Dr. Saad Says the Sustainable Solution is Always in Research

Dr. Saad was not meant to become a doctor when he first thought about a career. He was slated to become an engineer like some of his brothers. The Palestinian-born medic comes from a family of rich educational achievements. There are three surgeons, two masters’ degree holders in engineering, a teacher, and two Ph.D. holders. Dr. Saad qualified to practice medicine from Cairo University some 47 years ago. Dr. Saad was a top student in his class; he came second best in his group. He is said to have excelled in all the subjects that he studied. Dr. Saad moved to the US after he completed his internship program. He was later certified as a pediatric surgeon. He is also a family man. He is married with four children. His children also became studious. They are spread in various professional careers now in adulthood.



Achievements by Dr. Saad



Dr. Saad is credited with several patents including a couple of inventions. He is also the brains behind several surgical procedures followed in major hospitals across the globe. Dr. Saad has been involved in many surgical operations on infant children and teenagers. He has been widely successful in his practice. Dr. Saad also gives back to society. He is especially keen on helping children from poor backgrounds gain medical services. In Jerusalem, Dr. Saad has organized eight medical missions to treat poor children and conduct complex operations. Dr. Saad served as the Chief Surgeon at K Hovnanian Children Hospital, where he was also a co-Director.



An Interview



Dr. Saad was recently interviewed regarding his practice and medicine in general.He says that he first thought he would be an engineer before he changed his mind to become a doctor. He notes that the hot weather in Kuwait discouraged him from engineering. He says he sympathized with his engineer brother who frequently had to work in the hot sun. He preferred an occupation where he could use an air-con indoors.



In the interview, he was asked if there was anyone who inspired him in the pursuit of his career. Dr. Saad mentions Dr. H Biemann as his mentor. He believes that Dr. is the best pediatrician in America. He notes that the Dr. Biemann taught him how to be kind, hardworking and honest in his work and to the children he met and attended; irrespective of their background, physical ability, race or religion. When asked what development in the medical field excites him the most, he quickly says that he is especially excited at how our understanding of cancer and preventing it and other ailments are affected by genetics.



Need for Research



Dr. Saad insists on research as the only way to find lasting solutions to medical problems. He says that’s how his ideas come to life. He says that being organized helps him to be efficient despite his busy schedule. Dr. Saad concludes the interview by noting that it is only God who knows the fate of humans. Learn more: http://blogwebpedia.com/life-lessons-dr-saad-saad-pediatric-surgeon.html#.Wpbw3YJMFTY


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