Norman Pattiz Declares the Results of Podcast One Ad Tests

Norman Pattiz, the founder cum Chairman of Podcast One, recently released the test results of ad campaigns through the medium and confirmed the influence of the Podcast network. The tests are carried out by Edison Research, a major campaign researcher in the Podcast Network, which focused on testing five different brands in the consumer goods and services categories.

Interestingly, some of them are well-known brands while few are new to the market. It conducted both pre-campaign and post-campaign studies during the second half of 2016, and it showed that the advertisements are making a significant influence in every part of the product campaigns such as intent to purchase, brand recall, and recall of any specific messaging. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The study showed few interesting results which showed a grocery brand was mentioned by more than 60 percent of the people post-campaign, which was seven percent up from the pre-study period. In the case of a financial product, the unaided product awareness rose by 47 percent during the post-campaign period, and in a similar way, an automobile aftermarket product showed an increase of 37 percent, and a lawn and garden product made 24 percent.

Almost 33 percent of the respondents confirmed a “very favorable” opinion about an automobile aftermarket product, which is significantly up from the 18 percent in the pre-study period.

The lawn and garden product made it to 22 percent “very likely” up from a 16 percent in the pre-study period. Awareness of a particular campaign message in the case of the automobile product rose by 60 percent from the pre-study period, and a casual dining restaurant made it 76 percent.

Norman Pattiz is known for popularizing the radio network services in U.S. with his Westwood One, the largest radio network in the country. He founded the network in 1976 and focused on delivering high-quality and engaging contents which are informative and entertaining to the listeners.

Pattiz was credited for changing the way the radio networks in U.S. and elsewhere operated. His commitment to providing world-class programs for the viewers prompted him to set up Courtside Entertainment Group in the year 2010.

In 2013, he founded the Podcast One network and included brands and personalities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Steve Austin, Heather Dubrow, Dan Patrick, Chris Jericho, Larry King, and more. In 2000, he was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of United States by the President Bill Clinton. In 2002, he was reappointed to the board by the President George W. Bush.

The Growth Of OSI Group Under David Mcdonald

David McDonald is currently the Chief Operating Officer and the President of OSI International Foods.

He obtained his degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. David has served before as the project manager in OSI Industries. In addition, from December 2008, he has been serving at Marfrig Global Foods S.A as an independent director.

About the OSI Group
OSI Group is a worldwide company that supplies value-added proteins such as beef patties and sausage links, pizza, and sandwiches to retail brands and food services. In 2016 they launched a plan to expand by opening a number of new production and processing plants across the world. OSI Group has also merged with Baho food which is a private Dutch company that is involved in processing of meat as well as food services. This will give OSI a wider access to the European market.

McDonald’s Achievements at OSI
McDonald came up with a production plan for 2016/17 to ensure there that there is a sustainable performance. His plan is to ensure OSI that is involved in the environment, social responsibility, and the supply chain is sustainable. This means ensuring that the food that OSI produces is of high quality and safe for consumption and that they are able to follow the animal welfare rules.

The company has managed to achieve ISO14001 certification for environmental management under McDonald’s reign. In 2015, OSI’s North American branch donated a substantial amount of food to Feeding America. According to David McDonald OSI Group, donations to the needy will continue to ensure that the environmental resources are sustainable and that employees lives are better through continuous improvement of the company.

The company has also come up with plans that they are to achieve by 2020, one of them being to reduce water and energy wastage and also to make sure that there is zero wastage in all their production processes. In Taiwan, they have come up with wastewater recycle or reuse plan and also they have a project where water is purified and used for non-food operations.

OSI Group partners with their clients on how they can grow their products ad, in turn, this helps them to improve their sales.

Learn more about David McDonald OSI Group:

Dick DeVos’ Great Contribution to the Society

Through their family foundation, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have donated well over $130 million to various charitable causes since the foundation was established in 1990. The couple is passionate about improving education in the U.S. although they also donate to charities that deal with other issues such as healthcare. On average, more than a quarter of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation’s annual charitable donations are given to non-profit organizations that deal with educational issues. This just goes to show how much commitment they have to improving the education system in the country.


The charter schools that Mr. and Mrs. DeVos started aim to provide children with a good education that is tailored to their unique needs and abilities as opposed to using one approach for all children as conventional schools do. This enables the children to grow and learn at a pace that is comfortable for them. The DeVoses believe that the current education system is good but it can be made much better by using the charter schools’ approach. Some of the beneficiaries of the couple’s charitable donations in recent years include Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and Rehoboth Christian School among others. The DeVos family as a whole has contributed so much to various charitable causes that they appeared in the top 30 in the 2015 list of America’s Top Givers.


Dick DeVos’ Personal and Work History


Dick DeVos’ is a renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur in the U.S. He is married to Betsy DeVos, the current U.S. Education Secretary. His first job was at his father’s company, Amway Corporation, where he did various operational tasks between 1974 and 1984. His commitment to hard work and excellence saw him rise up the ranks very fast and in 10 short years, he was appointed vice president of some of the company’s international operations. He left Amway five years later and started the Windquest Group, which manufactures closet and storage organizers. DeVos has held numerous other high-profile positions in various organizations, including the position of president of Amway Corporation. DeVos tried to get into politics in 2006 when he vied for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan but lost.




The DeVoses are truly committed to improving the welfare of the community through their charitable donations and affiliation with various non-profit organizations. They have made a big impact so far, especially in the education sector, and they do not plan to stop any time soon. In her position as Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos has the power to influence major reforms in the education sector to improve the quality of education in the country. This will enable the DeVoses to do even more for the education sector in the country.