More Information Issued Regarding the Water at Squaw Valley

Recent storms have caused serious disruptions of water within the Placer County area. Squaw Valley is among the areas affected by this storm. A recent statement has clarified the current situation and the plans being taken to ensure the safety and entertainment of guests. In the statement, Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Liesl Kenney assured the public that safety is paramount to the resort. As such extensive measures have been taken to ensure the safety and security of guests.


Service within the area is uninterrupted and guests can continue to look forward to and enjoy their time at the result. The storm coincided with the installation of a new water system. This inundated the new systems before they were up to the task. As such, extensive testing and treatment is being undertaken in order to ensure the purity of the resort’s water. At the moment testing shows that there’s no E. coli and that coliform is now at very low levels.


However, until the water is entirely cleared as pure the restaurants are closed. Service should otherwise remain unaffected within the area. This means that people can still enjoy a relaxing skiing trip and the various amenities of Squaw Valley. However, the resort is also aware that water is rather obviously an important part of anyone’s ability to relax and enjoy themselves. As such, guests will be supplied with free bottled water during their stay. This will ensure that people have a chance to relax to their heart’s content while also protecting their health.


There’s no ETA on when the water supply will be made available again. But the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted immediately in order to ensure that the proper measures were being taken. This will ensure that when the water is cleared for use that there will be no chance of anything slipping by the screening and treatment process. Again, while there’s no ETA for this process to reach completion it’s important to understand that guests will be alerted as to the change in status when information is updated.

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