The Trabucos Have Changed the World Over the Ages

     They were able to throw stones up to 140 pounds using the machine. It was the first of its kind to be used for attacking the enemy inside of a fortress. It was revolutionary at the time.

In Brazil, it was used back during the colonization of the country. The natives used them to penetrate the Christian compounds. In fact, Brazilians started calling guns by this name. It was so popular that middle eastern countries also used the device in their countries to fight the Holy Wars.

How it Worked

The science of how it worked was simple. A sling is used to fling the projectile over a distance3. That distance increases the ability of the projectile to cause damage upon impact. It was one of the most effective ways to penetrate the compounds which were used by royalty and the religious groups. Once the Trabuco was being used the enemy had no place to hide. Before this time, the fire arrows were the only means of attack. Nothing was ever able to destroy stone walls then. The Trabuco changed all that.

Some History

The Trabuccos made their way to Europe and existed as a part of warfare for some 300 years. It was a major part of the history of warfare and was able to throw larger stones over the years. It made it a deadly instrument of war. It could destroy whole fortresses. In fact, the only reason it fell out of use over the years since was that of the invention of bigger and better ways to attack and destroy in warfare.

The Trabucco is a contraption to admire. Between the design genius of its time and the way the machine was used to destroy the target, it became a device to be seen as dangerous. It could kill and destroy anything in its path.

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