An EOS Review Proves that it is a Product Worth Trying

EOS Lip Balms, although they have been around for quite some time, are still very popular, and they continue to be all the rage. They come in a variety of flavors and colors such as tangerine and pomegranate raspberry. You can find them easily at your local drugstore or at any major retailer. They are also a bargain and cost only about $2.99 which is a great deal since the price of many lip balms seems to be on the rise.

They’re fun and cool and you can find them in even the messiest bag thanks to their unique shape. They’re one of the most popular beauty items out there for good reason. There are many different flavors to choose from, and certain flavors also offer different benefits such as SPF protection, and others are medicated for extra lip protection.

EOS also offers value packs that offer a few different flavors such as the Alice in Wonderland pack that features Vanilla, Watermelon, and Blueberry flavors. The Sweet Mint flavor will give your lips a fun tingly feeling, and all of the flavors will make your lips feel hydrated and soft.

EOS has a great website that you can browse through to see a full description of all of their products as well as order them conveniently online. There are so many different flavors that you will most likely want to try them all to find your favorites, and they are inexpensive enough to keep one in your car, in your bag, at work or at school or pretty much anywhere else that you would want one to be easily accessible. It has never been as fun to keep your lips healthy and happy. The value packs are a great place to start if you want to try a few flavors.

Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade Aggressive to Disrupt the Automobile Industry in Brazil

Brazil has had elaborate aeronautical technology, surprisingly, few companies in the automobile industry has been forthcoming in embracing tech advancement. However, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has made the mark by avidly proving he can conquer the market. he has great acumen in automobiles from assembling, dealer network, marketing, distribution, and after sale services including spare parts.

He is a man who desires to live his dream as he tells Boris Feldman, a journalist who is an automobile fanatic and radio host for the Car Talk show. In 2012, he interviewed Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade where they both talked about the past, present and projected automobile state in Brazil. Dr. Carlos said he looks forward to a time when a car will be made in Brazil. He has been known to import and sell standalone automobiles and his performance has been impressive and consistent.

As the founder of CAOA company, he obtained the Hyundai licensing to allow him manufacture the HD 78 truck and HR, under the factory, Anapolis – where he is a big shareholder. There has been successful assembling of Tucson Brand, and production of the trendy iX35 is underway. In the same vein, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has been soliciting to be allowed by Fiat to avail an engine for the car. This is happening in response to making an all Brazilian car.

The most encouraging thing about his work is the authenticity he has portrayed. He has copied not the Korean nor the Chinese but has come up with his own models. Feldman points out that whatever was seen as difficult for the Chinese is indeed possible with CAOA Group. As per, the CAOA’s credibility in the automobile industry and market knowledge is a pointer that his dreams are still valid, as mentioned on their website.

About CAOA

CAOA is an automobile company owned by Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade who is the leader in automobiles and the Chairman of the board of directors. He is a graduate in Medicine although hasn’t practiced as much because he ventured into business quite early in his life. CAOA WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1979 and has been managing importation, car dealerships, marketing, sales and other services in the industry. It has sold over one million vehicles from the City of Anapolis Assembly plant.

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Jeremy Goldstein Holds Special Event

Fountain House is an organization on a special mission. Since its establishment many years ago, the company has been focusing on an important part of the society. The institution main goal is to give hope to many mental patients who are living in the United States and other parts of the international community. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

Fountain House has managed to address an issue that has been ignored by many members of the community. With changes taking place in the international community, people have been left to deal with their own issues. Everyone is busy trying to look for a better life and education.

For individual who is trying to look for answers in life, the society has become tough. Many people are living in depression. Many have even gone ahead and committed suicide because their problem was never addressed in time.  Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch and Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners

Fountain House main mission is to ensure that the number of patients dealing with mental diseases goes down. The institution has received so much support from its well-wishers in various regions of the world.

There are many people who have offered their support to the organization, and Jeremy Goldstein is one of them. The lawyer has shown his support to the foundation in a special and unique way.

Jeremy Goldstein has a law firm that is based in New York City. After realizing that the Fountain House was in need of donation, the lawyer thought about hosting a party where people could enjoy delicious food and tasty wine.

The event brought together people who had a similar goal in the lives of mental patients, and they gave some funds that will be used people with mental challenges. The Fountain House officials are happy that they have been given so much support by Jeremy Goldstein and his friends. Jeremy Goldstein believes in giving back to the community.

Brian Torchin Is Staffing Medical Facilities Throughout America

Brian Torchin is a very diverse and gifted individual. He has a background in medicine as a chiropractor (attended New York Chiropractor College, 1992-1995,JFK,and has a BS that was conferred to him by The University of Delaware.). He is an entrepreneur with a keen business acumen. When he noticed how difficult it was to get a job for not only himself, but for a lot of other healthcare hopefuls. It was also very challenging for those in the legal industry to land jobs. He knew he knew he had to do something. Medical and Legal agencies both needed access to rapid replacement, both part time and full time. In some assignments the need is just for a part time (sometimes just for the day). Find out more about Brian at

Brian Torchin decided to try and meet that need with the creation of HCRC. Medical and legal companies both have high turnaround rates due the stressful nature of both industries. It is this need that is best met through the efforts of the staff at HCRC. The most obvious reason to utilize his services is the rapid response rate of the staffers that are on the roster at HCRC, not to mention the integrity of the individuals that are vetted before sending them out on any assignments.

Brian Torchin’s posts on Facebook are geared for the medical and legal employer as well as the legal and medical employee. Quite a bit of information is given on both employer and employee. HCRC feature prospective employers and employees that are competent and have good standing in the communities that they serve. He ensures the public security by making sure that the employers and employee are well suited to work together, and if they can not do so, another staffer may fit the job perfectly. It is this resource that I find the most useful.

He uses the following Social media to get his messages to the people who need it the most.

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The growth of OSI Industries has all the marks of great leadership

OSI Industries is a top company in the food production activities. It is one of the companies that have an excellent track record in the food industry for producing superior products that cannot be compared with any other in the industry. OSI has prioritized the needs of their customers, a factor which have seen the company do very well. The history of this company is long and will need one to go back to over 100 years and see the beginning of what we have today as the largest company in the food business. This company started from a very humble beginning. It would surprise many to know that it began as a butcher shop. A German immigrant had moved to the United States when he spotted the opportunity. He created the meat shop, and over time it kept on growing. Read this article of OSI Industries at Food & Drink

OSI Industries is one of the companies that can make a great difference in perception of the consumers. Many have considered processed food unsafe, but they have proved otherwise. This company has set up a platform where everyone who would like to enjoy the best food products can manage to do so. The work that this company has been doing over the past few decades shows of a company that has everything going right as far as business growth is concerned. It is the commitment of its leaders that it grew from the humble beginning to now that it tops the food business. You cannot compare this company with any other. They are far much ahead of others.

OSI Industries is a company that is trying to change the industry for the better. Sheldon Lavin at the helm of the company is coming up with plans that will take the company even higher. Sustainability is now a vital component of the company’s operations. Sheldon Lavin is also supporting the use of the latest technologies. His wish is to see efficiencies and environmental protection happen. OSI Industries has received the Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council for maintaining the safest production activities. OSI is a company that will surely dominate the food industry for many years to come.



What You Didn’t Know About OSI Industries

The OSI industries began back in the year 1909 in Chicago as small meat butchery before it expanded to other countries. A German man founded the company by the name Otto Koschowsky who opened the first family meat industry in the area. OSI industries began as a small business in Oak Park before it developed and became a big company later in the same year. As years passed, early in the year 1917, the firm shifted to a different location to expand the business in Maywood, Chicago.

The industry was first named OTTO & Sons’ in the year 1928 before it expanded and changed to OSI industries. The company headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois, and the United States and it’s becoming more aggressive in the market and has enlarged to other regions including great lakes and the Midwestern USA.

OSI Industries began doing a partnership with other people under Otto & Sons’ name after its relocation. Early in 1955, Otto & Sons’ did their first partnership with Ray Kroc which was growing fast with a great vision for the industry. The two joined together and started a restaurant today referred to as McDonald in Illinois country, a small town known as Ds Plaines. Five years later, food preservation method was invented and used in 1960 for keeping their foods fresh after preserving it for the night through the liquid nitrogen method. It was a common method that was used to preserve meat by food supplies. Later in 1973, the business boomed and expanded, which led to the opening of the first high-volume meat plant in Chicago West. The OSI business was then becoming popular very rapidly because of their method of meat preservation.

OSI Industries mainly trades in products such as beef, pork, bacon sausages, and pizza. However, the company has currently expanded to trade in other commodities such as snacks, desserts and poultry products, and which have become common in the market. The industry has different names like OSI North America, OSI food solutions, IPO status. It also takes pride in its quality products and services when it comes to handling food processing. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of the company, ISO has turned out to be among the most dynamic companies in the world.


Deirdre Baggot: Working on Your Passion

Deirdre Baggot is an experienced clinician and hospital executive. She is the founder for bundled payments and has led to the continuous growth and improvements in payment reforms in the healthcare sector. During her career, she has released more than 20 publications on Healthcare reform, bundle payment, and transformation of payments. She has previously featured as a professional on the Morning Edition of National Public Radio, Planet Money, and All Things Considered. Deirdre has held leadership positions in academic health care for more than a decade at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and The University of Michigan Health System. Deidre is a graduate from the University of Southern Illinois with a degree in Nursing, Loyola University Business School in Chicago with a Masters in Business Administration and The University of Colorado with a PhD in Philosophy. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

Deirdre has been recognized for her outstanding role and commitment in the healthcare system. She has received invitations to numerous conferences as the main speaker. Deirdre first began business after the Chief Executive Officer at SCL Cardiac, and Vascular Institute talked her into joining him at The Camden Group, which was later acquired by the GE Healthcare Partners. At The Camden Group, She was responsible for the conceiving and building a consultant base aiming at adding value to healthcare. According to Deidre, starting a business and making it can be challenging and full of doubts. During the foundation of The Camden Group, she attests that she was not the best consultant. She lay her trust on her team members.

Deirdre Baggot attributes her success to the mentors she has interacted with over the years. She particularly mentions a few. Her boss at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Jean Pryzybylek, could work with anyone and impacted the value of building relationships. Marge Calarco, her boss at The University of Michigan, focused on developing others, armed with incredible leadership resolution as well. She recounts her contributions to the healthcare system as very rewarding. During the initiation of a new business, Deidre advises that one has to be conversant and experienced with the specific area. Clients are more confident when working with consultants possessing real-world practice and proficiency. Read more:


Krishen Iyer- Founder Of Managed Benefits Services

Krishen Iyer is the CEO and founder of Managed Benefits Services, an insurance-based marketing and consulting company out of Carlsbad. The company focuses on digital marketing, lead generation and client services.


Krishen Iyer is a 2004 graduate of San Diego State University with a bachelors of science in public administration. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to form many highly successful insurance-based ventures. In 2002, he formed IHS Insurance and was CEO until he stepped down in 2014. In addition to his role as CEO of IHS, he also founded “Name My Premium” in 2009, which was extremely successful and made INC.’s weekly list of the top 5000 fastest growing small startups in 2015. After leaving Name My Premium in 2015, Krishen went on to form Managed Benefits Services.


Krishen Iyer is first and foremost dedicated to his clients and with his exceptional skills and expertise, he has been successful in combining his marketing capabilities with technological advances in data collection and analytics. It is through this innovation, he can connect his clients to companies who are able to produce resolutions that will meet the client’s needs. Throughout his career, his primary focus has always been dedicating time and attention to his clients and makes it a priority each day, to interact with them. Engaging his customers’ first thing in the morning, allows him to set his priorities and also to organize the rest of his day.


Despite his busy days, he also makes it a priority to spend time with family and friends. Whether it is an afternoon of karaoke, sports or working on a community project, he realizes the importance of building bonds and maintaining those bonds with his family, his team and his community.


Managed Benefits Services was formed in 2016, formerly known as Quick Link Marketing and is located in Carlsbad, California.

Renovia’s Marc Beer Hopes To Improve Women’s Health Through Data and Medicine

With millions of women around the world suffering from the devastating effects of pelvic floor disorders, Marc Beer is working hard with Renovia to change their lives. His newest efforts are being aided through the substantial $42.3 million in financing that Renovia was able to raise for their products in development currently and in the future. To date, Renovia has already seen the approval and marketing for one pelvic floor disorder device and has more in the pipeline. This round of funding will help to complete the needed clinical trials that will bring these products to the patients that need them.


Marc Beer has gone on record as being thrilled about the support and financing that Renovia has received. They are currently being supported by some of the leaders in the industry that he believes will truly be able to make a difference in their cause. With this financing, Renovia will not just be making a commercial difference, but a clinical one as well for those women whose lives are impacted with symptoms like urinary incontinence and pain. Urinary incontinence isn’t just embarrassing, it can completely disrupt those who suffer from the disorder’s lives.


The proprietary technology of Renovia includes sensors that will be able to track and gather data about exactly what is happening within the muscles of those with pelvic floor disorders. The goal of Renovia is to improve the lives of women through medicine and technology through their products. One of their devices that have already been approved by the FDA has proven to be cost-effective when it comes to treating these weakened muscles all the while collecting information that can improve treatment in the future.


Before co-founding Renovia and working to change how pelvic floor disorder is diagnosed and treated in women, Marc Beer was with Aegerion Pharmaceuticals as their CEO. Marc Beer’s career in pharmaceuticals, biotech, and the world of healthcare has lasted longer than 25 years and is still going strong. He is devoted to bringing treatments, diagnostics, and devices to the market that substantially impact those who are affected by different illnesses and disorders.


Through the efforts of Marc Beer and the companies that he has developed, many different devices and treatments have been brought to market. His companies have shown an excellent track record when it comes to these products being approved by the FDA in the United States as well as international organizations. Through the efforts of Marc Beer, the world, and the world of medicine, is changing. Learn more:

Ted Bauman: The Need For Defensive Investing

Ted Bauman is an economist whose experiences in life have led him to appreciate the working class and to get society to lend a hand to those who are less fortunate than others. He started his young work life in the fast food industry and worked at gas stations. As a young man, he left the United States and moved to South Africa. He studied economics at the University of Cape Town. Much of his career involved him taking managerial roles in nonprofit housing projects. He has performed research for the United Nations and has had work published in journals around the world. He is currently living in the United States and is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman focuses on low-risk investing strategies these days and with the stock market in the longest bull market in history, it may be time for investors to take a defensive approach to protect some of the profits they have made. Many financial analysts remain optimistic about equities and believe the current bull market will remain intact. Ted Bauman is taking a broader view of the markets and believes that there are factors at play that could kill this bull market. He points to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Mr. Bauman believes that if the Fed raises interest rates to four percent, the bull market in US stocks will end and that by 2020 rates should be there. He also noted that the ongoing trade war between China and the US could possibly cause a selloff.

Ted Bauman believes that so many factors could cause lower stock prices, but he warns investors to not try to time the stock market. It may take several months to a year for a bear market to be fully recognized. He also brings up in 1987 when at the time stocks saw the largest one day drop. The plunge in stocks scared most traders out of their positions. The wise investors held and bought in at lower prices and ended the year with a profit. Investors should maintain a healthy balance of stocks and bonds to protect their portfolio.