The Enchanting Life Of Doe Deere As The Queen Of Unicorns

No name could be better suited to Doe Deere than the Unicorn Queen. He life began in Russia, took her to New York City as a fashion designer and resulted in her launch of Lime Crime to bring her unique and bright colors to life. Doe Deere is a trendsetter, an inspiration and one of the first female entrepreneurs to attain success. She has dedicated her life to the creation of colorful, bold, vegan, certified and cruelty free cosmetics. Her many followers are aptly called her unicorns.


When Doe Deere was still designing her clothing line she wanted just the right makeup to compliment her designs. When she discovered the colors she desired were simply not available she decided to create her own line of cosmetics. She based her line on two of the biggest loves of her life, colorful makeup and fairy tales. She wanted her line to be fun and chose the unicorn as her mascot to represent kindness to animals, compassion, rare beauty and individuality. As a representation of creativity the only color that would suffice was purple.


When Doe Deere created Lime Crime in 2008 the cosmetics were magical, inspirational, vegan and cruelty free. At this time her collection included glitter, eye shadows, fine brushes, blush and primers. The company has grown substantially since then and her cosmetics are available internationally as well as within the United States. Her products began to gain popularity through online makeup tutorials and as Doe Deere says the rest is history.


The time Doe Deere spent in the fashion industry taught her about the way trends flow and the best way to apply these trends to marketing. Once she began creating her own makeup line she knew she was home. Her passion for makeup inspires her line while filling a need among consumers. Doe Deere truly believes her job is the best anywhere in the world. She enjoys teaching her unicorns how to use her makeup to their best advantage, hosting online contests and is ecstatic with her fan base of three million followers.


Doe Deere generates a lot of new business through referrals. She also takes both the critical and positive feedback she receives very seriously. This has helped in the growth of Lime Crime. By listening to what she is told she gains an understanding of what people want. She responds to her social media and advertising campaigns to remain connected to her followers. Doe Deere spoke at the Stardust Tour at the PHAMExpo because she believes it is important to express herself on topics close to her heart. She felt as a female entrepuneur this was especially important.


The moment in Doe Deer’s career she found the most satisfying was when she was able to give support to her favorite charities. She strongly believes in helping children, animals and women. She was grateful when she was in a position where she could start making a difference. She currently supports many charities including the Red Cross, the Bideawee animal shelter and Girls Inc.


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