Fabletics Dominating the Athleisure Niche Singlehandedly

Making it big in the retail segment these days is not an easy task, especially with such huge companies like Amazon already dominating the e-commerce space across the globe. In the fashion retail segment too, Amazon is holding the 20 percent market share, which is huge considering it is a multi-billion dollar industry. The fashion category is huge, and many sub-categories have emerged in the past few years, one of which is athleisure. There are many fitness and health gear manufacturers and brands that are offering athleisure products, but one of the companies that have been making a name for itself in the industry rapidly is Fabletics. In just a couple of years, Fabletics has become a familiar name in the fashion world for people who are more into fitness wear.


Fabletics has a massive range of products for women, and the new collection is added to its inventory at frequent intervals. The company has been growing at a steady pace in the last few years, and its turnover has already touched well over $250 million marks. As a company with a subscription model for its customers, it has already managed to gain over 1.2 million paying VIP members, who pay a monthly fee to get three free products each month. It is a very convenient arrangement and also helps the company to personalize the shopping experience of the customers. Every customer is made to fill out a questionnaire at the site before becoming the member, which helps Fabletics in personalizing the shopping experience for the customers.


Kate Hudson, one of the most famous Hollywood actresses, is also the co-owner of Fabletics, and as per her, Fabletics is filling the void that was present in the market for affordable fitness gear for women. Even though there are tons of companies providing athleisure for women, none of them are doing so at an affordable price. However, Fabletics has ensured that its price point is accessible from the very beginning. Fabletics started off as an innovative startup in a fashion industry that is overcrowded with companies trying to make it big, and in just a couple of years, it has established its place as a mainstream brand.


Fabletics recently also started a few physical stores across the country. It is a part of its reverse showroom marketing technique that Apple also applied successfully earlier. It has helped Fabletics in getting results and catching the attention of more customers.

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