AIA Equips Architects

     The American Institute of Architects is based within the United States of America. This prestigious organization is ran by Robert Ivy and has been for the last seven years. Robert Ivy began working for the American Institute of architects as the chief vice president. However, when the new list chief executive officer stepped down, Robert Ivy was a clear pick to be his successor. He believes that the job of the American Institute of architects is to prepare the profession to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

Robert Ivy obtained a Masters degree in the field of architecture from Tulane University. He would eat immediately graduate from Tulane University and secure a vice president job at the McGraw-Hill construction company. He would also work as the chief editor at the Architectural Record. Underneath his leadership, he ensured that this company would advocate for the political and environmental issues today the face the field of architecture.

In order to prepare architects for the challenges that this century brings he discussed the various techniques and strategies that one could use to prepare themselves for sustainability and creativity. Because of his application for these two things he has received nearly 30 Jesse H Neal awards.

Robert Ivy began changing the American Institute of architects the moment he became the CEO. He began by announcing at the Clinton Foundation that everybody at the American Institute of architects were committed to dedicating themselves to promoting change over the next decade. This initiative was referred to by the American Institute of architects as the decade of design. This decade of design would push the American Institute of architects to continue over the next 10 years to develop solutions that could be used to help architects plan their buildings for environmental sustainability, resiliency, and public health.

This announcement was received with a standing ovation as many people in that room believe in these same things. The American Institute of architects has designed the push these goals for some time. Since architecture has a direct impact on both human lives and the environment it would be wise for them to find a way to combine the needs for each of these entities.

In order to spread this vision of change, Robert Ivy has begun touring America and speaking on the issues of climate change and public health. He hopes that one day architects will buy in.

Alex Pall brief journey as an artist

The Chainsmokers is DJ and production duo consisting Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two have lately experienced remarkable audience since their first live performance in 2014. In an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig of interview magazine, the duo extensively gives an account of their lives before they met and their artistic journey together. It appears that both had a passion for DJing even before they met. With time, Alex Pall developed a passion for dance music, and he thought it would be worth it if he tried focusing it. So, he quit his job after meeting with Drew (a producer) and moved down from Maine. It then that Alex met Andrew. It was love at first sight. Their shared interest, determination, hard and passion propelled them to be better each day.

Competing in the industry is demanding. Alex states that competition in the industry is stiff, and hence they have to keep learning and trying new things to stay interesting and engaged. To them, this was more than a thing that pays their bills. In the recent past, people have started relating to their music. This is the motivating factor that makes them want more and more.

Alex acknowledges that they collaborate with songwriters in writing their songs. The growing popularity has fueled the demand for an album. However, he feels that there is no need to have 10-12 songs that do not relate. About Hasley, he describes her as an incredible and unique artist that he would always love to work with. She has a strong voice and real.

Pall appreciates the role of social media in getting feedback from their fans, which is exciting and encouraging for them. He is particularly happy that people of different diversities are developing an emotional connection with their songs. The song “#Selfie” has put them on the world map and he feels there is a need to be dynamic in their live show and giving their audience a whole new experience.

For a start, the song “closer” will change how the show works.

The Oxford Club: An Exceptional Investment Club

Oxford Club is a global and private network of entrepreneurs and investors. This network uses uncommon, time-tested principles, and investment strategies to overcome the stock market and outdo the average returns in various multiple assets. The recommendations cover the bonds, equities, options, real estate, funds, currencies, and precious metals. The mission of Oxford Club is to enable members to create long-lasting wealth and enjoy their lives beyond the riches of money. A team of executive leaders who have extraordinary talents and abilities in editorial, publishing, research, operations, customer services, sales, and marketing are behind the success of Oxford Club. The chief executive officer of the club is Julia Guth. Their strategy of employment is picking the best experts in matters regarding stocks & private equity, asset classes’ authorities, bonds & dividends, buying of cryptocurrencies, and trading options.

Digging into the history of the organization, Oxford Club started in 1989 as a passport club where the name changed to its current in 1991. It began as a small networking company whose goals were to form a private financial club that comprised of investors with unique business opportunities in the United States and the entire world. Today, the company has achieved three levels of membership. The first one is premier membership level whose members have subscribed to the paid publications in the club. It is the primary level. The second level is the director’s circle membership that consists of lifelong members. This level has investors who are fully committed to the club and enables other members to receive the newsletters for the Oxford Club. The last level is the chairman’s circle membership which is the highest of all the levels and comes with major benefits. They are able to access unique club features especially from the website and have free and unlimited access to the publications of the club.

Oxford Club has three major newsletters, a dozen of trading services, and three daily e-letters. The services at Oxford Club takes care of every investor from the most experienced to the least in the team. Members have the privilege to access the publications and the trading services in line with their level of membership in the club. The club boasts in its ability to share trending ideas that are worth investing.

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The Enchanting Life Of Doe Deere As The Queen Of Unicorns

No name could be better suited to Doe Deere than the Unicorn Queen. He life began in Russia, took her to New York City as a fashion designer and resulted in her launch of Lime Crime to bring her unique and bright colors to life. Doe Deere is a trendsetter, an inspiration and one of the first female entrepreneurs to attain success. She has dedicated her life to the creation of colorful, bold, vegan, certified and cruelty free cosmetics. Her many followers are aptly called her unicorns.


When Doe Deere was still designing her clothing line she wanted just the right makeup to compliment her designs. When she discovered the colors she desired were simply not available she decided to create her own line of cosmetics. She based her line on two of the biggest loves of her life, colorful makeup and fairy tales. She wanted her line to be fun and chose the unicorn as her mascot to represent kindness to animals, compassion, rare beauty and individuality. As a representation of creativity the only color that would suffice was purple.


When Doe Deere created Lime Crime in 2008 the cosmetics were magical, inspirational, vegan and cruelty free. At this time her collection included glitter, eye shadows, fine brushes, blush and primers. The company has grown substantially since then and her cosmetics are available internationally as well as within the United States. Her products began to gain popularity through online makeup tutorials and as Doe Deere says the rest is history.


The time Doe Deere spent in the fashion industry taught her about the way trends flow and the best way to apply these trends to marketing. Once she began creating her own makeup line she knew she was home. Her passion for makeup inspires her line while filling a need among consumers. Doe Deere truly believes her job is the best anywhere in the world. She enjoys teaching her unicorns how to use her makeup to their best advantage, hosting online contests and is ecstatic with her fan base of three million followers.


Doe Deere generates a lot of new business through referrals. She also takes both the critical and positive feedback she receives very seriously. This has helped in the growth of Lime Crime. By listening to what she is told she gains an understanding of what people want. She responds to her social media and advertising campaigns to remain connected to her followers. Doe Deere spoke at the Stardust Tour at the PHAMExpo because she believes it is important to express herself on topics close to her heart. She felt as a female entrepuneur this was especially important.


The moment in Doe Deer’s career she found the most satisfying was when she was able to give support to her favorite charities. She strongly believes in helping children, animals and women. She was grateful when she was in a position where she could start making a difference. She currently supports many charities including the Red Cross, the Bideawee animal shelter and Girls Inc.


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The Oxford Club Propels the Success of Their Members as They Invest

The Oxford Club goes the extra mile for its members with their exhaustive research which enables them to produce outstanding investment and trading products. Their monthly newsletters and trading services are packed with market insights culled together by experts with deep analytical skills. The emerging trends that they focus on help members get into excellent investment vehicles early.

The investment philosophy that is practiced by The Oxford Club is characterized by a reliance on networking and intense research to find trends ready to pop higher. Many outstanding opportunities arise out of professional relationships that give unique insights into various market sectors. Additionally, digging deep into financial stories can pinpoint those areas which contain the most promise.

The Oxford Club is a growing, private network of investors who are imbued with a spirit of entrepreneurialism. They now have more than 157,000 members around the world who are found in 131 countries. They all pull in the same direction and strive for financial freedom which can bring about a fuller life that isn’t only about money. The chance to shift one’s focus to family, community, and faith for those who are so inclined can be a significant addition to one’s life.

The monthly newsletters of The Oxford Club contain an excellent range of market coverage with outstanding research and analysis filled with trading possibilities. There are three of them and they help members construct winning portfolios in line with their particular investment goals. For example, The Oxford Income Letter contains timely information about the very best dividend stocks and when to purchase them.

There are 12 trading services offered by The Oxford Club and each of them spotlight market niches that provide unique opportunities. An example of this would be the trading service that delves deep into options and how to profit from them.

Memberships are available in three different categories beginning with the Premier membership. This is a subscription to one of their newsletters and is renewed annually. The Director’s Circle provides more resources as it gives access to all three newsletters for a lifetime. The Chairman’s Circle is the most comprehensive level and it gives access to all publications and special website features for a lifetime.

Avaaz Brings New Ideas to the Business World

Since Avaaz first started, they’ve been shaking things up in the business world. They know people need to change and new opportunities need to happen so they can help others. The industry is different for Avaaz because they want to help people through different ventures. They aren’t concerned much about making money or trying to do things the right way other organizations do. Instead, they focus on how they can help people and what others need to do to make sure their lives will get better. They make a point of always giving people what they need no matter how hard it might be. For years, people struggled with the opportunities they needed. In fact, many people didn’t even know they had the rights they did.

They had to fight for them, but Avaaz wanted to end that. Instead, they chose to fight for those rights instead.People could try different things on their own, but they’d never be as successful as Avaaz was in getting things taken care of. The company tries to always use their power as an organization to fight for good. They want people to enjoy their lives and without rights, they can’t do that. They also can’t make things easier on themselves so Avaaz does it for them. Even though there are times where people must fight on their own, Avaaz is always there to back them up. They want things to get better so they can help others. They also want to grow their organization. The bigger Avaaz gets, the more people they can reach.

They’ve spent a long time trying to help people and that’s the point of their business. No matter what they do, they’ll promise to help everyone who needs it. They support humans, animals and the rights of both.For Avaaz to keep helping people, they must prepare to give the community what it needs. It can sometimes be difficult for people to experience everything they need to, but Avaaz knows how important it is. They have spent a long time trying to give attention where others need it. The industry continues to grow and people continue seeing how well Avaaz is doing. They support all different missions for human rights and that’s how they know what they need to do. They plan to give opportunity where people need it the most so others don’t have to struggle to get the same help they have.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Continue the War on Arpaio

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, founders and former owners of independent rag Phoenix New Times, have some choice words to say about Trump’s pardon of Arpaio. The editorial duo kept, “America’s Toughest Sheriff” honest for the entire breadth of his tenure, exposing numerous scandals and shedding light on his unflattering treatment of the Latino community.

In the wake of his recent pardon, which equaled zero actual confinement time, many feel outraged and cheated. For Larkin and Lacey, it is but the beginning of a new chapter in and ever-continuing saga of discord. For those unfamiliar what follows is a brief history.

In 1970 college dropout Michael Lacey printed the foundational issue of the Phoenix New Times. The independent weekly starts rough but soon gains a readership.

Jim Larkin joins as head of advertising and the paper cements itself as a viable independent news source. In 1983 the paper purchases Denver weekly Westword beginning its trek to become a multi-million dollar conglomerate Village Voice Medea, with Larkin as CEO and Lacey has chief editor. In 1992 Sheriff Joe is elected to the first of four terms and the fun begins.

Lacey formed the New Times out of anger over the Kent State killings, so he was none to impressed with Arpaio and his overpublicized reform campaign. Under Larkin and Lacey’s stewardship the New Times begins to dog Arpaio, exposing numerous scandals, and peppering the clean face of his legacy with the acne of corruption.

The sheriff who many have referred to as a, “Media whore” is not too happy with the negative attention and begins singling the paper out. Arpaio bans New Times reporters from press conferences, and even goes as far as to get subpoenas to investigate the paper.

On October 18, 2007, the saga hits its climax with the arrest and incarceration of Larkin and Lacey.

The arrests came in response to the duo printing a full copy of one of the subpoenas under their byline. Their incarceration creates much outrage and the duo is released within the next 24 hours. 2007 also contained the beginning of the Melendres vs. Arpaio wherein the Sheriff was finally indicted for criminal contempt of court. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

At present Larkin and Lacey operate the Frontera Fund. An organization supporting Latino communities, and advocating migrant rights organizations, by using proceeds from the lawsuit the duo leveraged against Maricopa County for their arrests.

Although they sold Village Voice media back in 2012 they have ever been absent from the news world. This year Lacey and Larkin will return to the news front with a new website called Front Page Confidential.

Perfect timing considering the pardoned Arpaio is running for Senate. Although the law may not have held him accountable, Larking and Lacey most assuredly will. Whatever happens, the saga is set to continue with more veracity than ever. This time, however, Arpaio will not be able to arrest them.

The Life and Career of Ronald Fowlkes, Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Limited

While a lot has been said about Ronald Fowlkes, little has been written to expound on his successful career and ability to deal with employees not only as a manager but also a team player. In this article, we shall highlight Ronald’s career, businesses, and charity work.


The Background Information


Mr. Fowlkes is the business development manager at Eagle Industries Unlimited. This company provides security services to multiple companies that require consultancy services regarding deployment and strategies. Because of Ronald’s vast experience in the background, he is able to coordinate the company’s management. Moreover, he focuses on training and educating clients on the value of maintaining safety as a precaution at work. Of course, with the surplus knowledge he acquired from his past work experiences, Fowlkes has been able to register excellent results.


Member of the Marine Corps


Having worked at the Marine Corps immediately he was of age, Ronald Fowlkes garnered vast experience as a trainer. He also worked at the Department of Defense and acquired a plethora of background information regarding the right channel to follow in matters of law enforcement.


Law Enforcement


Also, having worked for the law enforcement department, Ronald Fowlkes equipped himself with the necessary skills of management required in law enforcement firms. With the 13 years’ experience in this industry, he managed to gain competitive skills.




Because of the same experience he garnered in the law enforcement industry, Ronald Fowlkes was trusted to serve at St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. He worked for ten years and later moved to the county department for three years.




Aside from that, Fowlkes was a dedicated team leader at SWAT. His responsibilities covered the tactical rifle work, shoot house training as well as defensive tactics. In his service at Urban Warfare Tactics, he learned high-risk entries in order to handle barricade assignments as well as subjects.


It is evident that Ronald Fowlkes is an adamant believer in team leadership. That is why in his capacity as the business development manager of Eagle Industries Unlimited, he has been able to incorporate different working ideas for the betterment of employees and other team leaders.


Additional Information


Mr. Fowlkes has crafted the art of coordinating activities with various professionals in different departments. He is well versed in the military department services and commits to demonstrating his capabilities in multiple jurisdictions. Aside from that, Fowlkes understands that for a business to excel, all departments must contribute to its growth. For that reason, he has been a dedicated leader, always pushing for the creation of competent policies in organizations.




Conclusively, his experience extends to First Spears Product Development where he has also been instrumental in team building.