 million in 2018. Hopefully with continue hard work, fundraising, and educating the public End Citizens will reach the goal of getting big money out of the America election process.

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