AIA Equips Architects

     The American Institute of Architects is based within the United States of America. This prestigious organization is ran by Robert Ivy and has been for the last seven years. Robert Ivy began working for the American Institute of architects as the chief vice president. However, when the new list chief executive officer stepped down, Robert Ivy was a clear pick to be his successor. He believes that the job of the American Institute of architects is to prepare the profession to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

Robert Ivy obtained a Masters degree in the field of architecture from Tulane University. He would eat immediately graduate from Tulane University and secure a vice president job at the McGraw-Hill construction company. He would also work as the chief editor at the Architectural Record. Underneath his leadership, he ensured that this company would advocate for the political and environmental issues today the face the field of architecture.

In order to prepare architects for the challenges that this century brings he discussed the various techniques and strategies that one could use to prepare themselves for sustainability and creativity. Because of his application for these two things he has received nearly 30 Jesse H Neal awards.

Robert Ivy began changing the American Institute of architects the moment he became the CEO. He began by announcing at the Clinton Foundation that everybody at the American Institute of architects were committed to dedicating themselves to promoting change over the next decade. This initiative was referred to by the American Institute of architects as the decade of design. This decade of design would push the American Institute of architects to continue over the next 10 years to develop solutions that could be used to help architects plan their buildings for environmental sustainability, resiliency, and public health.

This announcement was received with a standing ovation as many people in that room believe in these same things. The American Institute of architects has designed the push these goals for some time. Since architecture has a direct impact on both human lives and the environment it would be wise for them to find a way to combine the needs for each of these entities.

In order to spread this vision of change, Robert Ivy has begun touring America and speaking on the issues of climate change and public health. He hopes that one day architects will buy in.

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