The Frontera Fund and Migrant Rights

Migrant workers are a common part of most nations economies. These seasonal employees travel from one region to another to do work.

They might be out of work people within a city hired by a company for a season or to complete a special project. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Farms often hire migrant workers because they have a hard time keeping enough workers for operations. Construction and building projects also use many migrant workers for manpower. These individuals also work in various professions that many American people do not want. These professions include housekeeping, lawn maintenance and in the concierge business.

When migrant workers are hired into these menial or low skilled jobs they are often treated unfairly and unjustly.

They usually are not paid a decent wage. They are not given adequate protection and they are also forced to work long hours. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Some migrant workers are given shabby housing and are restricted from moving out of a certain area. Migrant workers are also given very little health care and rights while they work in this country. Even if they have a visa and are legally able to temporarily work within the U.S.; they can still be treated unfairly.

Thankfully, there are organizations, groups and philanthropies that work to aid migrant workers and to protect their rights. The Frontera Fund is just one example of a philanthropic organization that provides funding to various organizations that protect migrant rights.

This fund was created in 2007 by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin in 2007. These two men experienced unjust treatment at the hand of a corrupt sheriff. As a result of their mistreatment they were awarded millions of dollars which they used to set up a fund to prevent this type of injustice.

No migrant worker or any other type of person should experience mistreatment by corrupt people or groups.

Migrant workers are usually a powerless group of people and they should not be exploited because of this reality. Migrant people have rights and their rights are important. In the end, all people should be respected and fairly treated.


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