Hussain Sajwani’s keen Eye on Business Leads to the Success of DAMAC

Hussain Sajwani is a well-renowned businessman worldwide. Currently, he is serving as the Chairman, chief executive officer as well as the Founder of DAMAC. As successful as Hussain Sajwani is right now, he is a man who came from a very humble background. This context will mainly revolve around his education, career, and anything relating to his success story.


Background Check

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1954. He emerged from a humble background. His family by that time could be classified as middle class and conservative individuals who were also very hard-working individuals. Hussain Sajwani’s father owned a shop where he used to sell pens and watches. His father was a determined fellow who even spent some days away from his family to operate his small shop for long hours to maximize his earnings. In turn, Hussain Sajwani’s mother used to sell fabrics as well as other household goods.


Hussain Sajwani was an ambitious fellow. His father wanted him to operate the family business, but as determined as Hussain Sajwani was, he decided to get a formal education. In his pursuit of formal education, he was able to attend a medical college in Bagdad through a government scholarship, but he never completed his studies at the college.


At a young an tender age, Hussain Sajwani used to spend time at his father’s shop. While at the shop, he was able to relate to the fact running a business at times proves to be quite a hurdle. Perhaps this harsh reality made Hussain Sajwani desist from following in his father’s footsteps. Instead, Hussain Sajwani felt that he had a calling within him and he had the desire to delve into entrepreneurship.


Hussain Sajwani’s present role in DAMAC Group

DAMAC Group is a real estate company was founded in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani. The company deals in leisure, residential and commercial properties in Dubai and the Middle East. The company’s headquarters are in Dubai. Currently, Hussain Sajwani serves as the Chairman and chief executive officer of DAMAC Group.


Hussain Sajwani has been able to develop a keen eye for business over the years. While founding DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani took advantage of the fact that the government had offered a decree that foreigners could own property in Dubai. Since necessity had presented itself, Hussain Sajwani salvaged the opportunity that had presented itself. Since the foreigners were eager to own property in Dubai, DAMAC was able to start selling units even before their first residential unit was complete.



Hussain Sajwani’s emergence from a humble background somehow enabled him to see the reality of life. Although Hussain’s father wanted him to follow in his footspets, Hussain Sajwani already had a dream of his own. By being observant enough, Hussain Sajwani knew that he did not want to struggle as his father did. Instead, he had the dream of pursuing formal education and delving into entrepreneurship. As determined as he was, Hussain Sajwani was able to pursue formal education. Moreover, he was able to indulge in the world of entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, he is presently proud to be the Founder, Chairman, and chief executive officer of DAMAC Group.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Formation of AYKON Plaza

DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has outdone himself with the formation of Akon Plaza’s second skyrise. The elegantly structured tower overlooks the Dubai Canal and consists of over 49 floors. This development endeavor takes up 1.7 million square feet and is constructed to deliver exuberant entertainment and social life activities. The massive cosmopolitan like infrastructure includes unimaginable amenities such as fine dining, a beach club, cafes, spa, swimming pools, and upscale exercise areas. Space also includes a posh recreational locale called The Club.


The revolutionary development has brought absolute dazzle and appeal to the thriving Dubai waterway area. Emirati native and DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani, pursued daring heights with the advent of AYKON Plaza. The monumental development will consist of six statuesque high-rises, all stationed over the canal. DAMAC Properties, the Middle Eastern leader in real estate development and investment, integrates a different approach with high rise communities. The groundbreaker brings classic elegance and architecture to exotic spaces, forming the unimaginable in luxury assets. DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani looks to high-end fashion icons with unmatched interior stylings for his dwellings. He has solicited internationally branded giants such as Versace Home, Bugatti, and Fendi Casa and Just Cavalli.


Mr. Sajwani created DAMAC Properties in 2002 after successfully investing in a residential building in Dubai. He quickly became one of the industry trailblazers of Dubai’s property market growth. The leader is renown for his structural creations, as he was ranked number fifteen on Hotelier Power 50 and was awarded Property CEO of the Year as of recent. In addition, he was recognized by the Arabian Business Achievement Awards in 2017 as one of the Middle East’s Future Stars. DAMAC owner, Mr. Sajwani has taken on a magnificent prowess and achievement with the introduction of shaping his second tower in much sought after AYKON Plaza.

Jed McCaleb Talks About The Future Of Blockchain Technology

Jed McCaleb is an entrepreneur who was one of the pioneers of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency bitcoin which is based on it. He created Mt. Gox which was the first place that people could buy and sell bitcoin to others. He is now working on a different cryptocurrency called Stellar. He co-founded Stellar Development Foundation in 2014. He has said that in his opinion blockchain is going to create a universal payments network that anyone can use.

At Stellar, Jed McCaleb is the chief technology officer. He is designing a network which will allow people to use Stellar to make cross-border payments. He thinks that cryptocurrencies are just getting their start and blockchain technology will be used in the future for other financial transactions, such as the stock market. He says the advantage of blockchain is that it involves a public ledger that everyone can see for themselves. Blockchains can’t be arbitrarily changed by anyone and he thinks that in the future nation’s currencies will be based on it including the EU’s euro and the American dollar.

Jed McCaleb says that, unlike bitcoin, Stellar transactions are very fast. He has the transaction settlement times down to five seconds or less. Bitcoin transactions take far longer than that to the point where it’s not all that useful in the real world. Stellar also lets people quickly and easily exchange Stellar cryptocurrency to government-backed currency.

When talking about stocks and other equities, Jed McCaleb says that it would come as no surprise to him if within a decade they are based on blockchain technology. He says this would likely necessitate taking a decentralized exchanges approach as any centrally controlled exchange would likely be overloaded.

It was in 2011 that Jed McCaleb decided to sell Mt. Gox to someone else in the cryptocurrency industry, Mark Karpeles. It was long after he had sold this exchange that it was hacked and had millions stolen from it resulting in its bankruptcy. Meanwhile, as of the end of 2017 Stellar is one of the 10 biggest cryptocurrencies in the world.

The Illustrious Career of Joel Friant

Joel Friant is a versatile businessman and a fan of the free market with a liking for home-based ventures, product making, and success training. He is a fanatic of helping others achieve their goals while surpassing their expectations in their personal lives as well as in their professions.


Joel Friant started his entrepreneurial journey remodeling homes as well as serving as a real estate sales agent. In 1995, Joel entered the hospitality industry creating the first fast food joint with a Thailand concept in America; he even called himself the Thai Guy. It was during this period of trying new staff that Joel began experimenting with Habanero Chile Pepper. Soon after, he launched and started selling the first batch of The Habanero Shaker.


Joel Friant’s Habanero Shaker became so popular that he began distributing to grocery stores in Washington State. While at it, his real estate venture was also picking up. He began rehabilitating and selling houses, and foreclosure buying. All along, Joel Friant was learning the ways to maneuver in the industry; he was gaining more knowledge and experience in the mortgage business. He was helping his friends and others become homeowners. Joel became so good that he was the top sales guy in the office and consequently he opened another new venture specializing in mortgage lending.


In 2008, the American financial markets came crumbling down, and Joel Friant was among those affected. After the crisis, he began researching on why in life there are winners and losers and created his phenomenon called The Income Thermostat. Joel drew his inspiration from the early works of authors Wallace Wattles and Maxwell Maltz. In the beginning, Joel taught his concepts to those who would listen, but to date, he has published many successful articles and taught thousands of people attending seminars.


Being an adaptable entrepreneur has enabled Joel Friant to succeed in different types of businesses. In 2012, he began selling and distributing his Habanero Shaker on Amazon and eBay achieving high profits. Shortly after, Joel realized the sudden emergence of crypto-currencies and bitcoins. He started attending meetings and sharing podiums with other business leaders to learn more about the unexpected trend. Today, he is among the top crypto-currency experts in the world.

AvaTrade: A Review of a Company On the Cutting Edge of Trading

AvaTrade was established in 2006, but don’t let the date fool you. AvaTrade is on the cutting edge of trading platforms. They specialize on trading commodities, equities, as well as Bitcoin. In the short amount of time since 2006 they have expanded to over 200,000 accounts across the globe while trading over $2 million dollars in transactions on a monthly basis. They boast an impressive 4.6 star rating on

If trading Bitcoin is something you are interested in, AvaTrade has you covered. They were one of the first Forex and CFD brokers to offer the service to trade Bitcoin as early as 2013. Having been one of the first companies to offer the trading they have had time to ensure they are knowledgeable and well versed in Bitcoin to help make sure you are confident and have the knowledge needed to trade confidentially. Also included is an impressive offering of over 250 financial instruments within their trading platform available to help you with all the tools you need for success.

At they allow you to learn from the best by being committed to providing educational materials as well as continuing to teach and train traders about the markets and the trading world as a whole. They hold the belief that education and enrichment of their traders is a crucial part of allowing their customers to trade with the confidence they need.

AvaTrade is based in Dublin but maintains several offices across the world including but not limited to: Milan, Paris, Nigeria, South Africa, Tokyo, Sydney and Shanghai. AvaTrade is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland who also regulates many other agencies.

AvaTrade is a company you can feel comfortable with based on their strong backing, great reviews and amazing customer support who is available to you 24/5. In all if you are looking for a company to invest your money with for trading, why not trade with a company that wants to invest in a future with you?

Oxford Club Provides Profitable Insights with the Pinnacle Portfolio

The Oxford Club provides profitable insights into companies and sectors that are in the process of moving into explosive rates of return on investment in the near future with the Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio Services. The Oxford Club consists of a global conglomerate of investors, entrepreneurs, and other successful business owners seeking to gain an edge on the stock market and other investment opportunities to provide explosive rates of return on their Investments.

The members of the Oxford Club are seeking long-term returns that will increase the wealth and the lifestyle established by the owners well into the future. In fact, the club was established in 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland and has provided intellectual insights an analysis of stock market trends and various analyses from experts skill in evaluating every sector of the market. Led by the intellectual prowess of Alexander Green the Chief Investment Strategist and New York Times bestselling author. The Oxford Club is built on a strong foundation of experience and insight from a knowledgeable and seasoned staff.

The Club delivers superior intellectual evaluation and analysis through tracking macroeconomic and geopolitical trends to provide key insight into the potential explosive movements within different sectors of the stock market and other investment asset opportunities. Utilizing Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio Service members are given the resources and valuable knowledge needed to crush the general norms in the stock market and in various other areas of investment.

By tracking the macro and geopolitical trends established worldwide within various industries and developing markets Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio provides the guidance the Oxford Club members need to stay ahead of the trends and capitalize on opportunities for high rates of return well above the stock market norms. Furthermore, the Oxford Club services provide profitable insights into various areas within the stock market that are poised for explosive returns on investment. The Oxford Club utilizes the Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio to provide members with the cutting edge information needed to establish long-term profitable returns on investment within the market.

Treating joint pain with Heal and Soothe

     Heal and Soothe is an herbal supplement that may aid in reducing joint pain, whether associated with arthritis, or due to other joint issues. It was developed for those that suffer from joint pain, whether mild or moderate. It helps by reducing and fighting inflammation in the body. Heal and Soothe contains anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation ingredients. The ingredients in Heal and Soothe are; Bromelain, which is harvested from pineapple, and has been used years in other ways to treat inflammation, Papain, which aids in digestion; Citrus Bioflavonoid, this is an inflammation ingredient believed to have anti-oxidant properties; Rutin, is believed to strengthen blood vessels; and, Boswelliaserrate, It is used to treat arthritis and help with inflammation. It can be taken orally, or applied direct to skin. Other ingredients include; Ginger root, Tumeric, Devils claw, Vitamin E, L-Glutathoine and Serrazimes. These are all great ingredients for Systemic enzyme therapy, which is a process that uses enzymes to assist the body’s immune system, and help to balance that immune system, to maintain overall health. This is important for bones and joints to properly functions without pain.

Some of the benefits of taking Heal and Soothe, are that first, its natural ingredients that are safe to use. The ingredients have been used for years, by many, with out any harsh side effects. There is not usually any side effects from Heal and Soothe because the ingredient list contains natural items. Also, It is fairly priced and is potent enough to just take once a day. Unlike most supplements which are taken two to three times a day. Taking with food is recommended, however not required. Taking in the morning is also recommended as it will help joint pain throughout the day and your daily activities. While normally, you can pick up a bottle of Heal and Soothe for a low price of $59.00, you can get a free bottle on the heal and soothe official website for just the price of shipping and handling. This price will not last long. Do not suffer with joint pain any longer, when you can try an all natural joint and pain relief for only the price of shipping and handling for a one month supply.

Please read “Finding Relief from Inflammation with Heal-n-Soothe” for more.

Dr. Saad Says the Sustainable Solution is Always in Research

Dr. Saad was not meant to become a doctor when he first thought about a career. He was slated to become an engineer like some of his brothers. The Palestinian-born medic comes from a family of rich educational achievements. There are three surgeons, two masters’ degree holders in engineering, a teacher, and two Ph.D. holders. Dr. Saad qualified to practice medicine from Cairo University some 47 years ago. Dr. Saad was a top student in his class; he came second best in his group. He is said to have excelled in all the subjects that he studied. Dr. Saad moved to the US after he completed his internship program. He was later certified as a pediatric surgeon. He is also a family man. He is married with four children. His children also became studious. They are spread in various professional careers now in adulthood.



Achievements by Dr. Saad



Dr. Saad is credited with several patents including a couple of inventions. He is also the brains behind several surgical procedures followed in major hospitals across the globe. Dr. Saad has been involved in many surgical operations on infant children and teenagers. He has been widely successful in his practice. Dr. Saad also gives back to society. He is especially keen on helping children from poor backgrounds gain medical services. In Jerusalem, Dr. Saad has organized eight medical missions to treat poor children and conduct complex operations. Dr. Saad served as the Chief Surgeon at K Hovnanian Children Hospital, where he was also a co-Director.



An Interview



Dr. Saad was recently interviewed regarding his practice and medicine in general.He says that he first thought he would be an engineer before he changed his mind to become a doctor. He notes that the hot weather in Kuwait discouraged him from engineering. He says he sympathized with his engineer brother who frequently had to work in the hot sun. He preferred an occupation where he could use an air-con indoors.



In the interview, he was asked if there was anyone who inspired him in the pursuit of his career. Dr. Saad mentions Dr. H Biemann as his mentor. He believes that Dr. is the best pediatrician in America. He notes that the Dr. Biemann taught him how to be kind, hardworking and honest in his work and to the children he met and attended; irrespective of their background, physical ability, race or religion. When asked what development in the medical field excites him the most, he quickly says that he is especially excited at how our understanding of cancer and preventing it and other ailments are affected by genetics.



Need for Research



Dr. Saad insists on research as the only way to find lasting solutions to medical problems. He says that’s how his ideas come to life. He says that being organized helps him to be efficient despite his busy schedule. Dr. Saad concludes the interview by noting that it is only God who knows the fate of humans. Learn more:


Betsy DeVos Distinguishes Herself as a Skillful Politician

Upon arriving in the nation’s capital as Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, some initial controversy as well as misconceptions abounded about Betsy DeVos. A major misconception arose from the thought that DeVos was not politically savvy. People in D.C., and elsewhere around the country are learning that nothing could be more untrue than the idea that Betsy DeVos is not politically savvy.


The reality is that even her own nomination battle underscores that DeVos is a talented political tactician. While it is true that the Vice President needed to cast a tie-breaking vote to confirm DeVos as Secretary of Education, she nonetheless was approved to join the President’s Cabinet against what many people contended was an impossible goal for her to achieve. This is how underestimated DeVos was when her Senate confirmation hearings commenced.


After being confirmed at taking the helm at the U.S. Department of Education, DeVos again demonstrated her skill as a politician. Fairly early on during her time in office, President Trump began rattling about his desired to rescind the Obama Administration’s rule about transgender people using restrooms that best reflected their own gender identities.


Some individuals were surprised to learn that DeVos did not initially favor this policy change. Indeed, she lobbied her boss, Donald Trump, to maintain the Obama Administration policy.


In the end, Trump made the decision to rescind the Obama policy regarding restrooms in public schools. When he made the decision, DeVos joined the President in supporting his policy. Indeed, directly after this decision, she spoke on behalf of the Administration at a large conservative confab. She specifically, and convincingly, explained the policy change and demonstrated no daylight between her position and that of the President. In other words, she lobbied for her position regarding this issue, but when a decision was made, she became a full team player, as a member of a presidential administration really is expected to become more often than not.


Also early in her time in office, DeVos reached out to the heads of the two largest teachers unions in the nation, to begin a course of dialogue. She has demonstrated a willingness to connect with individuals from all segments of the political spectrum.


Many Americans have yet to come to realize that DeVos has been an effective, skillful politician long before coming to Washington and becoming Secretary of Education. She served as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. She has headed up a myriad of political campaigns, both for candidates and issues. Her husband ran for Governor of Michigan, a campaign in which she played a large role.


When it comes to issues, DeVos has been particularly effective, and committed, when it comes to school choice. She has headed up a number of successful campaigns to bring about a change in laws to permit parents and students broader choice when it comes to schools and education. For example, she was a person primarily responsible for a major change in Florida law that gave rise to one of the broadest school choice programs in the United States at this time.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Is Working To Keep The GOP From Shutting Down DACA

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals DACA program has recently come under attack by some of the most extreme in the GOP. The program helps undocumented young people who meet certain criteria the chance to work in the United States for two years; which can be renewed, a break from being deported, and a social security number. The majority of states also allow the youth to get a driver’s license and grant them the right to the lower tuition fees that come with living in a specific state.

Legal action was threatened by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton if the Trump administration does not take action to abolish DACA by early September. Their hope is that they can taper the program down slowly until it fades away. A letter addressed to the Trump administration was signed by a governor and nine different attorneys from Republican-led states, but this didn’t stop the Hispanic Caucus to have some of its members meet with John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security. He revealed that DACA was in trouble and that it was already being challenged by the legal system.

This is all too bad, because DACA has clearly been beneficial as over nine out of every 10 of the people who benefit from the program are in school or have a job. Many who complain will be surprised to discover that many DACA beneficiaries are raising their incomes and contributing higher levels of taxes to the United States. A lot of their money goes to universities and other colleges all over the country, and a good amount of the youth who have benefited from DACA give back by starting up businesses, purchasing homes, or buying cars.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is helping people to better understand how to fight against the injustice of those who are working to shut down the DACA program. The fund started when Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin received a multi-million dollar settlement from their illegal arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They were both, literally, taken out of their homes in the dead of night and thrown into unmarked SUV’s with Mexican license plates on them. This happened because they disagreed with the illegal methods that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies were using to profile Latinos and Hispanics in Arizona. On top of their arrest, Arpaio used his influence with his friends in the Justice Department to issue subpoenas for the identity of others who worked with Larkin and Lacey at the Phoenix New Times newspaper.

Now, the Frontera Fund works to support organizations and groups that stand up for basic human rights, civil rights, and migrant rights. Some of the organizations that the fund supports include Aliento, 1070, the American Immigration Council, Justice That Works, Arizona Justice Project, Can The Border Divide Us?, Justice For Immigrants and Families Project, Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project, Promise Arizona, Trans Queer Peublo, Puente, The Colibri Center For Human Rights, Center For Neighborhood Leadership, and so many more. With the Frontera Fund in place, there is hope for a brighter future for every single person who calls the United States home.